martes, octubre 28, 2008

Tapas night

Last thursday I went with Mark, the student from Estonia to have some drink and tapas in some place. I know some few places for tapas in Vigo, but they are very few... and when it's weekend or near weekend these few places are completely full of people.
Definitely Vigo is the worst place in Galicia for going out to have some wine with tapas.
Mark came with some friends and we went to the main place erasmus students used to gather last year, called Orensano. It was surprisingly full, and we couldnt almost to step inside :S, so we decided to change to another one... Brasil. It was also full but we decided to wait a bit, because we already walked a lot and we couldn't say certainty other place wouldn't be full.
Finally we got a table and asked for some food (tapas should be usually free, but we decided to taste different things and it was the fastest way)...

Churrasco and zorza (different ways of pork, quite typical from Galicia)

Calamares (squids) (like Kracken but smaller XDD)

(Remains of) pulpo (octopus)

Of course finishing with Coffe Liquor! (or Crema de orujo -if you like Baileys you would like it-)

And afterwards the same of every party night... Botellón XDD (yes, here it is allowed to drink in the street, almost a tradition) and after that some pub or disco... one typical night of tapas in Galicia XD

lunes, octubre 27, 2008

Fox re-pensa Dragon Ball!!!

Os executivos da Fox, logo de ver as reaccións que a peli oficial de Dragon Ball que están preparando para o 2009 nos foros de internet, levaronse unha desagradable sorpresa ó ver que o seu moi esperado trailer promocional non cumpría as expectativas... vamos... que a xente que non o poñía a parir directamente ríase del dunha forma bastante descarnada. Esto fixo que director James Wong, actores, e demáis equipo fosen reunidos con carácter de certa urxencia coa intención de cambiar o que faiga falta, rodar incluso novas escenas e sacar un trailer promocional con novas imáxenes para contentar ós fans.
Este cambio provocará que a película de Dragon Ball, logo de numerosas veces, se retrase unha máis na fecha do seu estreno...
A verdade é que logo de ver o trailer.. mi madriña querida... eses coches tuning? esa estética de Street Fighter the Movie? ese Piccolo esblancuxao sin antenas? ese Goku con pinta de pampo adolescente norteamericano sin sangre? ese Mutenroi sin concha, sin a querida casa na isla, sin a tortuga que falaba, sin as gafas, sin.. sin NADA de Mutenroi...?

A todo esto, sigue sin convencerme nada que Son Goku empece na high school... qué é o próximo? que se monte un grupo con amiguetes de rock para o baile de fin de curso?
Certamente o peinado de Goku... XD

A este punto eu chégome a pensar... merecerá a pena que se saquen peliculas basadas en Anime que se leven tanta distancia coa historia orixinal.. e sólo copian o nombre e certos recursos dos personaxes?
Akira Toriyama debe estar revolvendose na súa tumba!!
Ah no que ainda non morreu XD bueno, pois cando vexa o que lle fixeron.. removerase na súa cama unhas cantas noites XD
A este paso vai resultar que aquela peli dos 80, Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins vai incluso ser mellor ca esta nova XDDD
Uff qué peli máis chunga!! Ainda me acordo que a vin non fai moito XDDD
Qué bueno hacia o final do video o do cocodrilo que fala, menuda voz lle puxeron..
E tampouco ten precio o que me rio cada vez que vin (ou intentei ver) a peli e sale ó principio as letras Dragon Ball e o fulano como borracho dicindo: Boooola dre dagón, comienza la magia XDDD

sábado, octubre 25, 2008

Fratello Metallo

Priest Cesare Bonizzi, known as Fratello Metallo (Metal Brother in italian) is a 62 year old religious man, before missionary in Ivory Coast, he sings with his band from Milano heavy metal!
He says he became a total fan of Metal music since 15 years ago when he attended to a concert of Metallica. He was so amazed by that music that he founded his own metal band: Fratello Metallo and became a really known person between metalheads in Italy.

