martes, enero 26, 2010

Surprises 2009: Onheil - Razor

Band: Onheil
Album: Razor (first album)
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Country: Netherlands

It is march 2007 when “The New Onheil” arises. Formed by the fusion between “The Old Onheil”, a well known band in the Benelux underground with 1 MCD, and Martyr, a melodic Black Metal band, having released 2 albums on American recordlabels.This new line-up has 3 guitarists and 2 lead vocalist giving them more possibillities to expand their own unique Blackened Metal sound.
The return started with some great live-shows, including opening for Norwegian Black Metal cult-band Mayhem and a show with Polish Death Metal Legends Vader. In the end of october of that same year Onheil released a new song, “As Hope Dies”, available on mp3 and as a self-made videoclip. This videoclip got a lot of attention on the internet making the song a small underground “hit”.
In february/march 2008 a promoCD was recorded and send to a small list of suitable recordlabels. Several labels showed their interest after receiving the promoCD and in the end Cyclone Empire from Germany was chosen to work with for their next album.
In July Onheil played at the the highly acclaimed open air festival Stonehenge with internationally known bands such as Entombed, Belphegor, Sadist and Burden Of Grief. Later that year Onheil started working on their album “Razor”.
“Razor” as finished march 2009 and released the 15nd of may. The album is officially presented to the world the 7th of June in Baroeg, Rotterdam(NL), when playing a show with Rotting Christ from Greece.

In spite of carrying the flame of black metal for more than 10 years in the underground, Onheil releases their first album on 2009 and it was one of my favourite personal surprises. Razor is not a truly original album of black metal, but it has great riffs and melodies that can remind us to other bands like Naglfar, but I'd say the dutch band made a better album than the last ones of Naglfar. Good vocals, great melodies, fantastic blast-beat moments and good production. If you like black/melodic black.. what else could you ask for?

1. Out Of The Darkness It Comes 01:13
2. Nemesis Light Fading / 04:08
3. As Hope Dies / 04:48
4. Final Redemption / 04:39
5. Day Of Departure / 03:58
6. Razor / 06:56
7. The Fallen Kingdom / 03:19
8. Pad Der Verdoemenis / 03:28
9. Penetration Of Innocence / 05:02
10. Rain Of Fire / 04:42
11. From Above / 04:42

Total playing time - 47:00

The link provided serves just as promotional source. The aim is letting know rookie, new or unknown bands with few resources that try to expand their music. Buy the originals if you like them! Help good bands to grow!

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Facebook fails

Best one!(click over):

And the rest, taken from several sources (you can click over them as well to see them bigger):

miércoles, enero 13, 2010

Onde non chegue un galego...

Un homiño da terra gana un concurso televisivo xaponés cantando nin máis nin menos que a intro de "As bolas máxicas". Poucos serían os nacidos nos 80 que algunha vez non cantaron ou cando menos tararearon unha das series anime que máis influencia tivo entre os novos do Xabarín Club, e incluso pre-Xabarín, que eu acórdome de ser asiduo a SonGoku antes de que o club ese entrara na TVG. Pois este rapaz vigués, que parece ser que automáticamente se convirte nun icono entre os fans de anime españois, foi o gañador do concurso xaponés que sae no video, o cal parece un desvarío de colores, flashes e subtitulos cun formato moi... xaponés (non teño adxectivos para esa forma de facer tv) bastante diferente ós programas nacionales...

lunes, enero 11, 2010

Keep Of Kalessin - Dragon Tower

E esta será a canción que Keep of Kalessin fixo para a preselección noruega de Eurovisión. Un chisco máis accesible que o seu traballo previo, sen ningún tipo de furia nin rastro de black metal salvo pola voz rasgada, pero a min gustoume, que queredes que vos diga! Outra cousa é que sexa unha canción válida para a xente que leva esa patraña de "concurso"...
A alguén lle recorda a outra canción? Eu creo que hai outra que ten o estribillo parecido pero non sei de qué grupo..