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Funny Video + Cover Song 18

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Months ago I found this video that seemed to be quite popular through internet. There were many versions later, and even one fan page was created afterwards with gadjets and publicity about the character. Right now there are HUNDREDS of versions in the web! Anyway, here you have first the original one, and then different funny mixes.
Know the ...
Techno Viking!!!

(I'd like to know what liquid is inside that bottle)

Original video

The Techno Viking phenomenon

Techno Viking Thriller

Mortal Techno Viking

Cover song I've chosen this time is the 2007 famous song "Apologize" from the US band One Republic. The hip hop singer Timbaland remixed the song later and the result is the one that everyone knows... a really nice song under my point of view.
Timbaland feat. One Republic - Apologize

I recently discovered this band called All Ends. They are from Sweden and do a kind of metal-rock style. I was surprised when I had a look at their other video of "Walk Away".
First, guitars are totally Stromblad-In Flames particular sound.
And second, the 2 singers that that band has... beautiful singers but I really dont get the musical meaning of having 2 singers that have the same tone of voice.
It sounds for me like just marketing based in the "female singer (x2) fan effect".
All Ends - Apologize

I have later read that Jesper Stromblad helped and supported the band... hummm not surprising... and that days ago one of the singers had quit, so the band recruited the powerpop singer Jonna Sailon (...)

Funny to see the "music I like" in her facebook profile.

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Un dos tres responda otra vez... estilos de metal por descubrir

Por 5 minisolos del metaul a cada resposta, estilos de metal que ainda non se inventaron como por ejemplo...
Gothic Pagan Metal
(veeeeña un pouco de colaboración.. que esto vamolo responder os 3 de sempre.. xa o tou vendo)

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Indica is a finnish band formed in 2001 by Jonsu (vocals, violin), Heini (bass), Sirkku (keyboards), Jenny (guitar) and Laura (drums). In 2002 they signed a management contract with Peter Kokljuschin and after Jani Jalonen of SonyMusic became interested in the group, they signed a recording contract in 2003.

Ikuinen Virta (2004)

1. Saalistaja
2. Scarlett
3. Ikuinen Virta
4. Valehtelen
5. Surusilmä
6. Lasienkeli
7. Onnen Kartano
8. Ihmisen Lento
9. Lauluja Paratiisista
10. Aaltojen Takaa
11. Vettä Vasten

isn't that the Pirita Monastery in Tallinn???

Ah que gran foto ésta! moito mellor que a de Indica sin duda XD e eso que foi feita sen fotógrafo!!! Aquí vese en grande (non sei porqué sale tan pequena)
In 2004 the girls release their first album Ikuinen Virta , which was a great debut selling 30.000 copies getting platinum in Finland. The music is a mix of pop and rock with a typical melancolic finnish feeling and several influences, from gothic to classical music through electronic keyboards or classical piano, acoustic to electric guitars, from instrospective careful ballads to catchy rythms. People call their style ethereal rock, atmospheric pop-rock, melancholic finnish rock,... it's a bit difficult to explain Indica in few words... like those bands such as Amorphis that were called just finnish metal because of the hard of describing.
The title track and catchy as hell “Ikuinen Virta” and afterwards “Scarlett” were released as singles.
Lyrics and music are written by the charismatic redhead singer Jonsu, who takes big inspiration from movies’ soundtracks. Lyrics stem from her own life, lives of her friends and dreams as well.
Looking and appeareance quite reminded me to a kind of visual key or japanise Pop-Rock band.
Indica - Ikuinen Virta

Indica - Scarlett

Tuuliset Tienoot (2005)

1. Vuorien Taa
2. Pidä Kädestä
3. Tuuliset Tienoot
4. Lapsuuden Metsa
5. Hakkilintu
6. Varo
7. Niin Tuleni Teen
8. Kummajaisten juokko
9. Rannalla
10. Viimeinen Tanssi

Since they started with the producer Erno Laitinen, they worked as well in the next 2 albums to come.
Opening with the great song “Vuorien Taa”, with a nightwishesque melody, the next album Tuuliset Tienoot was released one year later in autumn of 2005. It went on to sell over 20.000 discs. The album followed the way they started with Ikuinen Virta, catchy “melancolodic” atmospheric pop rock with several influences from classical music helped by the piano of Sirkku and the violin played by Jonsu, and even jazz or hard rock details.
Several singles from this album, but overall those first 2 songs are the ones that come to my mind when I think about Tuuliset Tienoot. Truly catchy and powerful.
Indica - Vuorien Taa
(Not embed allowed)
Indica - Pidä Kädestä

Kadonnut Puutarha (2007)

1. Viimeinen Jyvä
2. Linnansa Vanki
3. Ulkona
4. Nukkuu Kedolla
5. Noita
6. Pahan Tarha
7. Äänet
8. Mykkä
9. Unten Laiva
10. Helmet