Seems he doesnt like to talk about religion or to preach in the music he does, so lyrics are oriented to social issues and problems like alcohol, drugs, sex...
Cesare and his rock-metal band have already participated in important music festivals in Italy and now they are preparing the upcoming tour around the world!

I saw some videos of the priest in concerts or festivals blessing fans of metal and the music.

At Gods of Metal 2006

Eu, logo de oír o disco, podería calificalo como unha mezcla entre Lujuria e Romina e Albano (sin Romina) XDD
Somehow when I saw him, I recalled the doomers Candlemass with Messiah Marcolin:

jueves, octubre 23, 2008

Funny video + cover song compilation

Posts (this post will be refreshed with every new one and I will leave a link on the right of the blog):

01 - Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit) amazing skills at guitar + "Baby one more time" (Britney Spears) covered by Black Ingvars

02 - Bruce Dickinson falling in a concert + "Rasputin" (Boney M) covered by Turisas

03 - Black Metal commercial + "Emerald" (Thin Lizzy) covered by Skyclad

04 - Funny drawing + "It's my life" (Dr. Alban) covered by Boney Nem

05 - Simon & Gardfunkel's "the boxer" by Martes y Trece + "Ridin'" (Chamillionaire) covered by Weird Al Yankovic

06 - Four Hands Guitar + "Ace of Spades" (Motörhead) covered by Hayseed Dixie

07 - Buddhist with.. balls + "Super Mario" and "Tetris" (video game soundtracks) covered by Powerglove

08 - Funny dancing with serbian folk + "Gimme Gimme" (Britney Spears) covered by Machinae Supremacy

09 - Who is the new leader of China? + "Livin' on a Prayer" (Bon Jovi) covered by Sungha Jung and Gigatrón and Eläkeläiset

10 - Ivan Ukhov, proffesional athlete + "Fuel" (Metallica) covered by Avril Lavigne and cover of the cover.

11 - Jackie Chan - Street Fighter + Hips don't lie (Shakira) Danzig version and bizarre-homemade version

12 - Daniël Chesterfield + I wanna rock & We're not gonna take it (Twisted Sister) cover by Nintendo

13 - El Príncipe gitano ("In the guetto" Elvis cover with funny "accent") + "Me so horny" (2 Live Crew) cover by Richard Cheese

14 - Tom & Jerry cover Finntroll + Käppee (Värttinä) cover by Boney Nem

15 - Learn how to dance! Dance good! + Black Betty (Ram Jam) cover by Spiderbait

16 - Batman vs Videogame +
A far l’amore comincia tu (Raffaella Carrá) cover by Tony Holiday and by Tankwart

17 - Korpiklaani muppets +
Mutter, Der Mann Mit Dem Koks Ist Da (Falco) cover by Stahlhammer

18 - The Techno Viking + Apologize (One Republic) cover by All Ends

19 - Nightmares in the dog world + All the things she said (t.A.T.u.) cover by The Berzerker

20 - How to censore a porn video + Walking In the Air (Howard Blake) cover by Nightwish and by Celtic Woman

21 - Old woman vs fancy guy + I Only Wanna Be With You (Dusty Springfield) cover by The Tourists, Samantha Fox and Volbeat

22 - Drunk at the supermarket + Diamonds and Rust (Joan Baez) cover by Judas Priest and Blackmore's Night

miércoles, octubre 22, 2008

Blind Guardian in the sountrack of the pc game Sacred 2

Though I dont use to play anymore to pc games I felt a bit yearning or having good memories about them when I saw Blind Guardian doing the soundtrack for Sacred 2. They did a brand new song, and it's a cool video for the presentation of the game. It was made with the technique of motion capture, so in the clip we can see a digitalized Blind Guardian, with Hansi, Andre and the others in 3D in a "monstruous" concert XD... but better having a look than explaining:
BLIND GUARDIAN - Sacred 2 Fallen Angel trailer!

