lunes, septiembre 24, 2007

After Forever - Live in Vigo

On this wednesday 19th September we had the luck of having a great band in our place Vigo in Sala Ah!. After Forever, the band of gothic metal from Holland came here and of course we went to see them in spite of paying an expensive ticket. 20€ for only one band is not so cheap... but we don't have so many chances to be present in concerts of good international bands as this one, and I would pay even a bit more if it was necessary.
The show was good, they played really good, and Floor Jansen showed the great voice she has in live. All was almost perfect... less the person behind those machines called himself "sound technician". I was told that in the last concert in that place one of the worst things was him. I don't know if he is the same as the one that time... but someone should explain him that if something has low sound that shouldn't be arranged rising all the sound of the rest of instruments.
The first 3 or 4 songs were really ok... but suddenly all started to saturate. And this until the end. The consecuence is the whistle in my ears days after. I recalled when someone told me.. sound technicians in Spain are so so bad... and yeh,I haven't had that problem with the concerts in Estonia!
Anyway, After Forever did the best, and if wasn't because of that it would be a f***ng great show.
Good (and surprising) cover song of For Whom The Bell tolls!
The other bad thing was the public, too few and too static. We were almost the only ones who screamed, made headbanging and went a bit crazy. Most of the others almost were just looking...

With ex-member and current member of the band from Vigo, Fallen Sentinel

And some videos I uploaded to the Youtube:
After Forever - For Whom The Bell Tolls

After Forever - Estranged

martes, septiembre 11, 2007


Finland is a great country. It's really heavy in my mind that staying in Estonia I hadn't visited that country. I was so so close for some times... but due to one or other reason I couldn't do it. But for sure I will visit Finland some day in my life. I recalled some days ago Finland when I was watching the Eurobasket. Why do small countries like Lithuania or Latvia have great teams in sports, and Finland doesn't? Finland has more population than those countries, so what are the finnish doing? They have tall people for playing basket.. and not only basket... they don't have so many sport celebrities.. maybe Raikonnen and few more...
The reason I found is that they care more about music than all that. It can sound funny, but it's true! They have really a lot of good bands (and good taste). I would like to know how many finnish people are involved in some musical project. Only in the metal part of the music they have more bands than any country of its population size. And not only that, they have a lot of bands and really good and international ones. I have no doubts about that some of the most important and that influence a lot of more groups from out of Finland are finnish. One of the best examples is Nightwish, one of the most important bands in these last 10 years in metal worldwide. What do they have? Even they created their own style called "Suomi metal"!!!
I remember when I was in Tallinn, I was watching the Yle, the finnish TV. It was Christmas time, and one of the reports was that the most usual present for children in Christmas was an electric guitar!! They have a really good music culture, and a lot of them know about music and the most important, they have very good ideas (of course talking in general and comparing to other countries like mine, Spain). In their most sold albums list, you can find all kind of music.
They have more than Lordi,though I don't have anything againgst this band... some examples of finnish metal music, mostly of this year:

Ensiferum - Ahti
Great band of viking-power metal, and great song

Finntroll - Nedgang
I liked more the previous albums, but what has to happen in my country to have this song in the top 40 list!! Maybe in the end of the world... :)

Mirror Of Madness - Nainen in Iisrokki
A band with members of 10 or 11 years old!! And look how many people looking their show!!

Amorphis - Silent Waters
One good band of "Suomi metal" with folk elements, though they started like Death Metal.

Korpiklaani - Tervaskanto
Band of Humppa Metal. Humppa is the finnish folk.

Apocalyptica - Quutamo
Amazing band formed by 4 cellos and one drummer.

Turisas - Rasputin
Funny cover song of the Viking-epic metal band Turisas. They just released this single few days ago.
Turisas - Rasputin

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viernes, septiembre 07, 2007

miércoles, septiembre 05, 2007

Back to reality

Well, Summer is ending, it has passed quite fast for me. Thanks mainly to my friends, I had a great time in my hometown and not too much time to think about homesick of Tallinn or other things. I guess coming back to the university will be a bit harder, but that's what has to be.

Well, first of all, I would like to remember and encourage 2 of my friends, one from Vigo another from Tallinn, that one of their parents became quite ill in these days, Kätrin and Miguel.
Second, about my post of suming up of 10 months in Estonia, I would like to say that i had some mistakes: first sorry for my english, then, the riots in Tallinn were at the end of April, not March (thanks Viggo), and sorry Karin cause I put your name was Kätrin (ouch). Of course I knew your name, but I made that post too quickly for the long it was...
I will prepare 2 long new posts more in few time, but not so long as the one of 10 months of erasmus, so be patient :) I will upload things nextly.
Other link for the new Nightwish album, I realized the others are not working anymore:
Nightwish in depositfiles
Nightwish part1
Nightwish part2

Between, 1000 visits in 3 months!!
Thanks to all!
One great band: Mercenary

My World Is Ending

Take all that I believe in
Give it a simple name
Reveal all my secrets
And drown me in the shame
I will redefine
The questions of the night
And I will purify
Forgiveness and the light

It's falling into place
In clear perspective
My deepest tragedy
The world is ending
So now you speak to me in perfect silence
Don't take my soul away
My world is ending

Don't ever speak to me
To find your salvation
I know it's hard to be
And exist in culmination
I'll take your soul away
Destroy it and molest you
And I will set you free
Don't give your heart to me

It's falling into place
In clear perspective
My deepest tragedy
The world is ending
So now you speak to me in perfect silence
Don't take my soul away
My world is ending
The world is ending
My world descending