sábado, noviembre 15, 2008

Gaahl gay?

I started to think I should start a yellow black metal press section XD

Gorgoroth singer Gaahl (Kristian Espedal) is apparently launching a women’s clothing line with modeling agent Dan DeVero, who says the two developed “a close relationship” after they met 18 months ago.

"Kristian and I developed a close relationship, and he often told me he had strong feelings for me, - DeVero tells to iBergen.no - while Espedal silently drinks from his glass of wine".

"We had hired models from DXD Models for a music video to be recorded in Bergenshallen. During the shoot, Dan suddenly appeared and became upset with us because one of his models had been served wine. That was the first time I met him," says Gaahl.

The pair’s company will be called Wynjo, which is an ancient Norse word for — but “the search for happiness” (...)
Yes, nothing about....
or similars XD
Seems that there's also space for love and feminine side into the "evil and satanic" world of Black Metal :)

A piece of Gaahl history:
Gaahl was born in the village of Espedal, Fjaler, Norway in 1975. It was revealed in Peter Beste's documentary ''True Norwegian Black Metal'' that his family has lived in and owned the same tiny village in western Norway for centuries. At present, only he and his family live in the village despite all being at least 15 minutes from each other. He has a reputation as an enigmatic character, for example, he was schooled in the same place from the age of 4 to 18 and was one of two students in the school building, the other comitting suicide after leaving. Gaahl has been involved with black metal since 1992, and has been in bands such as Gaahlskagg (with Gorgoroth live guitarist Skagg), Trelldom, and Sigfader (with Skagg and Kvitrafn). Gaahl joined Gorgoroth in 1998, and was first heard on their Nuclear Blast album ''Destroyer''; however, he only sang on the title track.

He is a practitioner of old Norse Shamanism, and is opposed to imposition of one's own religious beliefs on others. He can often be seen wearing a Mjolnir pendant. He is also a vegetarian and is "very fussy about food" according to his mother.

Gaahl has been popularly known as a Satanist, although he in fact regards Satan as culturally and spiritually irrelevant, and only uses Satanism for its confrontational value to counter Christian imposition and to promote his staunch anti-Christianity on the basis that "we live in a Christian world and we have to speak their language" - in contrast to bona fide Satanists such as Gorgoroth founder and guitarist Infernus.

Gaahl was sentenced to one year in prison for assault in 2001, and was forced to pay the victim 158,000 NOK (26,963 US$).

In 2006, Gaahl spent another 9 months (of a 14 month sentence) in prison for brutally assaulting a man and allegedly threatening to drink his blood in 2002. The victim received a total of 190,000 NOK (32,424 US$). Gaahl was released in December 2006.

Finally he confirmed he is gay