By the way, I recalled today so much the 2 games I used to play: Warcraft I, II and III and Diablo I and II, that I went to see if they are making a new Diablo (I was told Diablo II was a total success)... and yes! Diablo III is on the way... after hmm 10 years? they are still working in it... and it seems absolutly amazing, maybe my second youth to play again? XDD
Diablo III

lunes, octubre 20, 2008

Still partying

Though I am not anymore in the help of Erasmus in Vigo, I met Mark through one friend in Estonia (finally we had more common friends :) ). He is studying in my faculty as well, but I dont share any subject with him. Last thursday we've been out and I tried to show some different places or drinks, like our famous licor café or drinking cider with melon in porrón XDD
It was nice again to talk about Estonia and recall good things and trying to share as much as I can about my culture. Next time I will try to take him and if others join to a good place for the so traditional spanish tapas.

jueves, octubre 16, 2008

Funny video + cover song 10

Back to all the compilation of FV+CS

Ivan Ukhov, proffesional athlete
Is it possible to be in a competition with some extra vodka and making the best jump ever in high jump?

Another different take

For the cover song, this time I've chosen a cover song of a cover song XDD strange yeh! :D
So, the first original is the cover song of Metallica that Avril Lavigne made of the song "Fuel" in some american awards, I guess MTV or smthing like that.

And the cover song of that one is ... this XDD I think it's made by brazilian or portuguese people because I could listen a "uh que bom!" when the guy is doing the guitar solo XD

martes, octubre 14, 2008

El Reno Renardo

Fai pouco tempo saleu o segundo disco do grupo de rock-metal humorístico El Reno Renardo, "El reino de la cagalera de Bisbal", á altura e case mellor que o seu sucesor.
O disco está en descarga directa na súa páxina
E bueno, decir que é un descojone de principio a fin, pero non sólo eso, senón que saben cómo compoñer e facer bos riffs, moito mellores que a maioría dos grupos españoles que ainda oíndoos 20 veces non acabarían de pegarse as cancións. El Reno Renardo sabe cómo compoñer bos e pegadizos ritmos e ademáis con sátira na cal non se salva ninguén, sexa o pop actual, a SGAE, a política, o Papa, as cancións do verano, as promotoras de rock, ...

A primeira parte do cd está composta de cancións propisas, e a segunda son versións (Accept, Mecano, Mago de Hez digoooo Oz, Jarabe de Palo, Duncan Dhu e Rammstein). Ademáis hai unha peza instrumental, Zapping II, que é para troncharse e ademáis está musicalmente xenial. A destacar tamén o nombre da "outro": "El Punky Perroflauta Que Tocaba La Cancion Del Equipo A Y Fue Ejecutado Por Luke Skywalker" XDDD oír para ver XD
Un par de mostras (eu particularmente mexo de risa con "el bogavante" e crtl+alt+supr das de cosecha propia):
Crecí en los ochenta


domingo, octubre 12, 2008

sábado, octubre 11, 2008

Evelin's amazing drawing skills

Thanks for your advices and being there, thanks for a lot of things and an unbeliavable drawing ;) One day, I'll give you back, and will concrete the deal, now I believe it more than before :)
Aitäh Evelin.

viernes, octubre 10, 2008

Summer'08 summing up

Well, summer ended definitely… and as you realized I was pretty busy all the time + I didn’t have almost any internet. Just the few free time in my job and the culture centre of my hometown. It allowed me to check mail and don’t lose contact completely from the virtual world. So, I will make a little summing up about what I was doing all these last 3 months:

First, I didn’t have any holidays; as you noticed in previous posts, I was working temporarily in a bank. It was pretty interesting, for initiating myself in the world of finances, and more important, in working. I don’t like to talk about politics, but it served also to realize about the critical situation in relation to economy of my country. Since some months ago we have a global crisis, but here it’s pretty complicated. The bubble of the construction business and housing market bonanza exploded and it linked first other related businesses and now it’s a general decline. I couldn’t guess how strongly influenced Europe is to the bank and mortgage's situation in USA, but the labour of the government here, first denying and trying to hide or camouflage somehow bad times coming (when they were in elections they foresee a growing of 2'7% in economy and now it's thought Spain will grow -0'1% in the beginning of the next year), and now with a terrible economic managing makes very raw next times. Hope it will just be one or two years.

