miércoles, diciembre 15, 2010

Surprises 2010: Thulcandra

Band: Thulcandra
Album: Fallen Angel’s Dominion (first album)
Genre: Black-Death Metal
Country: Germany

Dissection was a big influence for many black-death metal bands, and probably without Dissection, Thulcandra would never exist. They take the legacy of the timeless band of Jon Nödtveidt just after their masterpiece "Storm of the light's bane". So "Fallen Angel's Dominion" could be a worth continuation for those Dissection, Thulcandra even tried to sound just like them, riffs are very similar and even some are almost ripped off from Dissection, song structures are the same, the intro, the names of the songs... even the cover is made by Kristian Wåhlin, who also worked for Dissection among others, of course, blue coloured, as "The somberlain" and "Storm..".
And the cover song... of course.. you guessed well.
For all the fans of the mentioned band, it's worth checking, it's an honorable tribute to one of the greatest black metal bands of all times.

1. In The Realm Of Thousand Deaths 01:30
2. Night Eternal 07:29
3. Fallen Angel's Dominion 04:57
4. Frozen Kingdom 06:20
5. Everlasting Fire 05:05
6. Spirit Of The Night 06:45
7. Legions Of Darkness 05:15
8. In Silence We Eternally Sleep 01:11
9. The Somberlain (Dissection cover) 07:07

Total playing time 45:39



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