2 years later, in 2007 Indica releases their 3rd album Kadonnut Puutarha.
Again with a very strong beginning, we find “Viimeinen Jyvä” with catchy choruses reminding sometimes to that other great finnish folk band,Värttinä, and delicate melody in almost Metal environment. “Linnansa Vanki” keeps it high and the rest of the album has more electric guitars and gives a hardest and more direct musical feeling than the 2 first –excepting those ballads as “Nukkuu Kedolla” or “Äänet”-. But they keep a little moment in their world as well for Jazz-Swing rythms in the last song Helmet, a strange piece that closes a very varied album.
Indica -Linnansa Vanki
(not embed allowed)

Valoissa (2008)

1. Elä
2. Pahinta Tänään
3. 10 H Myöhässa
4. Hiljainen Maa
5. Askeleet
6. Sanoja
7. Valoissa
8. Täältä Pois
9. Pyromaani
10. Hämärää
11. Ei Enää

With the most metallized and nightwisized beginning ever, the album Valoissa arrives in 2008, produced this time by Tuomas Holopainen, composer of the worldwide well-known band Nightwish. They started working tightly when Indica supported Nightwish in some shows in their Scandinavian Tour.

Finnish pop/rock band Indica will support Nightwish on their upcoming Scandinavian tour. The dates are as follows:
11/28 - KB Hallen - Copenhagen Denmark

11/30 - Lisebergshallen - Göteborg Sweden
12/01 - Sentrum Scene - Oslo, Norway
12/02 - Sentrum Scene - Oslo, Norway
12/04 - Arenan - Stockholm, Sweden

12/05 - Skycom Arena - Umeå, Sweden

12/08 - Hullu Poro Areena (K-18) - Levi, Finland

12/09 - Hullu Poro Areena (K-18) - Levi, Finland

12/11 - Teatria (K-15) - Oulu, Finland

12/12 - Areena - Joensuu, Finland
12/14 - Paviljonki Areena - Jyväskylä, Finland

12/15 - Jäähalli - Tampere, Finland

12/16 - Karibia - Turku, Finland

Right now they are touring again together in a more extensive gig than that scandinavian, and the schedule is:

11.03.2009 Carling Academy Brixton, London, UK
14.03.2009 Forest National, Brussels, Belgium
15.03.2009 Ahoy Arena, Rotterdam, Netherlands
17.03.2009 Palladium, Cologne, Germany
18.03.2009 Emslandhallen, Lingen, Germany
20.03.2009 Europahalle, Karlsruhe, Germany
21.03.2009 Messehalle, Erfurt, Germany
23.03.2009 Zenith, Paris, France
24.03.2009 Zenith, Paris, France
26.03.2009 Zenith, Munich, Germany
28.03.2009 St. Jakobshalle, Basel, Switzerland
30.03.2009 Palabam, Mantova, Italy
31.03.2009 Palasport, Pordenone, Italy
02.04.2009 Cibona Hall, Zagreb, Croatia
04.04.2009 Fonix Hall, Debrecen, Hungary

No doughnut for Spain or Portugal :((

Therefore Indica replaces their all-time producer Erno, and works in an album that keeps the same spirit of the first ones, but electric guitars are taking more presence when they appear. Good prove again in the first 2 songs, “Elä”, that could be almost a Nightwish song, and “Pahinta Tännään”, catchiest song I have listened in years probably. Just 1 time and I was already singing at home those unknown words. It has a more epic and folk environment as well, maybe influence Tuomas was taking? But we really can notice that in instruments like panflute or epic choruses.
Valoissa is again another great and varied album of atmospheric rock with several influences and melancholic melodies.
Indica - Pahinta Tanaan
(not embed allowed)
Indica - Valoissa
(not embed allowed)
Indica - 10h Myöhässä
(not embed allowed)

Jonsu: Guitars,Keyboards,Violinist,Vocals
Heini: Bass,Violinist,Vocals
Sirkku: Keyboards,Vocals
Laura: Drums
Jenny: Guitars,Vocals

Indica - Pahinta Tänään (Live)

Indica - Vuorien Taa (Live)

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Homer Files

Todos nos acordamos de cando os axentes Mulder e Scully apareceron na serie Los Simpsons naquel capitulo no que Burns se escapaba do hospital sedado hasta as trancas e fluorescente, non?

O que seguro que non esperabades era o caso inverso, que pasou realmente nun dos capítulos de Expediente X. Non o credes?
Ahí vai:

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Éxito rotundo!

Total éxito da adaptación á gran pantalla de Dragon Ball!!!

A mostra: IMDB Overview (se dades feito co inglés, algúns dos comentarios non teñen desperdicio)

Por supuesto, coña...

...e agora, o guión de DragonBall Evolution 2 está feito, ambientado máis no que é a genealogía das bolas de dragón e o mundo de SonGoku... non tedes emoción???
Eso será logo de vender todo o márketing posible en cómics, videoxogos, llaveros e carpetas que genere esta entrega...