Last month we almost havent had any work in the bank. And later, asking some friends, they told me the same in their respective jobs which are not related at all with finantial stuff.

For example, one month ago, the bank I was working in, denied any loan to construction companies or businesses related (builders, plumbers, painters… ) … Right now loans are not given for any kind of business until January’08 for example in there.

Well, it’s a bit difficult to explain how we arrived to this point, but in general I would say (I’m not an expert, so don’t trust me too much XD) there are 3 or 4 general points which are a irremediable explosion of the bubble of construction in this country (in few years this business grew too much, with lots and lots of flats building everywhere, not just in big cities but in little ones, and with excesive buying prices which normal people with normal wages cannot afford); people, who also cannot afford to buy with those prices but they tried, started being attached to mortgages for 50 or 60 years; there is also the bank crisis in the United States which affected all Europe and the high price of oil; and the bad managing of the spanish government, that seems a bit overwhelmed with that (though it was something foreseeable years ago).

Well, let’s go with summer stuff and leaving this.. for a while, at the moment I’m not an expert economist to explain why/how, these are just few general ideas about the bad economic moment worldwide and in specifically Spain.

About working, I have to say I went there almost by chance. I could say I had luck mainly. I guess few people wanted or could go to work to the little town I was. It was a pretty lost and small town and very far from Vigo (but not that far from my hometown).

The bad part could be that my holidays were completely sacrified. The hour for waking up was pretty early, 6:30. At that time I am quite sleepy but little by little I got used. I finished very tired everyday. Moreover, I always wanted to take the most my weekends like if they were holidays... so being tired of working, I tried to do all the possible things (and most of the times I was almost dead on sundays).
And I don’t know why.. but I cannot sleep before 00:00 or 1:00 AM!! :S

About the job itself hmm .. I had 2 bosses: the director and the auditor. Sometimes I was just with one of them (holidays for one .. holidays for the other) and it was sometimes difficult to understand some things because they both taught me and they have different ways of doing some things… so I didn’t know which one I should follow sometimes.

I couldn’t study so well for september. Right now I understood completely the really hard of studying and working at the same time. Though I used to study 3, I just could study one subject… At least there was a good result for that one :)

The good part, of course, is related with learning, experience and some (few) money that I will spend inmediately in going on with my studies, hope for last year.

I gave my best to learn and to be somehow useful, though this job is not what I was supposed to do attending to my formation, but I wont say no if I have the chance to repeat it. Though… even if I wanted, I think I couldn’t do that again at least until January… because, and also matter of the crisis, the director of the office told me that in the last meeting he had, the managers of the bank (the high bosses XD) told there wont be anymore any contract for anyone at least this year.. and they will see how the next one is going on… because they are trying to get the less possible costs, from office material to employees…

There was also one good thing: I drove again! And I really needed it because last time was before Tallinn.. so more than 2 years ago hehe. Right now I am used again and I bought a second-hand car for little trips in my hometown, mostly.

It was also good the matter of being in front of public again (when I was younger I had a little supermarket and sometimes I attended clients). It made me a bit more sure when talking in front of strangers, I think I’ve lost a bit of my confidence after Tallinn in some way, so I think this was good (sometimes I really started sweating when something was going wrong or I made something that I shouldn’t… but I guess this was good XD )

Hmm enough about job stuff.

More things in these 3 months:

First, we had the biggest rock-metal festival in Galicia ever this summer, Alternavigo, which I already posted a lost weekend I had internet :P
Pretty nice, but I think there are doubts about a second one because people didn't come as it (and I) was expected.
Just that weekend I had the visit of Michael and Marit, who were making a tour almost worldwide :D and stopped in my place for 2 crazy days XD

Revoltallo'08 was another festival, though smaller, installed in the top of a mountain near the city, with amazing views of the ocean and Vigo with the Cies islands.

