viernes, octubre 19, 2007

Tarja vs Anette

The new singer of nightwish... bad? good? different? hmm hard to say... My personal oppinion is that she is really good, and her voice suits with the new songs quite well, but she is not Tarja... and I like more the old songs with Tarja, as I already said.
I will put one game for comparing... this is the same song "She is my sin". I took 2 videos of each one of the singers, different concerts, and i tried to choose one concert of Nightwish that i think it's not post-arranged sound.
Let's compare :)
Oh, also people who doesn't like this music can say something, what is better for you? Try to not to tell me in the messenger, so putting something in the comments (just down of the post). Hmm i think spanish people won't say anything because of the english.. but ok...

With Tarja

And one more with really bad sound as the ones of Anette

With Anette

Anyway, both are better than Floor Jansen (After Forever), I think.

I just found one example that verifies my thinking about the old songs when Anette is singing... Wishmaster ... really bad sang by her.

And this is the version of Tarja, I could choose one better quality video, but I don't want people say this is better quality than other.. or re-arranged sound... So both in equality of conditions. Another thing.. the movements of Tarja.. she improved a bit this in the last years when the band started to be really successful, but they are quite ... how to say?... hmm a bit "fake", but I don't like at all the movements of Anette... she seems a popstar.. :