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Hell comes with Martin Walkyier and Andy Sneap

Hell was a UK heavy metal band formed in 1982. They became part of that movement NWOBHM of young bands that were playing heavy metal on the United Kingdom, though maybe remained as one of the less known ones instead of the famous Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest, Raven, Grim Reaper, Diamond Head, Def Leppard...

Hell signed to the Belgian label Mausoleum, but two weeks prior to the recording of the album, the label collapsed. This led to the split-up of the band, and the suicide of the vocalist and guitar leader Dave Halliday in 1987 by carbon monoxide poisoning.
They just had released some few demos till the fateful date and since that time the band remained as forgotten.

But it was this last 2008 when Kev Bower and the other 2 surviving members decided to reunite the band and work in a new reborn and new release.

He offered to play and produce their new album to the master and legendary Andy Sneap - producer and mixer of over 100 metal albums, including Megadeth, Trivium, Kreator, Testament, Killswitch Engage, Opeth, Exodus, Cradle of Filth....-
Dave Halliday taught Andy Sneap to play guitar and Sneap mentions (funny when Andy shows his gun at the end of the video... and uhmm those cows behind.. XDD)Hell as one of his main influences when he formed the cult band Sabbath. Sneap tells he was usually in the first row of every concert Hell played and in fact they met in one concert.

The other one that offered the position of singer was the former singer of Sabbath as well, Martin Walkyier, who after leaving Skyclad many years ago tried with Iscariah from Immortal a new band doing a new style: The Clan Destined.
The Clan Destined - A Beautiful Start to the End of the World

But seems it hadnt enough repercussion in the metal scene and the band is quite on hold -though I think they play much more interesting music than others nowadays-.
Right now he is making tours around Brazil with Tuatha De Dannan and in Argentina with Skiltron doing cover songs from the Skyclad era.
Previously he "did for fun" some concerts with Sneap recalling the splendid times of Sabbat when "History of a Time to Come" and "Dreamweaver".
After hearing the offer, Martin didn't think for a while and joined the project of Hell, a band that inspired him strongly as well when forming Sabbath -one of my favourite Thrash Metal bands of all times except that "Mourning has Broken"-.
Sabbath - The Clerical Conspiracy (Live 1990)

So this way, the new Hell is reborn, already with a complete album, which will be supposed to have a great sound provided by the experience of one of the most recognized producers in the metal world and the charismatic voice of the cult Thrash Metal band Sabbat and the pioneers of the Folk Metal, Skyclad.

Seems they will re-make old songs from demos to turn them into a "new metal millenium sound".
The album is already finished and I am quite expectant about what will come from this reunion, it will be one of the most interesting things to happen in 2009 for sure.
In Kev Bower's words, this is the tracklist of the upcoming Hell CD, "Human Remains":

This began life as a rocking instrumental which originally appeared as the B-side of HELL's self-financed and now extremely rare 1983 7" vinyl single – subsequently bootlegged, but with the original now selling for absolutely ludicrous money on Ebay. For the introduction to this album, I have taken some of the principal themes and orchestrated them in full-on Wagner 'Sturm und Drang' style, but since the London Symphony Orchestra and the Kings College Choir were both sadly unavailable to me, I have put this together using a Motif XS digital sampling workstation synthesizer instead – undreamed-of technology back in the day.

This became HELL's show-opener towards the culmination of the band's previous existence. The intro section is strangely notable for having been written by Tony Speakman whilst he was sat playing his bass on the toilet (bog metal?) with the remainder consisting of typically 'agent provocateur' lyrics over slabs of furious riffing. Live performances of this would always see Dave abandoning his guitar leaving just me to play it as a one-guitar song, whilst he adopted his nutcase front-man persona, donning a full vicar's garb complete with our now-infamous pyrotechnic exploding bible. This caused outrage amongst the local clergy at the time - it was literally front-page headline stuff in the local papers…..

A true moment of inspiration, written about the Bubonic Plague and the Great Fire of London. This song was once again a single guitar piece, with Dave lurching round the stage, enveloped in smoke, dressed in a hooded cloak ringing a plague caller's handbell. The new intro features a chilling 1665 'Black Death' soundscape - again put together on the Motif XS digital sampler – but which amazingly features Dave's voice, which Andy Sneap has somehow managed to lift and reprocess from a 25-year-old live gig cassette-tape recording. The song is historically significant, as it was the penultimate one Dave and I ever wrote as a HELL composition. The last-ever song itself, 'Guilty As Charged', wasn't included on this album as only a very rough, almost inaudible rehearsal tape remains in existence, and no-one could remember how to play it……

A bludgeoning adaptation of a Race Against Time song which was a hugely popular feature of the HELL set for many years. If you're a SABBAT fan and the exit riff on this song sounds strangely familiar, it's probably because they elected to pay homage to HELL in the nicest possible way – by 'borrowing' the riff and using an ever-so-slightly modified version of it in 'The Church Bizarre' on their debut 'History Of A Time To Come' album. They later admitted the heinous theft under intense interrogation. Ask Mr.Sneap about this, and you'll be greeted with a sheepish grin. The rest of the album was all their own work, though…………Honest.

