miércoles, diciembre 26, 2007

Studying, partying, eating and now.. finally... resting

I dont know, but these days I feel sad.
On 24th December I woke up with a sms. It was from Ilona, and suddenly, I started to remember good times, Tallinn, what I was doing just these days 1 year ago... I got really emotional :)
I couldnt stand that, and I switched off my mobile until yesterday night.
These days have been tiring, with exams, then party in weekend and enough food.. united with those good rememberances... I dont know, but I prefered to close the mobile for some time and the msn either. I stayed at home all the time without almost moving one finger since monday. And I even dont feel like moving. Even not for talking. So this is the new I wanted to say: I wont be in the msn for some days, since my leaving to my hometown, and also that I dont feel too talkative right now :(
In other news, thanks to putoloco for the comment. Since my coming back to Spain there are not many comments, though visits are often :) But dont worry, I guess why it is like that, spanish people are lazy to comment since I write in english, and they were the main ones who always commented something. So I am re-thinking about making some future posts in spanish or galician too.
Anyway, thanks for the, already, more than 3000 visits in few months.
So just that, I will be absent in internet for some days.
I wish you happy days and a better next year.

jueves, diciembre 20, 2007

Van Canto - The Mission (2006)

Another way of making power metal: Hero-Metal a capella!!

For years and years we waited
And now the time has come
To leave these barren lands
Towards (new) horizons

No matter what happened
And what was said or done
Words are to be to forgotten.
We will roan on!

We cross the gates of darknees
Into the black of night
We don't fear anybody
(We) got the second sight.

We move a little further
Towards the borderline
Before the dawn of day
Our souls came back to life
And life comes back again

The mission's to fight to be free again
To stand our grounf and to be immortal
This is our mission so here we stand
We have to right to be ourself again.

They held us down for so long
Our backs against the wall
We didn't see a future,
Did not hear the call

But now that things have changed
Now that our fears are small
We create a vision
(And we) got the second sight.

We move a little further
Towards the borderline
Before the dawn of day
our souls come back to life.
And all I see, in front of me.
Every step I take is bringing me closer to me!

All that we are is everything we've ever been.
And what we'll be is what we are.

viernes, diciembre 14, 2007

Christmas time.. already...

Do you like Christmas time?
Every year I like it less and less. Here in Spain it seems that this time is coming everytime earlier than the previous year.. with all those lights and with the "commercial spirit" of these days each time stronger and stronger.
Even when families here are quite until the top with payments of flats and banks are rubbing their hands since time ago with all the mortgages and debts (they won in Spain 20% more in 2007 comparing with 2006), the big firms are projecting that you have to spend and spend...
I have one friend that works in one of these big firms and she is telling me that people are buying impulsively since time ago lots and lots of presents, and not very cheap ones... (Play Station 3, Wii), and they are paying this with 3 or 6 months credits!!
I have also one friend that is working in a bank, and she is telling me that they have one special department for people who are making 3 or 6 months credits with Christmas presents (so they are really a lot).
It would be nicer that people forget for some time all the bombardment for buying anb buying, but it's also true that social pressure and commercial pressure in these times is too strong.
Hehe, it's quite clear that I dont appreciatte too much this Christmas time, and not only because of my previous words... but, that this is becoming with years more and more "some commercial days", it's quite clear, but I suppose this is something palpable in everything nowadays...
Anyway, I give you 2 christmas presents :)

One for all:

One for the metalheads ;P

Merry Christmas
Feliz Navidad
Bo Nadal

miércoles, diciembre 12, 2007

Yonki presidiario de permiso, genial

R. Karppinen and S. Seppänen from Jyväskylä not wellcome checking this site

For any question of the reason of this post, by private.
Sorry if someone comes here by coincidence of surnames.
I'm still waiting for his apologizes.

viernes, diciembre 07, 2007

WASP - Live in Santiago de Compostela

This time WASP came near where I live (1 hour by car) and if it wasn’t because we got 2 tickets for the concert thanks to one TV program, for sure we wouldn’t go. 28 € was too expensive for looking one band that didn’t do anything good since the very beginning of the 90’s. And even.. heavy metal is not my favourite style… but ok, I used to like first albums of WASP, mostly the excelent “The Headless Children”, the last good one (in 1989!!).

