martes, febrero 10, 2009

Surprises 2008: Faithful Darkness - In Shadows Lies Utopia

Faithful Darkness is a swedish band that combines several styles into the metal. From Gothenburg melodic death, through thrash metal to typical power metal choruses and melodies. Lots of bands are trying with those mixes like Faithful Darkness and most of them end ruining everything or being too clones between themselves.
Faithful Darkness has the touch of every one of those genres but they managed to create a good, catchy and varied debut album. Higher than the average for sure.

1.Stay Awake03:52
2.Pure Silence04:43
3.Dispeled Dreams03:40
4.Fast I Fall03:54
5.Human Torch03:04
6.Bound To Illusions03:54
9.In Shadows Lies Utiopa04:14
11.Fields Of Yesterday02:56

Faithful Darkness - Bound To Illusions

Rapidshare: Faithful Darkness - In Shadows Lies Utopia