jueves, diciembre 16, 2010

Surprises 2010: Stribog

Band: Stribog
Album: U Okovima Vjecnosti (first album)
Genre: Pagan Folk Black Metal
Country: Croatia

At first, I really thought they were a russian band; there are many that play this kind of Pagan Metal with some black or doom elements with a girl singing high-pitched folky melodies. Besides, this slavic way of understanding Pagan Metal is very unique and interesting.
Again, I must say that there are many doing quite the same, and few bands are worthy remarkable, and Stribog can be one of those. For a first album, they show enough skills and compositive maturity.

1. Ancestral Skies Of Gold 06:35
2. Morana 05:21
3. Rusalka 07:58
4. Follow The Silver Path 04:36
5. Pred Morem Olujnim 03:18
6. Remember With Pride 05:33
7. Okovi Vjecnosti 04:04

Total playing time 37:30



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