So they came making a tour of their too overestimated “The Crimson Idol” (1992). Yeh, already 15 years ago! I didn’t know that album was so known or so well appreciatted. For me (and I could bet) for a lot of metal fans more and WASP fans this is a quite boring album. Not so good as for remembering it, doing one tour with the whole composition of 1992. It was really surprising, and if they choose an album for making one whole worldtouring, I would prefer they took one of the previous ones, and not only me, I guess.

I swear I tried to listen again the previous day of the concert “The Crimson Idol”, but I got sooo tired that I passed by most of the songs before they finished.

But this album they choose have one particular reason for its election, I think, more than the own compositive or musical quality of itself. It’s a conceptual story. WASP tried to do their particular “Operation: Mindcrime”, but ridiculous far from the Queensrÿche’ masterpiece. So WASP decided to take part in this new wave of arising of 80’s bands and like Queensrÿche are doing, remembering their masterpiece in one epic concert few months ago about “Operation: Mindcrime Part I and II”.

In fact, thinking a bit about that, “The Crimson Idol” is a trying of copy of “Operation:Mindcrime” (not at the same level, of course). WASP tried to show a more serious and mature way of composing, making at the same time one story, their own conceptual album. But under my sight it failed.

Well, starting with the concert, it was said that WASP would have one guest band, Talesien (Power metal from Coruña (Galicia)), not a bad band. But they refuse to play with WASP due to the extremely hard conditions the US band gave to them: playing 25 minutes, no access to the backstage, no chance of having mixing table, they had to bring their own one (the sound would be horrible, I guess), no benefits for Talesien and the manager should pay 100 € to WASP for having one guest and 200 € to the place they were about to play. I would do the same as Talesien did. These are not conditions for doing one show, but we all know the "stars" and their weird conditions. They had lots to lose and few to win. And of course WASP (or Blackie Lawless) gave a sh.. about them. In fact members of Talesien were just at our left, and their faces watching the show wasn’t very happy ones. They almost didn’t applauded at all.

By the way, lots of people, really lots!! Something completely surprising for me. I really thought that 28 € for one almost buried band, and knowing the few participation of metal fans here in Spain, mostly in Galicia for concerts… we would be almost alone there. This is showing the spanish culture about music and especially metal. They are living 20 years ago. The only important are old bands of the 80’s and few spanish ones. It doesn’t matter that the 80’s bands are almost finished since lots of years ago, or that the spanish ones are copying what the rest of Europe did 5 years ago (well, this in the best of cases, the rest they are copying what 80’s bands were doing). The panorama in Spain about music culture is quite deppresing, and in metal is quite desperating also.

The show of the american band was based on The Crimson Idol album, as I said, and they played the whole album, from the beginning to the end, meanwhile they played one movie in one big screen just behind them. The movie was corresponding to the album song by song, making the soundtrack of all those compilation of videos. I have to say that the story is quite a nonsense, at the same or less level of the composition of the album. Nothing compared at all with “Operation: Mindcrime” with wich we found some terrible similarities some times in some scenes and their way of making it.

All seemed to be too milimetrically prepared, too sampled, too artificial. All the choirs were sampled and the keyboards as well… this is not bad itself.. but sometimes when they sang the refrains it wasn’t believable that the bass and the other guitar were singing those 80’ Hair Metal choirs. Even the voice of Blackie Lawless was dubbed behind. Yeh! I mean there was another Blackie Lawless singing at the same time. I really think those weren’t echo effects.
They were too static and boring, with no interaction at all with the mass. And the sound … ough!! As always here.. bad sound!!! Really bad for a so reputated band with a lot of concerts behind. My ears are still suffering it 2 days after.

The public was like almost in all the concerts I have been here in Galicia. I mean, almost not-participative at all, just in few refrains, and just some few really young ones that were moshing for some seconds (maybe drunk) during the reproduction of “The Crimson Idol”. They should learn something about the way of living concerts of estonians, ¡¡and they have a lot more than us!!(so I guess we should give all to the few ones we have, shouldn’t we?).