If you visit the HELL fan MySpace page, you'll hear an rough-mixed sneak preview of part of this..........
A great favourite of both fans and band alike, and a dire warning about the consequences of selling your soul to the wrong deity..……. The intro and outro of this song are based around haunting sets of synthesizer drones which were my first foray into keyboards back in the day – using a vintage Moog analogue machine which would drift hopelessly out of tune mid-way through the set as it warmed up under the lighting rig, and with the Latin chant in the middle section now beefed up with Gregorian choirs and a massive digitally sampled church organ. The objective was to use synthesizers in an additive and hard-edged way, creating shades of musical light and dark, rather than just marshmallowing the whole thing out. I think I succeeded.

This song was the A-side of the previously-referred-to 7" single on HELL's own 'Deadly Weapon' label. The original was recorded in one live take in a studio which was essentially the living room of someone's tiny terraced house, up a back street in Kingston-Upon-Hull, using very quiet guitars and Tim's drum kit muffled out with a quilt and pillows from the studio owner's bed. Unsurprisingly, it didn't exactly capture the raw guts of the band's live performance, and it suffered from an achingly soft production. This 2008 version is how it was supposed to have sounded……

A musical and lyrical epic, and a song which shows how I was becoming ever more adventurous with synthesizers during the latter days of Hell's first coming. Much HELL material would see me playing either guitar or keyboards individually, but the complexity of this one meant that in the middle section, both were needed at the same time, so some of the keyboard parts were fed in automatically using a sequencer – a kind of digital memory box which I had programmed up to play these parts for me. This had to be synchronised to a 'beep' metronome, so that Tim could play along in time with this gadget, using a click-track relayed to him onstage through headphones. Every live performance of this song was a knife-edged technical nightmare, but we somehow always got away with it. I have once again written a brand-new intro for this song - featuring the amazing voice of Dani from Cradle of Filth.

Straightforward, heads-down, foot-on-the-monitors boogie courtesy of Tony and Tim. When it first surfaced, two members of the band (who shall remain nameless) were very reluctant to play it because it was 'too happy' and was deemed to be structurally, lyrically and musically 'too simple'. But - the fans absolutely loved it, and it went on to hold the distinction of being one of a tiny number of songs which remained firmly entrenched in the HELL set from the very first gig through to the very last. Just goes to prove that variety is indeed the spice of life……

Whilst most young men were reading car magazines (and other subject matter), Dave was reading Shakespeare, and the 'Scottish Play' was his favourite. The song bravely attempts to précis the guts of the story into a few simple lines and was again a huge favourite with the fans, due in part to the cauldron-stirring, three-witches theatrical antics which accompanied the live performance of this. This version is re-worked for 2008, but remains totally true in spirit to the original.

This song opened the show from the very beginning of HELL's previous existence almost until the end, when it was finally replaced by 'On Earth As It Is In Hell', done again with my single guitar part and Dave performing an intense, lunatic front-man show. Although the song was already fairly quick, the lethal combination of pre-show nerves (no beta-blockers back then……..) coupled with immense adrenaline, a baying crowd, Dave's 'anything-goes' antics and our collective over-abundance of youthful testosterone, meant that it was usually played at breakneck speed, with somewhat unpredictable and sometimes amusing results. It would also feature the unleashing of massive quantities of fire and pyrotechnics, which generated so much smoke in smaller venues that the band were usually rendered totally invisible to the audience for at least the first ten minutes of the gig……..

A massive slab of dark heaviness with a distinctly mystic-East feel, created using a recycled Halliday verse riff added to a bunch of my new ones, a new arrangement, and new lyrics which have been still further updated for 2008, and which now attempt to convey the obscenity of enforced prostitution from the girl's point of view. This song is also historically significant, but in direct contrast to 'Plague and Fyre' which was almost the last song, this was the first-ever HELL composition, written by myself and Dave at his mother's house one evening, just a few days after the band had formed. We didn't play it live as often as we should have done, and it was, for reasons now shrouded in the mists of time, dropped from the set after just a few months. This song is our sole concession to the modern phenomenon of drop-tuning, and it's played in D.

Source: Hell Myspace

Hell - Death Squad (1983)

Now I know where Immortal took inspiration for their famous clip... XD
Anyway, I find their music amazingly interesting, I'm sure they will make a great release.

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Peluqueira transforma ladrón en esclavo do sexo

Ésta é unha noticia salida de Rusia fai pouco tempo:

Resulta que un ladrón que foi a unha peluquería a roubar foi reducido por unha das peluqueras, que sabía de artes marciales e foi levado para unha habitación -supostamente para esperar que se chamase á policía e o levase- pero cál sería a súa sorpresa cando a peluquera o colleu e empezou a darlle caña sesuarrr
Como boa anfitriona, alimentouno con Viagra os 3 días de secuestro, atouno a un radiador con esposas de piel rosas e deulle cera por un tubo. De feito o tipo tivo que ir directo a un hospital.
Ben certo que hai veces que non sabes ónde te metes!!!
Mi madriña vaia peluquera!!

