jueves, julio 10, 2008

Livin' in New Bridge :)

A Pontenova (New Bridge in galician) is the town where I am staying meanwhile I work in Riotorto. It's 10 min. by car far from the office in the other town and it's a bigger village than Riotorto, but still small. You can figure out how big it is having a look at the bird's eye view. The flat I am renting is situated more or less in the middle of the pic.
This is a place of beautiful valleys and lots of mountains and green all around.

This is maybe the most important "monument" of this town. It seems these blast furnaces (I had to search in the dictionary for these words that I didn't know (altos hornos)) are the beginning of A Pontenova when just 100 years ago iron mines were built and people started to work here. There are lots of corridors and tunnels where railways were operating under the earth and I read that they want to restore part of the old tunnel mine map to make a touristic route under earth. Sounds really cool :)

This is the sight from my window. Sorry for the pic, but I dont have a cam with me, so I had to take it with the computer.
Well, life here is a bit boring and I feel alone most of the time I am living here, though it has great landscapes and so on but I miss some human contact hehe. I dont see too many people in the street and mostly they are quite older than me. Anyway, I leave every weekend to my home and between the week I just go to work and back home... home .. and work... so actually not too much time to meet people. Thanks my neighbour gave me a bit of his internet :) otherwise I wouldnt know what to do but read, walk or playing guitar :/