The album and the movie finished, and it was a bit long for us (my brother and me)… it seemed that the long long last song of the album never finished. And here we (or I) thought, ok, like the guests didn’t play, and WASP will play the most known songs, now THE CONCERT BEGINS! Blackie told: “We’ll be back soon”, those were all the words he told the public since they jumped into the scenary…

So WASP came quite soon, after some very shy screams “Wasp! Wasp! Wasp!...” they started again with “L.O.V.E. Machine” and the ambient changed a bit with more interaction, the tall Blackie Lawless running in the scenary and the bassist also moving a bit more, doing some funny 80’s heavy metal movements. The public was also a bit more active, and this last part of the concert was more funny and entertaining than the previous.”Wild Child”, “Blind in Texas”, one song of their current album of this year, Dominator, that I didn’t know, -cause WASP almost left existing since 1989 for me, and all the new things they did are quite unimportant- and the last one, “I Wanna Be Somebody”. That was the bad point: 5 songs!! They could choose between a lot!! They didn’t touch their (for me the best) album “The Headless Children”! No “Mean Man”, “The Real Me”,”The Heretic”, “The Neutron Bomb”, ” Rebel in the F.D.G.”, “Tormentor”, “Animal”, “The Torture Never Stops”, “Hellion” and I could go on and on and on… Just 5 songs weren’t enough for telling it was a worth concert. And it was quite clear that they wouldn’t do a second Bis. I had the sensation at the end that they didn’t put too much will and they didn’t mind too much this concert.

I didn’t go too convinced to that concert but now I could say that I wouldn’t pay that huge quantity of 28 € (450 EEK more or less :P) for watching this concert of 1 hour and 40 min. of WASP, with or without film.

Nevertheless people seemed to be really happy with it (maybe the members of Talesien not so much hehe).

Well, at least now I can say that I attended to a WASP’s concert. Not very espectacular (like those ones in the 80's and 90's with theatrical stuff and blood... ) but they were and are one of the myths of the 80’s Heavy Metal.

I didn’t take my camera with me, so no pics this time. I didn’t do it cause it was forbidden due to the film they were playing in the screen behind. I guess they will want to make one DVD with that. Too late when I was told in the second part you could make pics of them…

viernes, noviembre 30, 2007

Some news

Just saying that in the next days you will find me very rarely in the msn. I think if you checked it, last days I was very few, and few time, and impossible in the weekends.
The beginning of the exams won't allow me to stay there for talking, but I will go on putting sometimes new posts here. If you want to tell me something you can leave it here :)

Solo decir que nos próximos dias raramente me encontraredes no msn. Se vos fixastes, nos últimos dias estiven moi pouco, e cando estiven, foi pouco tempo. Ademais, imposible nos fines de semana (pon xa wireless!).
O comenzo dos exames non me permitirá estar ahi para falar, pero seguirei de vez en cando poñendo novos posts neste blog. Se queredes decirme algo, podedes deixalo por aqui :)

I just find this pic right now in my pc. I forgot I had it.
I remember when I was at the Rotting Christ concert, and I was looking Sakis.. and asking myself.. hey.. that guy.. he recalls me to somebody.. yeh! it was me + 15 years more + greek nose :D
What do you think? Am I right? (someone told me it was my imagination :D)

Behemoth and Kataklysm in Vigo, at sala Ah! on 10th February!!! ouhhhh yeh!!
The best polish death metal and the best canadian death metal bands nowadays together.. and here! I can't wait!!

miércoles, noviembre 28, 2007

New blog of cinema

Just for my fun, I decided to create another blog :)
It's about movies, different movies hehe

