martes, abril 29, 2008

Épocas difíciles para a creatividade

De fai algúns anos, atopei estes anuncios de orixe arxentina (cuna dos mellores creativos a nivel mundial).

Sónavos a algo?

lunes, abril 28, 2008

Traballo e mais traballo

É curioso que a pesar que escriba en inglés para que os meus compas internacionales me entendan sempre se me responda (ou case sempre) en gallego ou castellano (o inglés paréceme a lingua máis universal, polo que así os españois, gallegos e case os de calquera país me poden entender mais ou menos, non?), pero en fin.. eles prefieren o mail ou o dichoso msn, do que a veces me da ganas de darme de baixa ou crearme unha nova cuenta na que sólo a xente coa que falo normalmente, amigos de toda a vida e novos cos que me importe e sexa interesante falar estean. De todas maneiras, o que digo é que me vades ver muy pouco o pelo por ese chat chamado msn. As poucas veces que estea fareino coma "oculto"/"no conectado", a única maneira de falar tranquilo coa xente que quero, e para cando o necesite. O malo é a transferencia de archivos, na cal se me esixe que apareza coma conectado, pero bueno... sempre podedes enviar mails para eso.
Outra cousa, non vou ir a Lugo este puente, sintoo Marcos, Simón, Kanero e compañía, teño un proxecto para entregar o próximo lunes e vaime levar a vida. Necesito todo o tempo que poida. Ademáis tereino que expoñer diante de toda a clase (uns 70) asi que necesito preparalo e xa sei que en Alfoz, con internet contado e de festa pouco vou facer jeje
Gracias polo da Muna, bótase moito en falta que algo teña enredando entre os pés ou vindo á porta cada vez que chegas :) pero bueno, ahora mellor... é lei de vida.
O miércoles teño cena con Kike e amigos que facía tempo que non vía, xa saludarei pola parte de Lugo.
Un dia destes teño que facer a visita a Santiago, a ver se podedes volver un jueves ou viernes todos, que da outra vez fastidioume non ir! Pa unha vez que Simón se move!!;)

domingo, abril 27, 2008

Ozzy interview

I have seen this "fake" interview to Ozzy Osbourne by Weird Al Yankovic a lot of time ago. But I'm still laughing when I see it XD
1:26 - It might be it might not be.. I don't know. I love that moment XDDD
2:15 - This moment is absolutly hilarious
2:34-2:37 - greeeeeat

It's just fun! you know XD

sábado, abril 26, 2008

Time for personal updatings

It's time I tell some new about my life.
Well these last days I've had some things, bad and good..
Last weekend, when I was in Porto, my dog Muna left this world. All in our home were and are quite sad about it. I still look if I am stepping on something when I reach home and the house looked very silent this week. But I guess 17 years old were a lot, and its little body couldn't stand anymore. Since some months ago she had a tumour and it can be the reason of the death :(
She will be always young in my mind anyway

In other news, I became selected to do a personal interview for a summer job in a bank.
After doing one test of 4 hours last month they phoned me to do that interview, and I did it last wednesday. They told me they would call me for a last interview, and if all is ok, I can work on summer. That means, finally some money and work experience, but a busy summertime, no trips and no activities between the week. Anyway this is not sure, it's just a possibility, they just made a pre-selection of some few.
Lastly I am having a lot of school work, so you will probably NEVER see me in msn. That means, the only chance to contact me is by mail or comments here.
When I mean never it means never until I finish all my stuff. Maybe in 2 weeks you will see me, but for few time, because later I will start to study for the exams, and maybe to be present in the formation program of the company if they decide to take me. Of course I will go on doing some new posts here everytime I can. I already have some in mind, and it's easier to talk here that everyone can see it than explaining one by one in msn or similars, I think.

jueves, abril 24, 2008

Nightwish + Pain (Live in Porto 2008-04-18)

This time Porto was the city and Nightwish and Pain the ones. Looking at the price we could see the huge difference between the same concert in Spain and in Portugal! (Madrid 34 € // Porto 22€!!!).
Lots of people since 2 hours before the opening doors in the street, and we felt it would be a great and "sold out" concert.
Huge place! we don't have such places in Galicia!!!

