sábado, febrero 20, 2010

Surprises 2009: Black Sun Aeon - Darkness Walks Beside Me

: Black Sun Aeon
Album: Darkness Walks Beside Me (first album)
Genre: Melodic Doom-Death-Gothic Metal
Country: Finland

Black Sun Aeon was born in the beginning of 2008 to reflect more darker personal side of the founder and sole member Tuomas Saukkonen (Before The Dawn, Dawn Of Solace, The Final Harvest).
Even after 2 written and produced album in 2008 (Before The Dawn "Soundscape Of Silence", The Final Harvest "The End") there was something stirring beneath the surface and from that abyss rised the BLACK SUN AEON debut album "DARKNESS WALKS BESIDE ME".
Beside the solo nature of the band a session live line-up is already gathered amongst the few and honoured that are giving their voice to the album as guest vocalists:
- Tomi Koivusaari / Amorphis
- Ville Sorvali / Moonsorrow
- Mynni Luukkainen / Sotajumala
- Mikko Heikkilä / Sinamore

I can't explain to myself what happens in Finland. There is such a big amount of bands, and so good bands, side-projects, great and creative minds with just 5 million people living there...
Black Sun Aeon is one of those projects that comes from the dark side of Tuomas Saukkonen. They play a deep and emotional death-doom that can recall to his other band Before the Dawn. The first we can notice is the Great production. Last years one release from a Suomi band automatically means perfect sound. I have heard even some demo of rookie bands that could sound even better than CDs released by any other band with a contract in a decent records company.
In the vein of the "finnish feeling", music and melodies are mainly melancholic and guitars sound deep and powerful. The mid-tempo is dominating the album, and keyboards are joining just in an atmospheric way, creating a perfect ambient for lonely moments in the dark of the night. As you can notice by the name of the songs, the album is divided in parts of a whole one concept of melancholy and inner darkness.
The last song, 'Chapter IX: A Song for the One Who Passed Away 4.9.2008' is dedicated to a friend of Saukkonen's who passed away.


1. Chapter 1: A Song for the Introduction / 01:24
2. Chapter 2: A Song for My Wrath / 04:56
3. Chapter 3: A Song for My Demise / 05:58
4. Chapter 4: A Song for My Sorrow / 06:01
5. Chapter 5: A Song for My Weakness / 04:47
6. Chapter 6: A Song for This Winter / 05:39
7. Chapter 7: A Song for My Illness / 04:46
8. Chapter 8: A Song for My Funeral / 06:17
9. Chapter 9: A Song for the One Who Passed Away 4.9.2008 / 04:13

Total playing time 44:01


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