This is the address, have a look whenever you want



martes, noviembre 27, 2007

Concerts of the past II - Corvus Corax

It was Wedneday, strange day for one concert. Corvus Corax the german band of medieval folk came to Vigo with almost zero promotion. I knew about the concert just few days before!
Well... so there we arrived, previously convincing some friends that that show would be worth to see :P and the price was really ok (6 €) ...and ...the place was so so small! I couldn't believe that one band of 8 members could fit int that place.
It was said that they were about to cancel the concert due to the small of the scenary.... (I guess they are used to make their show in really big scenaries, even they recorded with a symphonic orchestra in a theater once!)
So there we arrived and the first band we saw was The Moon and the Nightspirit. I really liked the album of that band, even more than Corvus Corax. It's quite relaxing, atmospheric and medieval folk. I remember I played it in the presentation of Estonia when my trip to Turkey, and it was a good choice under my point of view.
So they were 4, I thought maybe they would be more people, but I realized that one kettledrum, one guy that played several wind and percussion instruments, the singer girl who played the violin, male singer who played acoustic guitar were enough (these both singers the ones who appear in the CD, they hired 2 more for playing the rest of instruments).
The concert was ok, the atmosphear of calm and medieval dream melodies was really good, but I missed something more interaction with the public. They were too static all the time, and at the end it was becoming a bit boring.
It happened something strange this time, I liked The Moon and the Nightspirit when I am at home listening to Rëgo Rejtem more than in live. And totally the opposite with Corvus Corax. At home one full album is heavy for me, but in live it was really funny and light.

Beer break after The Moon and the Nightspirit

So, they came, no micros, no electronic stuff at all, only drums, kettledrums (sorry if I dont know the names in english of some instruments), and several medieval-minstrel instruments, being the most important one the bagpipe.
And it was so great show, they made it so funny! at the beginning the few people, maybe 60 or 70 people were just watching (after the appereance of The Moon and the Nightspirit, maybe someone already almost sleeping and dreaming with some fairytales :)) but after, Corvus Corax encourage people to participate and sing and sing and sing. These germans did the best, I am sure, being so so close ones from others and without any micro, and in one lost place of Spain where only few ones were attending to their concert (in the middle of the week sure it didn't help), and most of them sure they didn't know too much about the band before...
It was a good show and enough long. If they were other band, looking few people and a small place, maybe they would end the show sooner... (uh? Catamenia??)
Corvus Corax 10/10
Proffessionals and funny show!

One of them jumped into the public in the show, I didn't realize I had the zoom at maximum, so this pic seems to be really close. I like the face of the girl like saying "oh my god! he is here!!" :D

Tall guys!!!

Corvus Corax - In Taberna (Live Vigo) (Here you can listen me screaming at the end... Humppaaaaaaaaa XDD)

Corvus Corax - Bibit Aleum (Live Vigo)

viernes, noviembre 23, 2007

Concerts of the past (part I - Halloween)

In Halloween I went to one concert here in Vigo. They were playing Fallen Sentinel, the best band nowadays in Galicia, and one of the most outstanding in the last years in Spain, under my point of view (always talking about Underground), and Skydancer, another band from Vigo.
When I came there I found lots of children dressed in Gothic - Terror style, suitable for Halloween. Moreover the ticket would be cheaper if you were dressed... I just forgot my paints in the face and my skirt at home :D
So all those children-teenagers (12-15 years old) were the main supporters of the first band, Skydancer. I had heard about that band, but i didnt expect so many young fans :S
So my curiosity for their show was growing.. what kind of style can attract young fans in Spain? and maybe gothic young fans... still unbeliveable for me at that time... Spain? child metal fans? hm this is not Finland...
The name of the band was also interesting.. the same name as one of the old albums of Dark Tranquillity.. hmm good smell..
Then they started..
Ok... then I understood why they had so many young fans.. they were doing like the typical spanish rock (Extremoduro, Sober, and other... bands.. :S) but with a touch of more heavy metal. The music itself.. wasn't bad.. but I didnt like the singer. It reminded me a lot to all those bands, his voice was like a junkie with a bad sleep, like that band so known few years ago (hopefully only in Spain) called Extremoduro. Sorry for the spanish people who like that band... but I just hate them XDDD
Between... why do spanish bands choose a english name if they sign in spanish??
So, Skydancer did a not bad concert, their young fans enjoyed quite a lot. I just stayed there waiting for the next ones.
Fallen Sentinel came few moments after and the atmosphere changed considerabily. The children left (maybe too much noise? maybe too technical music? maybe not typical spanish and original enough?) and they did maybe one of the best concerts I have seen of them. Palomo (singer/bassist) told "the words" after a beautiful and atmospheric intro... "Here comes the darkness" and the assault of progressive melodic gothic black metal started with one of the new songs of their next (cuando viene??)album. I think those new songs sound even better than the previous one "Eternity and Before".
I enjoyed the concert as one of those children with Skydancer :D
I am sorry that I didnt upload the videos I recorded, they are too dark.
Great Halloween evening :)