So a little bit after 9 PM Pain started with those three beats announcing "Same old song".
And wow!!!!
Those beats made me shake and open my eyes as much as I could! What a f****g sound!!
The volume was really ok... intruments were perfectly mixed... sound was just perfect! I can say maybe the best sound in a concert I am glad to be present ever.
And here I must say I thought, what a s**t of sound technicians we have in Galicia!!... and small places!!
Maybe they are doing the best, maybe it's difficult to get a good sound, but people behind the machines could help something for avoiding the reduction in our hearing ability, and not finishing with a bothering whistle every one of the concerts we have in this zone.

Well so Pain started with Same old song, a good song and starting, with Peter Tägtgren in front of the band completely recovered.
Pain - Same Old Song

They seemed to be in some kind of rush, cause they didn't lose any time in words or stops, songs were one after one successively with no time for breathing.

Really experienced, Peter did a good job as frontman, and the band did a perfect show, which I enjoyed absolutely, being the big shots of the night Nailed to the Ground, where they changed a bit some part making it a bit extreme, (it rocked like hell), and Shut your mouth, one of their successful songs, really catchy.
I think public enjoyed quite a lot their show.
Pain - Shut Your Mouth

The bad thing of Pain was the really few time they were playing, just around 40 min. I think people there were enjoying a lot with their show and maybe 2 or 3 more songs would be perfect.
It was too fast, and I was with the feeling "already finished??? come on!!"
Same Old Song
Eleanor Rigby

End Of The Line
Zombie Slam
Nailed to The Ground

Just Hate Me
On and On
Shut Your Mouth

Well, so the time for Nightwish came, it was quite exciting to see for first time the band that surprised me so many years ago with that Oceanborn, with or without Tarja Turunen (better with, but now it's pointless to think about it).
The opening was "Bye bye beautiful", (the "dedicated" song hehe) after a too long intro.
Anette is the center of attention, like I guess in all the tour Nightwish is doing, due to be the frontwoman and substitute of Tarja. She did a good job making songs from the new album "Dark Passion Play", like this first"Bye bye beautiful", they were very ok, helped by the amazing sound. And her way of moving, "dancing" and being over the scenary improved really a lot after seen her first shows, where she didn't know almost to shake and looked like an absolute beginner (though she was already singer for some time in that forgettable band
Alyson Avenue, this makes me to think that band didn't make so many concerts...).
The setlists in those first shows after the release of Dark Passion Play didn't help either, playing half new and half old stuff which her voice cannot handle at all. The comparison between Tarja's voice and hers is just ridiculous. No point to discussion. So what she (the band) was doing lastly was to fit those old songs to her voice, making lower sometimes the tone Tarja sang, or changing the melody for not sounding bad without making the effort of emulating the high-tones of the previous singer.
Anyway, this try can fit sometimes, but others we could see a rather forced voice of Anette.
Just for a fast sight, here we can see her version of Dark Chest Of Wonders, after the song Bye Bye Beautiful, with lots of mistakes and seemed quite forced if we compare to Tarja:
Nightwish - Dark Chest Of Wonders

The setlist from those first times was quite different from these last ones
***Pre-Anette songs
Missed/changed in the last show

1. Bye Bye Beautiful
2. Cadence Of Her Last Breath
3. Dark Chest Of Wonders
***4. Ever Dream
***5. Come Cover Me
6. Amaranth
***7. Sacrament Of Wilderness
8. The Islander
9. The Poet And The Pendulum
***10. She Is My Sin
11. Sahara
***12. Sleeping Sun
***13. Slaying The Dreamer

***14. Nemo
15. Eva
***16. Wishmaster
***17. Wish I Had An Angel

Taken from the first show with Anette (Tallinn 26.09.2007)

So the conclusion is quite clear, they were changing mostly old songs like wishmaster, sleeping sun or sacrament of wilderness, which Anette had to force too much her voice, wasting them and making them sound really worst. They realized of that, and changed almost half songs of those first setlists for making a better show.
It has some good points like the show we saw in Porto was quite good, not too much sang out of tune those Tarja's period songs (cause they had chosen not very complicated songs for Anette's voice), but it has also a quite bad point, like we are losing the best Nightwish songs, those first ones (under my point of view).

