lunes, abril 07, 2008

San Pepe 2008, "universitary party"

Last friday 4th April we had a party in the university of Vigo. It was the party of the Engineering Faculty, named San Pepe.
I am sorry that I didnt make a post talking about my univ. before, but now you can see a bit of it with pics.
We are kind far from civilization, around 10-15 km far from the city of Vigo. So, the only way to reach there is taking public transport (bus) or by car. It is situated in the top of a mountain and it has a really own climate: if it is warm down in the city, there it's possible to have a burning temperature, if it is cloudy in the city, maybe it is damn cold up there. Sometimes we can find a terrible fog there and down it's ok, or maybe down with sun and there with rain... strange microclimate XDD
Well, on friday it was quite warm down, and in the CUVI (name of the place where university of Vigo is) it was damn hot.
So I went up there at 15:00, though the party is starting at 10:00 or 11:00 with the first people sitting in the square and start drinking ("botellón" called in Spain).
I was really about to not to go. There are few interesting things for me to see there, just get drunk or watching some bad concerts (which few people care after some alcohol). The most interesting would be to meet people and friends, but every year less and less. I will explain this later.

So "San Pepe" is maybe the second biggest party in university here (the first one, "San Teleco", already was some months ago, I just went 1 hour to that and back home).
So finally I went and joining me in the bus, lots of teenagers with their bottles of coffee liquor, kalimotxo (cola with wine) or big cans of beer. And this is the main reason of my apathy about this party, and other big universitary parties.

It is becoming since around 5 years ago just a party of drinking and a party where teenagers from high schools in Vigo decide to skip classes for one day and getting drunk "like universitary students". Every year I am watching the complete decadence of these parties, most of my faculty friends and partners are deciding to stay at home that day.
After some hours of bad concerts (bad sound and bad rookie bands generally, this time they were) people there (mostly 15-16-17-18 years old with few selfcontrol) start to be heavy drunk, stoned or whatever, ambulances start to appear, little quarrels, people falling between all the rubble and trash or puking in some corner, throwing glasses to the ground or destroying some public stuff ... cleaning workers have reeeeally a lot of work the next day XDD

In my faculty of economics, since 3 years ago, they are hiring security men for keeping safe the building (some years ago people came with drinks and maybe throwing glasses to the ground or stealing some metal sign, it was the starting of the decadence, the coming of crowds of teenagers and non-universitary guys). In fact, just in my trip to Madrid to the concert I will comment nextly, there was one girl behind me who was talking about the party of San Pepe and that she was really drunk and carrying some direction sign from some faculty... of course she wasnt university student, I think she was too young, and she didnt care too much about our installations, like many of the people who attend since time ago to this "universitary party"... well, I was shutting up, but I really dont like this kind of unmature behaviour, and specially when you are seeing when part of the money you pay to study is going to be wasted in damages of stupid drunk people... when it would be much better whether it was spent in the lots of lacks of the "Universidade de Vigo"...
I remember when it was celebrated years ago, and there were not so many teenagers, and consequently less uncontrolled drunk, less damages, and the atmosphere much better. There were even university students who came from other universities of Galicia to Vigo, but not very many right now.

So this is my opinion about these parties... maybe for first or second academic year students and erasmus people would be interesting, but for us it is not anymore.
It was a party of students, and it became a party where 15-year old and people out of university environment can get drunk and smoke some weed at the light of the day far from parents and police. And believe me I am so sorry to say that.
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