domingo, mayo 18, 2008

Funny video + cover song 01

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Sorry for the late writing a new post, but I was a bit busy last days, anyway, and like Keith Richards would say... "the later.. the greater.. XDD"
I decided to make some new thing here, I'm still doubtful about writing in galician or english, but I will take it as an english training and go on making half and half (because sometimes I really have to write something that just people from here can understand what's about).
Well, the new I want to introduce is to post every week one embarrasing or funny video and one cover song (but not the typical ones, I am tired of listening Whiskey in the Jar made by Metallica or some typical cover song of Maiden, Guns & Roses or AC/DC, ...)
So this is the first one
The embarrasing/funny video:
Mr. "virtuous" Fred Durst at the guitar from Limp Bizkit, making one of the best solos I've ever heard, putting that band in the place they really must reach ;)

The cover song for starting this game is:
The swedish band of DanceMetal, Black Ingvars doing a funny hard rock cover song from the pop star Britney Spears, "Baby one more time"