It was a funny festival with lots of strange characters there XD

For example there was one old man who was wearing a branch or stick, dancing and laughing all the time (with those few teeth remaining XDD) and there were lots of what we call "perriflautas" or perriflauteros (flutedog guys XD). The reason for that name is that they are kind of hm like junkies (at least they seem like that :S ) that most of the times they are appearing with a dog and some of them like a lot to play flute (if you visit Santiago you can see for sure some of them in the streets XD) or play some circus juggling (I dont know the exact name in english). They appear in most of rock concerts which are free (of course, and mostly spanish rock ones).
They seem to like to sleep in every part of the mother nature and job is not known XD
It's a quite odd race, I think very proper of iberic lands XD;
they use to dress with this kind of scarfs (called here palestina), they seem quite few hygienic, but surprisingly healthy enough to start playing flute or bothering others with juggling at early hours meanwhile others are sleeping in campings XD. Seems also they dont care too much about washing clothes or hair which have usually a look like this:

Shop for "usual perriflautero clothing"XD

Some weeeeeed man?

He must be a rich one! so many dogs!

And of course I've never seen one of them drinking water, Kalimotxo (cheap wine mixed with coke (also cheap XD)) is probably the only thing they drink since the starting of the day.
By the way, I always asked to myself how they know about every concert or festival or party (I have seen them even in my universitary parties!!!)

And the most important question: why do they have dogs and play flute and juggling?
Not known reason XDD
So, going on with the concert of Revoltallo, there were 3 bands:

Everfrost: band of viking metal from Spain, really young and unexperienced ones. They seemed a clone of Ensiferum, actually. They had some lights but they have to practise more and have more concerts. We could notice the lead guitar was a bit lost in some songs.
They also did a cover of Ensiferum, "Token of time" but a bit disaster XD. Anyway, they were very good people, we were talking with them after the concert and very kind ones.

Nahemah: another spanish band but this time it was a bit stranger. I could call their style like atmospheric progressive death. And I was quite surprised about them. It was a cool concert, I know public had every kind of opinion about them, but I remember I definilely liked their show. Very proffesionals and good musicians, with really surrounding atmospheres sometimes and others really intense sound.

Susperia: the main ones I wanted to see. Though at the beginning they were more like black metal, the band of Tjodalv (dimmu borgir ex-drummer) now developed their sound to a more thrash sound, recalling sometimes to Testament and even being better (I know purists would pull their hair out with that statement XD). They did an amazing show, enough good sound (strange here) and great... everything!
I have to say that it was a great wish since I'm a great fan of Susperia to see them in live and I was excited all the concert making headbanging, screaming (the videos I recorded are a shame XD I appear every minute singing -and I dont sing at all very well XD- or screaming hihi) and so on XD So I had to upload one from my friend who is also screaming but at least not singing hihi

Amazing concert of Susperia, who made all their classics and 2 cover songs: "wild child" (WASP) and "the sun always shine on tv" (Aha)
It passed so much time ago that I cannot make a more concrete concert review :S

:O Tjodalv!!! a great drummer!!!

The same weekend of the Revoltallo'08 I've been in another festival in Ponteareas, a little town in the south of Galicia, near Vigo. Music was too loud there so it was really hard to stand. Moreover some bands were from styles that I dont like too much, very strong styles (brutal death or similars). I just went there for 2: Unreal Overflows (the new Death?) and Kathaarsys (great atmospheric progressive black). Both from Galicia. Entrance was for free. Unreal sounded really bad, really loud (we had to go out of the place for listening better), and it was hard to guess the technical riffs they were playing. Kathaarsys sounded better, maybe because they were just 3 and just one guitar.
Under this line, Dead Meat, first time I see a band with no drummer playing in live :O

Unreal Overflows and yes! that's a guy (perriflautero XD) biting a balloon XDD

Kathaarsys, one of the most international galician-metal bands, and they deserve it.

It seems in this pic that this is Kathaarsys the ones who are taking a pic with me and not me with Kathaarsys XDD

Then we had more parties in our place in the north of Galicia, but as my friends didnt give me their pics I cannot put much more than some few I had :(