jueves, febrero 25, 2010

Surprises 2009: Elenium - Eccentric Soul's Anatomy

Band: Elenium
Album: Eccentric Soul's Anatomy (first album)
Genre: Symphonic Death Metal
Country: Poland

Elenium's music is the mixation of various styles. Not only connected with metal music but the most important elements of their work are guitar constructions connected with keyboard background. In fact, the strongest side of Elenium is their opennes to the variety of sounds, what fruits surprising solutions of their work.

Elenium, not the band from Finland but from Poland, started already 10 years ago as a project of Martyr (guitar, vox) and Kacper (keys) releasing their first demo "Martyria" in 2001. After many line-up changes, they just released their first album, and only Martyr remained since they formed the band. I must admit that this album was stucked here for a long time while I was listening most of the other music stuff I had. Probably it's because first minutes of "Eccentric Soul's Anatomy" are difficult to class, or maybe cause I had found some interesting things that would demand my whole attention for later. Few time ago I played again this album and I got quite surprised about the mix. It's not that they are creating a whole new style through mixing different genres... but they have very different songs, in some you can recognize an average technical death metal, others have a kind of psychedelic touch, others jazzistic piano background, others are proper heirs from the Therion' some years ago sound, with catchy operatical choruses and fine rythm changes. My conclusion is that it is a varied yet imprecise and irregular work. Anyway, it was great to listen to fresh new and awesome ideas though they were a bit messy at first sight.
I will wait with high hopes their next album.


1. Aeoneurosis / 02:11
2. Contemplation / 04:17
3. Martyria / 04:17
4. Internal Whiteness / 05:30
5. Towards Dismal Ecstasy / 04:42
6. Anxietranquillity.Error /06:49
7. Mediterranean Past / 05:20
8. Psychotic Entrails / 06:48
9. Via Puritiva / 05:53
10. Impeccable Rain / 02:01

Total playing time 47:48


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