The rest of the band were excellent, overall Marco Hietala, who wears presence, voice and attitude like no other bassist-singer. Everyone of the band has remarkable personality, the always-smiling and funny Emppu, the almost-spiritual Tuomas, and Jukka with his own and personal way of playing drums... but Marco is an institution. Just in one word: powerful.

Lots of sampling, necessary for their music, but it makes the show a bit artificial, not so fresh. But in the good side, I have to say that sampling sounded very ok mixed with the music in live. Anyway we cannot think that they would come with an orchestra of 50 people with them.
I recall it sounded strange when I was there, but the refrain of Ever Dream is sooo awfully sang when I watched the video we recorded!!
Just look it from 1:08 min. and going on...
Nightwish - Ever Dream

Nightwish - The Siren

About the show itself.. I was told they left the fireworks cause it was dangerous in a place like the Coliseu, but anyway they have a very nice light sight show, and I suppose it would be great to see those fires and so on.. but it was ok.

Another difference between Anette and Tarja (apart from voice) is that she shows much closer to public than the other "diva". Tarja seemed sometimes to be in other world, and the interaction seemed sometimes not very natural. Well, Anette talked with us and so on, I don't know, like some people said to me "it is for emphasize the difference between old one and new one", "she hasn't the same voice, but at least she can communicate and not changing clothes every few minutes and resting" (I guess, the reason in last shows with Tarja, Nightwish started to make cover songs where Marco was the only singer, like that Symphony of Destruction (Megadeth) or Wild Child (WASP)).
Anyway Marco is powerful :P
Well, right now, they don't do those cover songs, but Anette can also rest cause Nightwish are playing already 2 songs made by them like While Your Lips Are Still Red and The Islander, where she can rest.
By the way, though I like a lot that song, The Islander, it sounded quite empty in the concert. The lack of bagpipes and flute made it a bit tasteless.. even Anette, who was making some choir in the original left to the backstage :(
So here you have a prove of the interaction with people. But, I really expected something more, like Rob Halford used to do or .. I don't know... just saying when she ended, our face was like... "uh?? what? just that? pfff.. "
I think she could avoid making that short poor "demonstration of voice"...
Nightwish - Anette talking

Really lots of people in the concert, but I have to say that all around us were persons between 15 and 20 years old, maybe the public Nightwish was searching with that change of singer and change of bit more commercial style.
But anyway, public in Portugal is great! And it really made a better show, all were singing and jumping, the ambient was excellent, much better than what I used to see here in Galicia, where people are quite dull and seems almost boring in concerts... though afterwards "the show was great!!yeah!!" (...) and "everyone lives one concert on his own way" like someone replied me... well ok... so behaving like this, you will have lots of concerts near home, trust me ;)
Nightwish - Nemo

I think the most acclaimed songs for fans where the single Amaranth, Nemo, Wish I Had an Angel and the first one Bye bye Beautiful.

So summing up;
- A really worth concert, Anette fails with the old songs, which every concert are less and less (when they release a new album, I guess there will be just 3 or 4 of the Tarja's period), but she keeps very well singing the new ones. She also makes Nightwish closer to the fans, talking and so on. There is a good evolution after those first concerts.
- Marco is powerful hehe
- The sound of the place, amazing, one of the best I've ever seen, maybe the best. Finally I got to go to one concert with high volume and not having after that whistle in my ears for days..
Sound technicians in Galicia.. please leave your jobs.. my hearing ability would thank that ;)
- Public, amazing. Now I understand why there are so many concerts and festivals in Portugal.
- The setlist: bad. I'd like more old songs, and anyway, I didn't like the choosing of the new ones, those 2 ballads sang by Marco and some songs at half-tempo like Sahara or The Siren made the concert sometimes a bit slow (hopefully they forgot Eva).
- The concert of Pain and Nightwish was too short!! 40 min. for Pain (I enjoyed a lot their too short show) and 1:30 for Nightwish is not that much! and here I think Nightwish skipped playing some songs they were playing in Madrid and Barcelona, like Come Cover Me or The Last of the Wilds.

