domingo, mayo 18, 2008

Funny video + cover song 01

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Sorry for the late writing a new post, but I was a bit busy last days, anyway, and like Keith Richards would say... "the later.. the greater.. XDD"
I decided to make some new thing here, I'm still doubtful about writing in galician or english, but I will take it as an english training and go on making half and half (because sometimes I really have to write something that just people from here can understand what's about).
Well, the new I want to introduce is to post every week one embarrasing or funny video and one cover song (but not the typical ones, I am tired of listening Whiskey in the Jar made by Metallica or some typical cover song of Maiden, Guns & Roses or AC/DC, ...)
So this is the first one
The embarrasing/funny video:
Mr. "virtuous" Fred Durst at the guitar from Limp Bizkit, making one of the best solos I've ever heard, putting that band in the place they really must reach ;)

The cover song for starting this game is:
The swedish band of DanceMetal, Black Ingvars doing a funny hard rock cover song from the pop star Britney Spears, "Baby one more time"

2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

je, lo del fred durst tiene delito. increible, ahora cualquier subnormal gana millones haciendo "musica"
me enervo....

Enlil dijo...

Es algo increible, pero más lo es la cantidad de gente que estaba ahí y aun encima le jalea esa atrocidad!
No entiendo la ceguera autoimpuesta de algunos fans
Uf la de tomates que le iba a tirar yo jaja pero bueno, no tendrá la oportunidad de verme en uno de sus conciertos
Si que es enervante, si grr