"A hairdresser from the small Russian town of Meshchovsk has subdued a man who tried to rob her shop, and then raped him for three days in the utility room, Life.ru reports.

The incident occurred on Saturday, March 14. The working day was coming to an end at a small hairdressers, when a man armed with a gun rushed in and demanded the day’s earnings.

The frightened employees and customers agreed to fulfill his demand, but when the shop’s owner, 28-year-old Olga, was handing the money to the robber, she suddenly knocked him down on the floor and then tied him up with a hairdryer cord. The 32-year-old Viktor couldn’t have known that the woman was a yellow belt in karate.

Olga locked the unlucky robber in the utility room and told her colleagues that she was going to call the police – but didn’t do so. When everybody left home, she approached the man and ordered him to ‘take of his underpants’ threatening to hand him over to the police if he refuses to cooperate.
After that Olga raped her hostage for three long days. She chained Viktor to the radiator with pink furry handcuffs and fed him Viagra.

She eventually let the man go on Monday, March 16, saying: “Get out of my sight!”

Viktor went straight to hospital as his genitals were injured, and then to the police.

Olga was resentful when she was taken by the police.

“What a bastard,” the woman said about Viktor. “Yes, we had sex a couple of times. But I’ve bought him new jeans, gave him food and even gave him 1.000 roubles (around $ 30) when he left.”

After that she wrote a notice to the police claiming the man tried to rob her shop.

Both Olga and Viktor may now face prison terms. The woman could be convicted of rape, while the man of robbery.

"After his release, the exhausted robber filed charges against the perverted woman. The frenulum of his penis was torn as a consequence of rape session.

In response, she filed charges against the robber.

The robber admitted that the hairdresser really did feed him royally.

“I actually don’t know what will happen to them. But it’s a pity that they could not meet in the cell. They would be a great couple,” one of the police officers said."


De crise, oportunidades e Suomi

Sorprendente pero certo. Temos oficialmente o primeiro país que saleu da crise: Finlandia ou Suomi. Fai pouco estaba a rebatir nunha web sobre Finlandia e sobre que eles dan un % moi elevado do seu soldo para o goberno en forma de impostos. E ademáis fano conscientemente e de boa gana. A miña teoría é que esto non pasará nunca aquí pola forma de ser e da cultura da picaresca e racanear nos impostos tradicional do individuo hispano. Non solo eso senón que ademáis non está mal visto pola sociedade e así nunca teríamos unha universidade gratuíta neste país coma teñen eles -principal tema desa discusión naquela web-.
Hoxe atopeime cun artículo que me vén de perlas en El Economista: Finlandia parou a recesión e fixo fronte á crise. Claro, a xente dirá: "é que eles teñen unha economía moito máis forte! teñen máis medios para parar unha crise". E eu digo: sí e no.
A crise financieira é algo global, afectou a todo o mundo por igual e máis ou menos co mesmo grado de antelación a todos os países. Pero estou de acordo co artículo -de feito colleu tal cual o meu pensamento- de que o mellor motor para revolucionar unha rexión é sufrir unha gran crise, no medio da cal os gobiernos, como as empresas e os propios cidadáns poden estar preparados para asumir tal situación desfavorable, posibles recortes e axustes verdadeiramente necesarios.

Vou comentar o caso finlandés, sin duda un caso curioso de cómo se deben facer as cousas e se precisan de políticas firmes e comúns, e acordos macroeconómicos que deberían de estar asentados de antemán entre as principales forzas políticas, como comentaba naquel post de crises e capitalismos.

Finlandia en 1989 choca cunha crise de proporcións enormes, tras o colapso comunista e da Unión Soviética, os cales eran os principales clientes comerciales. Prodúcese unha caída do PIB do 13% en sólo 3 anos, o paro aumenta nun 17%, hai crise financieira, descenso dun 50% da bolsa, devolucións de préstamos, aumento da deuda pública ata o 60% do PIB e oposición dos sindicatos a calquera reforma para aliviar a crise. Certo parecido coa situación que vivimos agora, non? eu diría que case peor.
Ademáis temos que contar que Finlandia ten unha extensión de 338.127 km cuadrados -recordemos que España ten 492.000- sendo un dos países máis grandes de Europa en canto a territorio e ten 5'3 millóns de habitantes -densidad poblacional de 16 hab. por km cuadrado; en España temos 80 hab/km2-.
Postos en situación, non parece un país moi propicio nin na mellor situación para pasar unha tesitura tal, non?
Pois ben, a clase política finlandesa, vendo o que se lles aveciñaba púxose rápidamente a pensar e actuar. Alcanzan un acordo improbable en España "gobernase quen gobernase non se cambiaría o programa económico para salvar ó país". Adoptáronse medidas macroeconómicas rápidamente e a situación comeza a dar un chimpo en 1994, baixando os tipos a un 6% e lográndose a paridad estable coa Unión Europea en 1996.
Non fai tanto, non? Finlandia non foi sempre o país superdesarrollado que é hoxe.