Fallen Sentinel

lunes, noviembre 19, 2007

Life updatings

Well, I have been doing posts for some time but I realized I didn't talk too much about what I was doing recently. Ok, something fast :)
Since my coming back to university I logged into the help for new Erasmus. Before I was the one helped, and now I wished to be the one who helps.... now that I know the problems of being in a foreign country and without knowing the language. Thanks to in Estonia people know how to speak english really well I didn't have so much communication problems there, but here in Spain the level is quite low :( , so I would tell people who are wishing to come for Erasmus to Spain.. try to learn at least a little bit before... it will help a lot :(
So at the beginning of september I was told I had to pick up one polish girl (from Wroclaw). Afterwards I helped her with finding flat... and few more..
Activities here are almost not existent, my labour was finished with this. No international dinners, no trips of several days with everyone as in Tallinn. I am quite dissappointed with the organisation of the Universidade de Vigo for Erasmus. Come on! Estonia is so small comparing to Spain and even smaller than Galicia and they have such a great organisation and great people there attending us! Always ready for making some party, trip, visit, any kind of activity...
Here I don't know even other volunteers, only through some party that "my polish girl" :P hehe Karolina and her friends are doing. I just know her, her flatmates and few other internationals. Vigo's university still has to learn a lot from other universities like those in Tallinn (TTU or Tallinn University).
Well anyway, I have to say that is really nice and interesting to meet again international people and even start to talk in english again (yeh Julia! it's like lots of good memories are somehow coming back...).

Karolina and me

Well, and all this time what I have been doing?... easy.. school-home, home-school, weekend going out... maybe not... maybe yes... some concert that I will put nextly... and .. nothing more!
I will have some exams in December, so I guess this is the right time to start seriously with studying...
One more thing, I wish all the luck to Julia (thanks for the comment in the post of my hometown :P), because she will come to study to Marbella, at the south of Spain in few time. If you have some free time, don't hesitate in visiting me.. if not.. maybe I encourage to visit you, always that you have some free time with your new job. All the best ;)

Now I just put some pics of some times I went out these previous days

In a very good company :P

Cristian and me... not drunk! well.. just a bit :D

Again in a really good company :D

Oh... how I like to appear like the bad guy in the photos! hahahah
See you nextly.

viernes, noviembre 16, 2007

Arch Enemy / Behemoth new videos

Arch Enemy - Revolution Begins (2007)

Since the day that you were born the wheels are in motion
Turning even faster – Play your part in the big machine
The stage is set, the road is chosen
Your fate preordained
We are watching you – every step of the way

Never too late to stand your ground – Revolution begins
In you – In me – Revolution!

Once lost – lost in their game
Mental chains breaking now
Set yourself free
Who are they to tell you what to do?
The stage is not set, the road is not chosen
You fate not preordained
They are losing control – every step of the way

This is revolution!

Behemoth - Prometherion (2007)

The all prophetic incantation
I was here before the beginning came
And I am the one to come after all myths and gods
Remain I shall beyond the end ov days

I pity Thee not oh self despising slave
Thy self contempt filled with disgust
Cast aside Thy scorn ov the earth
Until I lay my wrath upon the Thee I shall...

Eat the weak!
Fuck the flesh!
Slit the throat!
Consume the dead!

Drowned in empty black
Attempt to embrace my universe
I learnt how to crawl through knives and thorns
Drowned in alienation
I drag myself through the mud
Hatred injected, abhorrence accepted
When mankind fall prey
I shall arise!

And Great Dragon from my mouth emerged
And all the treasures ov this world belong to me
In the sweetest inorganic embrace ov my devotee
I pledge my dagger unto Thee

Blessed with the Promethean rain
Tranquility I may find in bottomless pits
I shall carry this darkness on my back
'Till the day all the suns eclipse I shall...

