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Indica is a finnish band formed in 2001 by Jonsu (vocals, violin), Heini (bass), Sirkku (keyboards), Jenny (guitar) and Laura (drums). In 2002 they signed a management contract with Peter Kokljuschin and after Jani Jalonen of SonyMusic became interested in the group, they signed a recording contract in 2003.

Ikuinen Virta (2004)

1. Saalistaja
2. Scarlett
3. Ikuinen Virta
4. Valehtelen
5. Surusilmä
6. Lasienkeli
7. Onnen Kartano
8. Ihmisen Lento
9. Lauluja Paratiisista
10. Aaltojen Takaa
11. Vettä Vasten

isn't that the Pirita Monastery in Tallinn???

Ah que gran foto ésta! moito mellor que a de Indica sin duda XD e eso que foi feita sen fotógrafo!!! Aquí vese en grande (non sei porqué sale tan pequena)
In 2004 the girls release their first album Ikuinen Virta , which was a great debut selling 30.000 copies getting platinum in Finland. The music is a mix of pop and rock with a typical melancolic finnish feeling and several influences, from gothic to classical music through electronic keyboards or classical piano, acoustic to electric guitars, from instrospective careful ballads to catchy rythms. People call their style ethereal rock, atmospheric pop-rock, melancholic finnish rock,... it's a bit difficult to explain Indica in few words... like those bands such as Amorphis that were called just finnish metal because of the hard of describing.
The title track and catchy as hell “Ikuinen Virta” and afterwards “Scarlett” were released as singles.
Lyrics and music are written by the charismatic redhead singer Jonsu, who takes big inspiration from movies’ soundtracks. Lyrics stem from her own life, lives of her friends and dreams as well.
Looking and appeareance quite reminded me to a kind of visual key or japanise Pop-Rock band.
Indica - Ikuinen Virta

Indica - Scarlett

Tuuliset Tienoot (2005)

1. Vuorien Taa
2. Pidä Kädestä
3. Tuuliset Tienoot
4. Lapsuuden Metsa
5. Hakkilintu
6. Varo
7. Niin Tuleni Teen
8. Kummajaisten juokko
9. Rannalla
10. Viimeinen Tanssi

Since they started with the producer Erno Laitinen, they worked as well in the next 2 albums to come.
Opening with the great song “Vuorien Taa”, with a nightwishesque melody, the next album Tuuliset Tienoot was released one year later in autumn of 2005. It went on to sell over 20.000 discs. The album followed the way they started with Ikuinen Virta, catchy “melancolodic” atmospheric pop rock with several influences from classical music helped by the piano of Sirkku and the violin played by Jonsu, and even jazz or hard rock details.
Several singles from this album, but overall those first 2 songs are the ones that come to my mind when I think about Tuuliset Tienoot. Truly catchy and powerful.
Indica - Vuorien Taa
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Indica - Pidä Kädestä

Kadonnut Puutarha (2007)

1. Viimeinen Jyvä
2. Linnansa Vanki
3. Ulkona
4. Nukkuu Kedolla
5. Noita
6. Pahan Tarha
7. Äänet
8. Mykkä
9. Unten Laiva
10. Helmet

2 years later, in 2007 Indica releases their 3rd album Kadonnut Puutarha.
Again with a very strong beginning, we find “Viimeinen Jyvä” with catchy choruses reminding sometimes to that other great finnish folk band,Värttinä, and delicate melody in almost Metal environment. “Linnansa Vanki” keeps it high and the rest of the album has more electric guitars and gives a hardest and more direct musical feeling than the 2 first –excepting those ballads as “Nukkuu Kedolla” or “Äänet”-. But they keep a little moment in their world as well for Jazz-Swing rythms in the last song Helmet, a strange piece that closes a very varied album.
Indica -Linnansa Vanki
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Valoissa (2008)

1. Elä
2. Pahinta Tänään
3. 10 H Myöhässa
4. Hiljainen Maa
5. Askeleet
6. Sanoja
7. Valoissa
8. Täältä Pois
9. Pyromaani
10. Hämärää
11. Ei Enää

With the most metallized and nightwisized beginning ever, the album Valoissa arrives in 2008, produced this time by Tuomas Holopainen, composer of the worldwide well-known band Nightwish. They started working tightly when Indica supported Nightwish in some shows in their Scandinavian Tour.

Finnish pop/rock band Indica will support Nightwish on their upcoming Scandinavian tour. The dates are as follows:
11/28 - KB Hallen - Copenhagen Denmark

11/30 - Lisebergshallen - Göteborg Sweden
12/01 - Sentrum Scene - Oslo, Norway
12/02 - Sentrum Scene - Oslo, Norway
12/04 - Arenan - Stockholm, Sweden

12/05 - Skycom Arena - Umeå, Sweden

12/08 - Hullu Poro Areena (K-18) - Levi, Finland

12/09 - Hullu Poro Areena (K-18) - Levi, Finland

12/11 - Teatria (K-15) - Oulu, Finland

12/12 - Areena - Joensuu, Finland
12/14 - Paviljonki Areena - Jyväskylä, Finland

12/15 - Jäähalli - Tampere, Finland

12/16 - Karibia - Turku, Finland

Right now they are touring again together in a more extensive gig than that scandinavian, and the schedule is:

11.03.2009 Carling Academy Brixton, London, UK
14.03.2009 Forest National, Brussels, Belgium
15.03.2009 Ahoy Arena, Rotterdam, Netherlands
17.03.2009 Palladium, Cologne, Germany
18.03.2009 Emslandhallen, Lingen, Germany
20.03.2009 Europahalle, Karlsruhe, Germany
21.03.2009 Messehalle, Erfurt, Germany
23.03.2009 Zenith, Paris, France
24.03.2009 Zenith, Paris, France
26.03.2009 Zenith, Munich, Germany
28.03.2009 St. Jakobshalle, Basel, Switzerland
30.03.2009 Palabam, Mantova, Italy
31.03.2009 Palasport, Pordenone, Italy
02.04.2009 Cibona Hall, Zagreb, Croatia
04.04.2009 Fonix Hall, Debrecen, Hungary

No doughnut for Spain or Portugal :((

Therefore Indica replaces their all-time producer Erno, and works in an album that keeps the same spirit of the first ones, but electric guitars are taking more presence when they appear. Good prove again in the first 2 songs, “Elä”, that could be almost a Nightwish song, and “Pahinta Tännään”, catchiest song I have listened in years probably. Just 1 time and I was already singing at home those unknown words. It has a more epic and folk environment as well, maybe influence Tuomas was taking? But we really can notice that in instruments like panflute or epic choruses.
Valoissa is again another great and varied album of atmospheric rock with several influences and melancholic melodies.
Indica - Pahinta Tanaan
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Indica - Valoissa
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Indica - 10h Myöhässä
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Jonsu: Guitars,Keyboards,Violinist,Vocals
Heini: Bass,Violinist,Vocals
Sirkku: Keyboards,Vocals
Laura: Drums
Jenny: Guitars,Vocals

Indica - Pahinta Tänään (Live)

Indica - Vuorien Taa (Live)