As claves
Durante a década dos 90, os cambios en política científica e tecnolóxica aceleráronse.
Recortanse os presupuestos en diversas partidas, pero non a inversión en tecnoloxía. Unha das maiores aportacións do goberno de Finlandia ó futuro do país foi a creación dun sistema público de apoio á innovación, simple e fácil para as empresas, que operan dunha forma estructurada, centralizada e efectiva, na que hai un completo respeto polos contratos e leis establecidas e goberno.
En canto ás universidades e aquí foi o que me levou a escribir este post, recordando a conversación na outra web sobre Bolonia, son as responsables de producir novo conocemento. As 20 universidades públicas, as 29 politécnicas e os institutos de investigación. O 53% das empresas de Finlandia teñen acordos de colaboración con universidades, frente a media europea do 7'5 %. Ben, agora pensade sobre as chorradas que dicen sobre o plan Bolonia en canto a que as empresas se van apoderar das universidades e facer canteiras de estudiantes. Ojalá nos dén unha mínima noción do que é a vida laboral!! da que non temos nin pajolera idea cando salimos de cursar os nosos 6, 7, 8 ou 9 anos de universidade pública. Estamos nunha situación tal de desventaxa frente a Europa que quen diga que non se necesita un cambio estaría tolo. Bolonia pode que non sexa o mellor porque ten puntos oscuros e efectos de arrastre pouco visibles, pero que un acercamento ós sistemas europeos e á vida laboral por parte das nosas podres e carcomidas universidades é algo de perogrullo. É un plan, que en principio non está mal pensado. O malo é a forma de levar a cabo tal plan e que a universidade necesita algo máis que un cambio superficial. O sistema interno e relacións internas é algo que se debería controlar moito máis -e así non ter, como temos na universidade de Vigo un sistema de empresa familiar, na que os apelidos se repiten entre profesores, os amantes, as ex-parellas e os fillos e netos e relacións entre eles se perpetúan en pro dun conformismo degradante e denigrante para a nosa formación e sentido común-.

Volvendo ó tema de Nokia, recordo telo estudiado nalgún caso práctico cómo foi o principio de tal empresa. Todo surxira debido a que a xeografía e clima de Finlandia non son nada propicios para facer instalacións de telefonía e cables. Sería costosísimo, debido á grande dispersión xeografica dos seus escasos habitantes tamén. O que fixeron foi invertir moitísimo en I+D en canto ó que telefonía móvil se refire para non depender de cableados e facer un gasto gigantesco.
Gracias a Nokia, Finlandia desarrollou un crecimiento económico incrible, tanto pola súa capacidade productora como exportadora, como pola súa capacidade de movilizar o conglomerado finlandés das telecomunicacións. Nokia chegou a ser o producto dunha nación, e é o exemplo de cómo as empresas privadas tomaron todo o coñecemento xerado nas universidades e grupos privados de investigación para transformalos en productos competitivos en todo o mundo.

Seguindo co tema finlandés, a participación do sector privado no gasto en I+D foi do 72,3 % en 2007, superando con creces ó sector público (9%) e ás universidades (18,7 %). Os resultados deste sistema son espectaculares. O gasto en I+D en Finlandia foi en 2007 de 6446 millóns de €, situando ó país coma o 2º país en términos de porcentaxe sobre PIB, cun 3,47 % seguido de Suecia cun 3,63 %. Recordemos que a irrisorea media española está en 1,22 %.

A prosperidade económica finlandesa débese á existencia de múltiples empresas de primeiro nivel competitivo internacional -a todos nos vén á cabeza Nokia cando pensamos en empresa finlandesa-. Este nivel de competitividade é debido á alta productividade das empresas, que depende da súa enorme capacidade de innnovación, nun sistema compartido polo sistema público e o empresarial.
Todos os cidadáns comparten un elevado nivel de educación e formación que se basa nun sistema educativo de primeiro nivel mundial. Tanto educación primaria como secundaria e universitaria.

O sistema educativo que deu o éxito a Finlandia básase nun conxunto de valores compartidos por xestores públicos, pais, profesores e alumnos, que persigue o coñecemento, premia o mérito e o esforzo, valora o traballo e a responsabilidade e favorece a orientación hacia o futuro e a tecnoloxía. E ese é desde logo a base da pirámide que levou a Finlandia á prosperidade: os valores da sociedade.
A miña pregunta ó aire sería: ¿sería difícil instaurar valores na sociedade española?¿se sí, canto se tardaría?
Logo aparte: ¿estaría conforme na bipartita sociedade española que se tomasen como intocables certos acordos macroeconómicos polo ben da nación ainda que eso perxudicase intereses partidistas ou implicase certas incomodidades -momentáneas, coma certa subida de impostos, etc- para a poboación?

