martes, diciembre 02, 2008

Alexi and Janne

Quite funny things that I just found in internet about the 2 Children of Bodom heads.
I didnt know there were rumours about this, and being sincere.. I dont believe that.. dont ask me why.. I just dont believe... well ok.. now I have some doubts XD after seeing the following videos...
What am I talking about?
Just have a look at those videos .. and tell me if you dont see a "special good feeling" between Wirman and Laiho :)
I guess the day Alexi Laiho tells he is gay.. I can see thousands of girls trying to suicide XD

"Sometimes we get so intense by the medium of heavy metal music, that we have known even to have exchanged a little kiss during a solo." (Warman)


Pics like these are indeed a bit disturbing :D

Nah! I guess too drunk to remember those moments, so I wouldnt fear anything if I were you girls ;)