Setlist (not sure about the song order, but they are all)
Bye Bye Beautiful

Dark Chest Of Wonders
Whoever Brings The Night

Ever Dream
The Siren
While Your Lips Are Still Red
The Poet and The Pendulum

The Islander
Dead To The World
Wish I Had An Angel

jueves, abril 17, 2008

Coming nextly.. Nightwish & Pain :P

Tomorrow is the day!
Nightwish + Pain in Porto
Let's see how Anette is doing :P

Pain - Zombie Slam (2007)

There's something coming crawling
'Round the corner of your mind
Oh... your funeral has just begun
Buried alive, it will be over in no time
The date is set for tonight
VIP at the dead man's ball

Come and die with the zombies in the moonlight
They become alive when you die, you cannot fool them
You got to slam with the dead and let it go now
See a thousand hallowed eyes stare into the night

The sun goes down and the dead head minds,
They start to resurrect
Under the velvet sky and thirsty for your flesh
Steals your soul and you will lose control
And turns your tears into dust
You're fool that will never learn
Play with fire and you will get your fingers burned

Come and die with the zombies in the moonlight
They become alive when you die, you cannot fool them
You got to slam with the dead and let it go now
See a thousand hallowed eyes stare into the night

It's getting dark so prepare to die
They're coming after you
It's getting dark and you can't get away
They're coming after you

Come and die with the zombies in the moonlight
They become alive when you die, you cannot fool them
You got to slam with the dead and let it go now
See a thousand hallowed eyes stare into the night

Nightwish - The Islander (2007)

An old man by a seashore
At the end of day
Gazes the horizon
With seawinds in his face
Tempest-tossed island
Seasons all the same
Anchorage unpainted
And a ship without a name

Sea without a shore for the banished one unheard
He lightens the beacon, light at the end of world
Showing the way lighting hope in their hearts
The ones on their travels homeward from afar

This is for long-forgotten
Light at the end of the world
Horizon crying
The tears he left behind long ago

The albatross is flying
Making him daydream
The time before he became
One of the world's unseen
Princess in the tower
Children in the fields
Life gave him it all:
An island of the universe

Now his love's a memory
A ghost in the og
He sets the sails one last time
Saying farewell to the world
Anchor to the water
Seabed far below
Grass still in his feet
Snd a smile beneath his brow

This is for long-forgotten
Light at the end of the world
Horizon crying
The tears he left behind so long ago

miércoles, abril 16, 2008

As traduccións da gallega non che son coma peneirar, meu I

Os demáis volúmenes

Fai tempo recibira un mail que relataba traduccións libres en pelis na gallega, acordeime fai pouco falando con algun amigo e decidín xuntalo con outro que tiña desde fai tempo e algunha cousiña que se me quedara grabada XDD

Diálogos memorables cortesía da TVG

"Podo cheirar a tua crica dende eiqui" Dice un preso a Jodie Foster cando entra por primeira vez a ver al Hannibal Lecter en "El silencio de los corderos", non me acordo da traducción que se lle fixera a este título... "o silencio dos años"? :)

"¿Estás bébeda Sue Elen?" Frase para a posterioridad en Dallas.

"¿Cómo?¿Fodiches nela?" O colega a Michael Douglas en Instinto Básico.

"Ti ves unha perrecha e poste tolo" O colega a Michael Douglas en Instinto Básico.

"Mete o facho no cú, mono da merda" Charlton Heston a un simio en O planeta dos simios.

"Escomezamos a mañá cunha tonada de Ana Kiro" Charlie Sheen en Hot Shots 2 a punto de caer inconsciente por un golpe na cabeza.

"A rañala, raparigo" O mítico "Sayonara Baby" de Terminator.

"Para vencer a Austin Powers témoslle que lle roubar o seu...mollo". O Doutor Maligno, xunto co seu Minieu, conspirando para roubarlle o mollo a Austin Powers.

"Vou facerme medieval co teu cú" Frase inolvidable de Pulp Fiction.

"¡ACURRALADO!": Grito-título ó comenzo de "Acorralado" (a de Sylvester Stallone).