O que está claro e pendiente de conseguir para gobiernos do sur de Europa, especialmente España, posuidora dun dos peores sistemas educativos -creo que Grecia estaba sensiblemente peor por algunha noticia que lín non fai moito-, deben considerar como prioritaria a creación dun sistema educativo de elevada calidade -que non temos, nin nunca tivemos- que prepare ós cidadáns para afrontar o futuro con algunha garantía -cousa que vexo moi moi negra-.

Igual vos acordades do que é o informe PISA, o informe sobre calidad educativa dos países que fai un tempo poñía a España con notable... suspenso. Ben, mirando os resultados dese informe vese cómo será o futuro do mundo: aqueles países que están quedando nos primeiros lugares -nestes momentos Finlandia, Canadá, Hong Kong, Nova Zelanda e Australia- son irremisiblemente os que teñan as empresas con mellores profesionales, gobernos con mellores dirixentes, mellor actividade social e empresarial.... e crearán un sistema educativo de primeiro orden sobre o que o seguirán baseando o seu futuro.

Un saludo para Luisérgiko. Dá gusto debatir sen que ninguén che diga que o que pensas é unha merda ou o outro non vale nada sen ningún tipo de argumento coma fan outros por ahí...

Recursos: -El Economista: entrevista a Juan Martínez Barea (director da cátedra Sánchez-Ramade de Iniciativa e Innovación do Instituto Internacional de San Telmo de Sevilla) -Casos prácticos da asignatura Estratexias de Márketing de 5º ADE

martes, abril 14, 2009

Sobre redes sociales

Ben, estou de volta á normalidade logo dun máis ca aburridillo finde en Alfoz. Todo o mundo parecía estar ocupado, así que case que incluso botei en falta estar en Vigo. Máis que estar na cama e pasar algún apunte e ver pelis e a tele... -por certo, facía que non vía a tele un tempo seguido, vaia animalada o tempo de anuncios que poñen!!! ou o incrementaron ou sería cousa de que non a vía fai tempo... pero pareceume anormal :S-
Alomenos ahora sei dónde está a roda de recambio do coche, probablemente o máis productivo que fixen en 4 días.

Logo de mandarlle de volta un mail a Carlos, deume por poñer aquí outra das cousas que me levan rondando a cabeza desde fai tempo:
Tráta sobre o das redes sociales tipo facebook, estiven pensando incluso en quitarme, por veces dame certa paranoia de que demasiada xente vé qué faigo e qué non e cousas que a mín non me interesan demasiado que outros teñan mirando...
Logo tamén está o de si rechazo algunha invitación de amigo de outra xente... si virá o efecto "non eres meu amigo/non confio en tí porque non eres meu amigo en facebook". Non sei se estamos chegando ata ese punto coas tecnoloxías, e realmente asústame.

Fai un tempo tiven un mal rollo. Decidín que quen era amigo dunha persona -chámalle X- non me gustaría que estivese mirando qué faigo ou non, entonces expliqueino razonadamente, e sen ningún problema eu dixenlles a eses poucos que eu os borraría de tal rede social, ainda que non significaba que eso implicase que eu non quixera voltar a falar con eles. Simplemente non desexaba que eles visen as miñas actualizacións porque eran amigos de dita persona da que prefiro non falar. E obviamente tal feito facía que a miña confianza nesa xente fose pouco bollante. Expliqueilles máis ou menos o caso e o que X fixera.
Algúns deles decidiron borrar a dita persona ó ver o que eu decía, porque tal vez sabían o que pasaba, e coma min, non confiaban nela logo de saber algo máis...
Outros directamente non me falaron co que supuxen que o silencio otorga e sen máis miramentos borreinos, ainda que sigo tendo contacto con eles por outras vías....
E outros recrimináronme cousas... certas cousas que eu considero paranoias e tonterías derivadas da socioloxía dixital e tecnolóxica e que non lles encontro moita lóxica -vaia rima extraña que me saleu-.
Algún insinuou que se eu non era amigo en facebook non era o seu amigo...
Algún comparoume que eu non quixera que souberan tanto sobre o que faigo -mira que todo o mundo sabe máis ou menos o que faigo por este blog, pero é o que EU quero que se saiba, e non que alguén colgue fotos miñas de fai x anos- , bueno comparoume que eu quixera borralos de ahí debido á sua amistade con X con Stalinismo e comunismo ortodoxo e paranoias varias sobre a vida democrática.
E outro empezoume a desvariar sobre a importancia que a xente dá ás redes sociales e que facebook vai perder popularidade en poucos anos e contoume unha historia sobre alguén que levaba unha doble vida virtual e real.. supoño que este individuo pretendía decirme que me tomaba moi en serio o que a marca facebook era, cando por sí mismo xa se delataba bastante "creyente" do fenómeno facebook botándome unha parrafada insulsa e datos de participación en facebook nos últimos anos -que me importan moitiiiiiiiisimo-. A todo esto, eu nunca lle falara sobre a marca Facebook, sólo dixera a esta xente que non me interesaba que eles viran certas actualizacións da miña vida se se consideraban cercanos á persona X, pero que sen problema falaría con eles sobre calquera cousa por outros medios. Antes de Feixbukx eramos tamén personas, non?
(xa sei que eu tamén teño as miñas paranoias, pero eses días tiña moita mala leche contenida e íbame medrando hasta que reventei... pero non me retracto en absoluto de botar da miña vida certa xente que non me aporta nada máis que malos ou desconfiados pensamentos).