Eat the weak!
Fuck the flesh!
Slit the throat!
Consume the dead!

martes, noviembre 13, 2007

New fans - funny black metal video

I'm sorry Marcos, but I have to make one short post with this.
2 days ago I received a message from the Youtube:

"Dear enumaelisenlil,
since we saw your Humppa-in-Tallinn-video, my friend and me are really big fans of you.
Marcos dance is so unbelievable great and we saw that video again and again.
We also added it to our homepage."

Winona and Lara, from Germany, greets to you and thanks a lot!!!

Come on Marcos, don't bother with me :D
I will give you one funny video, with Finntroll music!!

miércoles, noviembre 07, 2007


Alfoz is my little dear hometown.
I decided to make a post of my little town, cause I remember once in Tallinn, one friend told me... "oh! from Spain! so you must live in somekind of desert, always sunny and 40 degrees!"
Well, after this I couldn't avoid a little smile... my place is in the northest part of Spain, and it's known the rain in Galicia all around Spain.
Though this year is quite strange, since september in Vigo, the south of Galicia, and the city where I study, it didn't rain since I am here in September!!
And even now, in november the sun is always there and no clouds at all!
But it's usual that in Vigo is hotter weather than in my hometown. Up there is always cloudy :D
The distance between Vigo and my place is around 300 km. so I cant go so often as I would like..

I won't show pics from Vigo, it's a not very nice city, cars and cars and buildings... and traffic jams... It has a harbour, but too industrial for me, and it has a beach.. but for going there you have to cross all the city and go almost at the end of the place... and in summer is too stressfull with too warm weather and so many people going there...
I can reach the beach in my hometown faster than in Vigo, and the beaches are more beautiful :P hehe
The following pictures are taken in summer time.

This is my house in Alfoz. If you click over it, you can my particular Cerberos that keeps the door. Nobody can come in without its barks (an teeth :P)

We live in a valley, so all around us are mountains (bigger than the estonian ones :P hahah)
And in the middle of the valley we have a medieval castle, you can see it if you saw the pics of the medieval party in my place. In the next pic you can see better the sight of the mountains around us.

This beautiful (:P) pic is taken from the main door of my house. I like this picture and mostly the colour of the clouds.

We have another reeeeeeally old house. Nobody lives there now, it's a total ruin, I moved from here when I was 1 or 2 years old, so I cannot remember any time there, but somehow it has its own beauty.

This is a very traditional old building in Galicia, almost every old house has one of this near. This pics are taken from inside my old house. It was used for keeping cereals.

Also, a lot of old houses have its own.. I dont know how to call it in english.. "family crest"(?). It is like the emblem of the family who was living there in the house. The pic on the left is my emblem, but with years it is now almost rubbed out or erased (I dont know how to say hahah).
So on the right I put another pic of one house near of mine that this emblem is clearer than mine.

Sight from the old house.. quite scary hm? hehe
I bet to someone to pass there one night :P

And now, more pics of my place and green landscapes. Forget about deserts in the north of Spain hehe. In fact, my place is related with Celts and their mythology. And some of our landscapes in Galicia are quite similar to countries like Ireland, mostly. I would say, much more similar to Ireland than the south of Spain. If you see the movie "The sea inside" you can see some more landscapes in Galicia. It's a not so unknown film, the director is Alejandro Amenábar (The Others) and it was filmed in Galicia.

I like this road :)

This is the sight of my room:

And this is my Cerberos. She likes coffeeeeee and she will do everything to get it!
So..."move away your dirty hands from my coffee... it's an advice" :D
By the way.. her name is Muna... I know estonian people who read this can laugh a bit with that name.. hehe.. in fact.. this is the first word I learnt in estonian because of my dog...
Well ... Muna means in estonian .. "egg" hehe
But we put the name because it was the name of an ancient egyptian princess! :)

This is one of the things that I like more... in the north of Galicia, you can see mountain and the sea at the same time...

When I was in Tallinn and I talked with my friends in Spain, they usually asked me about the weather.. and I use to ask them too... this pic is from January, if I recall it well. If you click over it and make it bigger you can see some few snow over the mountains, but it's very strange that it comes to the valley. The house at the right is mine :)

I hope you like it.
See you in another post!