"¡Hey ti!, ¿estás a foder na miña irmá?": Pregunta que lle fai o irmán da novia de Rocky a Sylvester Stallone en Rocky 1.

"¡Terma Chiwi, que escorrego!": Han Solo a Chewaka cando o primeiro se resbala pola ala do Halcón Milenario.

"E ti ris. FURABOLOS!!": Han Solo a Chewaka cando Leia lle da calabazas (tradución de "y tu de qué te ries?").

"Acouga Chewie, o forno non esta pra bolos": Han Solo a Chewaka

"Isto non che é coma peneirar, meu!!": Han Solo a Luke cuando éste lle pregunta por qué tarda tanto en entrar no hiperespacio.

"¡Meu día, meu día!!": A un piloto americano péganlle un zambombazo ó avión nunha película sobre a Segunda Guerra Mundial (Tora Tora Tora). A tradución literal/literaria do sinal de socorro Mayday ó gallego non podía ser máis acertada XDD

"Roncalle o carallo" Tony Montana a Many en "O prezo do poder"(quería decir "hay que joderse")

"Perrechas!! perrechas pequenas, perrachas húmidas, perrechas peludas…" Aberto ata o mencer.

"Entras nun urinario público, poste a falar cun moscovita, e cando rematas de abanea-la pirola, amas esa cidade" Sean Connery en “A casa Rusia" XDD

" Bueno, non empecemos a chuparnos as pirolas" Harvey Keitel en Pulp Fiction. Peli que recomendo encarecidamente ver en gallego. Impagable tamén o momento de Bruce Willis "Cago na cona! Cago na cona! Cago na cona!!!"

"¿Gustaríache comerme a perrecha?" Juliette Lewis a Tarantino nunha escena de Aberto ata o mencer.

"És un pimpín Son Goku" frase de Vexeta... Ah! qué tempos! ou tamén "Voute esnaquizar verme noxento" dalgún malo en Dragon Ball.

"Cacho trapalleiro": Harry Potter e a pedra filosofal

"Poñame media de callos!" en Hot Shots, un personaxe que desvaría logo dun accidente.

"¡¡Pensei que ía pras patacas!!". Sylvester Stallone a Sandra Bullock en Demolition man (O demoledor) cando ten un accidente nun coche e pensa que se mataba.

"ESCORRENTADA!!!!!!!" nunha de vaqueiros, en castellano "ESTAMPIDAAAA!!!!!"

"Ti es parvo rapaz. Ou é que che chove no tellado, paspán?" en "El último dragón" (non me acordo da tradución ó gallego), en castellano: ¿tu eres tonto, qué es lo que haces imbécil??

"Fillo do porco, marrán seguro". Sean Penn consigue unha énfase inédita no equivalente de : "de tal palo, tal astilla" en Mystic River.

"Luke, non poñas o carro diante dos bois". Yoda a Luke SkyWalker en El Imperio Contraataca. Quén non sabe este refrán interestelar?

Burt Lancaster e outro mais, nunha pelicula de piratas ian xuntos cantando "levamos unha borracheeeeira, de viño, que auga non bebo, mira, mira maruxiña mira, mira como veeeeño"

"Francamente querida, impórtacheme un carallo": Rhett Butler a Scarlett O'Hara, ó despedirse dela en "Lo que el viento se llevó", tradución de "Francamente querida eso non me importa".

Buscando buscando, atopeime con que alguén dice que na gallega traduciron a peli gigoló na publicidade coma "o home puta"!!! (desto non teño plena certeza)