Sabedes qué? 2 deses que borrei de Feixbuk fai tempo, agora xa máis de medio ano, do grupo dos que non me contestaron e obviamente tomei o seu silencio como resposta, agregáronme recientemente ó mismo facebook outra vez. Qué faigo? A resposta máis sensata sería falar con eles, pero penso que son eles 2 quenes primeiro me deben unha resposta logo de que despois de meses non me contestaran á miña petición cun "si" ou un "no".
Alguén ten algunha opinión sobre qué facer?

Argh que merda de vida sociovirtual teño XD

Non sei, por veces penso que debería borrar con todo, ou facerme unha conta que realmente esteñan uns poucos que queira eu, e non outros ollos que nin me van nin me veñen. É algo parecido ó msn. Teño a tantísima xente agregada que paso directamente de conectarme. Sólo o feito de que me salgan 10 ventanas preguntandome o mismo agobiame moitísimo. De vez en cando veñenme mails de xente que me "increpa" que non me conecte, coma se eu tivera a obligación de sempre estar e deixar saber que estou. A tecnoloxía empézame a agobiar, pero por outro lado sei que é o único medio para saber de xente coa que non falo ou sabería deles nunca máis...
... a ver qué pasa nun futuro...
É algo así como "no puedo vivir contigo, pero no puedo vivir sin tí". Pero o certo é que teño días de decir que apago con todo.

Por cierto, el génesis según facebook

Facebook turns you evil

lunes, abril 13, 2009

As traduccións da gallega non che son coma peneirar, meu IV

Os demáis volumenes

O único

-"é un furo de verme" (palabros inventados made in TVG/nazonalismos sinsentidos... que non? buscade "furo de verme" en diccionarios ou google XD)
-Outra vez nos encontramos, eh! machiño? (Jet Li ó negro)
-"Ooooioioioioi oi" - o negro que traballaba na gasolineira sale escopetado cando Jet Li derruba dunha patada un poste preto
(falando de peliculas):
-...unha de travestis cazachados"
-...e viches unha chamada apanda no teu pandeiro?"

Steven Seagal.. nalgunha peli das moitas que ten
-non me andes con andrómenas...

Rock Star
-Lambo moitas conas, moreas delas. Teño a voz asi de lamber conas. No almorzo no mediodia e pola noite. ¡Son un lambeconas!

Hot Shots
-Non pasou nada. Estou ben. Esvarei cun berberecho. Seino porque fun mariscador na ría de Muros.

En 100 mozas .. un bodrio de producción caseira made in TVG
-Esa non a fodia eu nin coa tua pixa, meu

Nunha de vaqueiros
-¿Coñeces a un tal... Faulo Bedo?
-No, señor, no lo conosco (con acento mexicano)
-Mal parido, fillo de mala nai, es ti

O demoledor (Demolition Man XDDD)
Lenina Huxley: Pensei que a tua forza vital quedara prematuramente interrompida.
John Spartan: Eu pensei que ia pras patacas

-Ese é Ryotsu, o home máis feo, tuzaro e baldreu.

-¡Carallo, un alien!

Batman e Robin (1960)
-¡¡¡Santos trasnos das estradas!!!
-Santos morcegos Batman! ¿Chamamos ó comisionado Gordon?

Publicidade Ratibron
orixinalmente en castelán: "con ratibrón ni rata ni ratón!"
En galego: "..e deixaos que coman porque Ratibron mata o rato cabrón!"

Traducción da peli "Los cuatro golfos" Giusseppe Colizzi 1968: "Os catro moinantes"
Que tamén hai que decir que a traducción ó español é un tanto fulera (I Quattro dell'Ave Maria/Ace High)

Batman Forever
Pingüin: -Aaah mexericas!!
Titular de periódico de Gotham City: -Batman mete o zoco

Harrison Ford en Forza 10 de Navarone:
-Non quedes ahí de pao de candeiro

Traducción de título: "Memorias dunha gheixa"

martes, abril 07, 2009

Korpiklaneando por Santiaguiño

Last weekend I was in the city of Santiago going out with friends. Santiago is a famous place for having one of the most famous cathedrals for cristianity, and it is usual to see in the streets of the old town lots of foreigners visiting and pillgrims.
Well, this time we didnt make a cultural visit, we just went to make a picnic in the forest and later to eat those famous tapas :P:P:P and going out at night.
Pics can tell better than me XD

Run to the hills, run for your lives

After the meeting in the forest with our own pagan souls, trees, and mother nature... a rest at home and tapas

Estonian mafia guys ;)

I need food! I need tapas!!

I need mobiles!!

Good Morniiiiiing!!!