jueves, octubre 23, 2008

Funny video + cover song compilation

Posts (this post will be refreshed with every new one and I will leave a link on the right of the blog):

01 - Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit) amazing skills at guitar + "Baby one more time" (Britney Spears) covered by Black Ingvars

02 - Bruce Dickinson falling in a concert + "Rasputin" (Boney M) covered by Turisas

03 - Black Metal commercial + "Emerald" (Thin Lizzy) covered by Skyclad

04 - Funny drawing + "It's my life" (Dr. Alban) covered by Boney Nem

05 - Simon & Gardfunkel's "the boxer" by Martes y Trece + "Ridin'" (Chamillionaire) covered by Weird Al Yankovic

06 - Four Hands Guitar + "Ace of Spades" (Motörhead) covered by Hayseed Dixie

07 - Buddhist with.. balls + "Super Mario" and "Tetris" (video game soundtracks) covered by Powerglove

08 - Funny dancing with serbian folk + "Gimme Gimme" (Britney Spears) covered by Machinae Supremacy

09 - Who is the new leader of China? + "Livin' on a Prayer" (Bon Jovi) covered by Sungha Jung and Gigatrón and Eläkeläiset

10 - Ivan Ukhov, proffesional athlete + "Fuel" (Metallica) covered by Avril Lavigne and cover of the cover.

11 - Jackie Chan - Street Fighter + Hips don't lie (Shakira) Danzig version and bizarre-homemade version

12 - Daniël Chesterfield + I wanna rock & We're not gonna take it (Twisted Sister) cover by Nintendo

13 - El Príncipe gitano ("In the guetto" Elvis cover with funny "accent") + "Me so horny" (2 Live Crew) cover by Richard Cheese

14 - Tom & Jerry cover Finntroll + Käppee (Värttinä) cover by Boney Nem

15 - Learn how to dance! Dance good! + Black Betty (Ram Jam) cover by Spiderbait

16 - Batman vs Videogame +
A far l’amore comincia tu (Raffaella Carrá) cover by Tony Holiday and by Tankwart

17 - Korpiklaani muppets +
Mutter, Der Mann Mit Dem Koks Ist Da (Falco) cover by Stahlhammer

18 - The Techno Viking + Apologize (One Republic) cover by All Ends

19 - Nightmares in the dog world + All the things she said (t.A.T.u.) cover by The Berzerker

20 - How to censore a porn video + Walking In the Air (Howard Blake) cover by Nightwish and by Celtic Woman

21 - Old woman vs fancy guy + I Only Wanna Be With You (Dusty Springfield) cover by The Tourists, Samantha Fox and Volbeat

22 - Drunk at the supermarket + Diamonds and Rust (Joan Baez) cover by Judas Priest and Blackmore's Night

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