Recomendo sobre todo ver co doblaxe da galega estas 3: Pulp Fiction, Aberto ata o mencer e Jeepers Creepers (número de tacos por minuto asombroso, e mellor ainda, deses tacos en gallego dos que molan XDD). Demolition Man non desmerece tampouco. Había algunha máis, pero xa non recordo. De verdade, non ten desperdicio.
Outras que podemos ver a miúdo, e que personalmente eu aprendín gracias á TVG :P
"es un malencarado"
"non tal?
e moooooitas mais XDD
Non sei, pero sempre me fixo especial gracia a obsesión que os da gallega teñen cos callos XDD... en Harry Potter lembro outra tradución que era algo así como "grageas de sabor a vómito" e traduciano coma con "sabor a callos" XDD
E logo aparte que os insultos sonan moito mais fortes en gallego... ou mo parece ou realmente tradúcenos máis forte, pero a min faime moita gracia... tanta que pelis coma Jeeper Screepers, que posiblemente deixaría á metade se a vira en castellano, na TVG veríaa cantas veces puidera hehe.
A ver si próximamente poñen/vexo algunha peli máis e fíxome para renovar este post con máis frases. Son a monda XDDD
O ano da carracha (El año de la garrapata)

Con baixo volumen, qué pena! :(

martes, abril 15, 2008

Russian drunk

Cal iría peor? os do anterior post ou o deste?

Hai que ter moito ... pa facer esto.. e ser un pouco parvo tamén

sábado, abril 12, 2008

Lithuanian Umbrella

No words, just watch until the end ;)
A ver cando organizamos unha festa asi, eh? XDD

jueves, abril 10, 2008

Concert of Draconian, Fallen Sentinel and Tears Of Martyr (April 5th 2008, Madrid)

I was training all week for getting some sleep before going to the concert of Draconian to Madrid. It would be a long long trip of 8 hours and we would go from here at 6 AM...
Anyway, the day arrived and I couldnt sleep more than 2 hours :(
The trip was organized by the supporters of Draconian, a band from Vigo called Fallen Sentinel, a great band which I am glad I am friend of some of the members.

6:30 AM Saturday
The bus picked us up.
Sleepy face but excited about the trip we were going to make, my brother, Thomas (an erasmus guy in Vigo from France) and me joined the rest of the people.
Thomas was in the bus stop already 2 hours before the bus came hehe, he decided not to sleep and to come directly from going out (the day before was that university party I wrote about in the last post). Brave guy!! XD
We got off few times for resting and eating along the way to Madrid. Quite normal having a trip of 8 hours... But anyway the coming to Madrid wasnt that heavy as I could expect... maybe the excitement of reaching the destiny :P

4:00 PM +- Saturday

Arriving to Madrid.
After spinning around some streets searching the place of the concert, we finally got off in "Sala Ritmo y Compás", the place of the event and helped Fallen Sentinel to carry their stuff into the pub and later we found out some place for having the lunch.

I guess seeing lots of people dressed in black coming to the restaurant was shocking for the people who were attending there XDD
By the way, quite expensive place, Madrid, for eating, and not very good quality (it's normal for us.. we are coming from one place that we have very good food stuff :P)
We wanted to have a walk around the city, but it seemed things are really far in Madrid and we had to take the subway. We didnt have so much time as we would like, so the decision was to stay near and to have some drinks before the event.

8:30 PM Saturday
The theorycal starting of the concert.
This is like always.. just a theory hehe. We reached there but we waited 30 min. more for the show of the first band.

Tears Of Martyr
This is a band from Canarias Islands, but settle down in Madrid. They are playing Gothic Doom Metal, not bad at all. People were quite quiet at the beginning but little by little they started to support them.
The typical couple growling-male / soprano heavenly-female (After Forever, Theatre of Tragedy... and many bands of gothic doom in the last years) and very well composed songs, with quite nice rythm changes, but I found a bit the lack of originality. Anyway it is what they do, and they do it correctly.
The female singer has a really powerful voice and she can reach very high notes, but under my sight it wouldn't be bad if she sang lower sometimes. So high-pitched voice melodies made me a bit tired.
Another thing was that it would be much better if they didnt use so much sampling. It gave the sensation of not completely fresh music.
Tears of Martyr

It was surprising the style of the members of Tears of Martyr refering to clothes.
The singer, a typical gothic style, with metal, small chains and black-gothic dress.
The male voice and guitar, black raincoat and transparent fishnet shirt, quite gothic style as well.
The bass guitar seemed a viking metal warrior, with that chainmail and the general looking.
And the drummer seemed to be taken from some 80's B-serie science fiction movie of a futuristic apocalyptic story XD

Good starting for the concert.

