martes, octubre 28, 2008

Tapas night

Last thursday I went with Mark, the student from Estonia to have some drink and tapas in some place. I know some few places for tapas in Vigo, but they are very few... and when it's weekend or near weekend these few places are completely full of people.
Definitely Vigo is the worst place in Galicia for going out to have some wine with tapas.
Mark came with some friends and we went to the main place erasmus students used to gather last year, called Orensano. It was surprisingly full, and we couldnt almost to step inside :S, so we decided to change to another one... Brasil. It was also full but we decided to wait a bit, because we already walked a lot and we couldn't say certainty other place wouldn't be full.
Finally we got a table and asked for some food (tapas should be usually free, but we decided to taste different things and it was the fastest way)...

Churrasco and zorza (different ways of pork, quite typical from Galicia)

Calamares (squids) (like Kracken but smaller XDD)

(Remains of) pulpo (octopus)

Of course finishing with Coffe Liquor! (or Crema de orujo -if you like Baileys you would like it-)

And afterwards the same of every party night... Botellón XDD (yes, here it is allowed to drink in the street, almost a tradition) and after that some pub or disco... one typical night of tapas in Galicia XD