Fallen Sentinel
The band of Gothic Progresive Black Metal.. or Dark Progresive Gothic.. (I dont know how to call their style XD) did an excelent show.

Though some people told after they didnt listen the keyboards of one of the girls, from our place we could listen quite well all instruments, knowing that it's quite difficult to get a perfect sound with 2 keyboards, 2 voices, 2 guitars, 1 bass and 1 drum.
So I think this was one of the best times I have seen them in live. The show was not very long.. just 45 min. but ok, they werent the main band. The right time.
All the fans we came from Galicia made a lot of noise and support them like I havent seen before in Galicia. In fact I guess (and heard) people from Madrid were quite surprised all we were cheering them up so strongly. Some were annoyed (maybe envy?, I was told people from the capital were quite silent and dull in concerts) because we "didnt allow them to listen the music" (of course absolutly exagerated) and others were telling "oh concerts in Galicia must be great" (I really would like all were like this one).
It was also nice that we spread our enthusiasm to the rest of the people, who realized that they were attending to a worth band and joined cheering up, making a total awesome ambient.

One funny anecdote about this matter was when the concert was finished and I was greeting the guitar player from Tears of Martyr. He told me something like "hey we have to go to Galicia to play!!" hehe... At first I didnt realize, but later I recalled the great atmosphere of public shouting, chanting and supporting :) of course they would like to have a public like that.. wouldn't like you that???

So good sound, proffesionalism and great songs. They are really a good band, and I tell this, not thinking that they are my friends, I was fan of them even before of meeting them in person.
My neck is still hurting since last saturday, as many of the people who were cheering Fallen up ouchs :P
Great people, great band.
Fallen Sentinel - A Part of the Show

The swedish Doom Gothic Metal band came after a long waiting, introducing the new album from this year "Turning Season Within". They took a lot of time to prove all was ok and even they put a curtain in front of us for keeping the secret of the "making of" XDD
Well, if they wanted like that.. I guess it's ok..
It was surprising when I checked their website just before the concert. They did so so few concerts before!! And this was a bad starting point, I guess, the lack of experience over a scenary. But I have to say they did also a great show. Not very talkative, not moving a lot, and not very communicative with public (well, I know this is Doom, they wouldn't be so happy XDD), but still... we were doing some headbanging from time to time with parts of some songs, like "daylight misery" or "seasons apart".. but the culminating moment of the show was the great, the amazing "the cry of silence", almost 13 minutes of pure melancholy, pure feeling. Awesome to see that in live. The concert was great itself, but after that song.. I dont care anymore about possible faults of sound or the booze of the singer (I didnt realize about it, sincerely, but people there told he was "a bit drunk").
That song made the concert of Draconian big help to consider it an absolutly worth concert.
The bad point was the last song which made us a bit bored, too depressive for being a last shot. They should end the concert with something harder, like "silent winter" that they forgot in the setlist!! noooo!!!
Anyway great concert of the 3 bands, and worth effort coming to Madrid to watch this show.
Draconian - The Cry of Silence

Draconian - Earthbound

01 When I wake
02 Bloodflower
03 Heaven laid in tears
04 She dies
05 The cry of silence
06 Seasons apart
07 Earthbound
08 Daylight misery
09 Morphine cloud
10 Not breathing
11 Death, come near me

The singer with red nose.. and of course the drink near him :P

2:00 AM Sunday
End of the concert.
It was supposed we would have a saturday night metal fever in some place.. but most of us were really tired and the only thing we would like to do was to eat something and rest. So that's what we did.

3:30 AM Sunday
Back to Vigo.
It was reaaaaally a long day, and we just went into the bus and rest until our coming to Vigo.. so another 8 hours by bus.. and..

12:00 AM Sunday
Reaching Vigo.
After that.. bed.. food.. shower.. all together please!! XDD
One pic in front of the bus... and everyone back home..
It was a great trip, a great experience and with great people.
I would like to thank and greet everyone from the band, and from the bus, it was great to share with you this adventure, and I would like to repeat it some time more, even sleeping few.. eating so so and finishing dead tired hehe :P
Thanks to all.
See you next time!