miércoles, mayo 21, 2008

This is Spain.

Eurovision is near... and since time ago I changed completely my opinion about the spanish' representant.
Rodolfo Chikilicuatre is a comedian, an actor (David Fernández), and he is working in one TV program here in the channel La Sexta. The story about this ficticious character, I guess it was just a joke of the TV program, something like "let's laugh about that stupid contest, and let's make a ficticious freak who sings a parody about all the latin-shit-summer-commercial hits".
And it was like that at the beginning.
People started to laugh with it and it became really famous in few days. The top was when the song won with an awesome majority in the polls in myspace (a new method Spain wanted to prove just this year). So the first songs in those polls made a second stage; they put them in a special TV show where everyone of them had to sing their song.
TVE1, the public channel in Spain and host of Eurovision since the foundation of the contest was afraid, I think. They didnt want Rodolfo Chikilicuatre for the Eurovision Contest, first because here in Spain some (too much!) people are still thinking the contest is something serious and Spain has to put something "serious" there. The second and a bit more hidden is because of the competition between channels, La Sexta, the channel were the actor is working, and TVE1.
After that stupid show were lots of wretched singers were fighting to win and go to the ESC (Eurovision Song Contest), against all betting (cause they were telling all the show Chikilicuatre was a good joke but it was enough with that, yes! they were almost trying to convince people who voted from home to not to vote to the actor!), Rodolfo and his parody-song won with quite a distance from the second.
And here we start the second part, the part that I dont like at all.

After the show, the contract with TVE1 made him to change the lyrics of the song (it named some politicians)

"Lo baila Rajoy,
lo baila Hugo Chávez,
lo baila Zapatero,
mi amol, ya tu sabeh!"

He had to change the reference to the very famous sentence the king of Spain told to Chávez:

Lo canta el tigre puma con su traje a rayas

y Juan Carlos le dice: ¿Porqué no te callas?"

He had to be joined by proffesional dancers, of course very beautiful girls (they even did another TV show for voting the girls who would join him). He already had 2 dressed like him, who were making a clumsy and funny dancing, falling down many times and so on (at least they didnt take them out).

They made a longer song, cause it was too short, introducing other silly parts and in english language (they still think to win that nonsense they have to tell something in english) like this one:

"El Chiki Chiki is a Reaggetton
Dance in Argentina, Serbia and Oregón

Give el Chiki-Chiki to that little sister
with el Chiki-Chiki she´s gonna like it mister !

Dance it with Alonso, Dance it with Gasol
Dance it with your brothers, all around the world

Dance it with Bardem Dance it with Banderas
Dance with Almodóvar Dance la Macarena"

Someone made a stupid melody in the music, trying to not to sound so empty as the creators did (for parodying those stupid empty songs). So afterwards it was modified to sound just as those songs sound.

Summing up, they tried to make another song like all those I ment. Right now it became just the song it was a parody, and this is what I dont like at all.

It's a kind of fever here right now, all time sounding in TV advertisements, mobile melodies, mobile games, until the top... he became a brand, and the most disgusting thing: he became a somehow music star for children.
One friend of mine who is a teacher asked their young 10 year old students to sing a song in class, and all them knew word-by-word the song of "Chiki Chiki".
The lyrics of that crap-song are male chauvinist and the song is shit-bad (on purpose at first), so it's not exactly the best example for children. Moreover, this country has enough poor music culture. I can say maybe the worst country I have seen, and growing people like that will make it worst. I mean here there are no TV music programs (in ANY national channel (not talking about pay per view)) but one in the TVE2, the channel which has less audience, and that one is quite bad, they are talking more about the lifes of the (pop) artists than music itself.
Here people almost dont know anything about music, I have met already quite a lot of people that when there is an electric guitar they call it "noise" just in 2 seconds, and if there is something different this is just hated or called "freak". Moreover spanish bands are not famous for their originality (in every style). This lack is coming from the low music culture and it's an will be a cycle difficult to break.
This parody-song of reggaeton (the most awful style of latin music) became an "usual" reggaeton song. I have already heard in pubs the techno version or the original one, and people are dancing and smiling with it. Amazing.
I dont like anymore "Baila el chiki chiki", I strongly adopted the opposite position.

Really curious representant from Estonia.
I dont know the story about the band, but, being something that touches me since I lived in that country, I will put them here.
Another kind of "Chiki Chiki"?

I think I would vote anyway for Dustin, the irish turkey XDD

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Malaria de Habsburgo dijo...

La Tacañona del 1,2,3 dice: Rodolfo Chikilicuatre nace de un programa de la Sexta, no de Cuatro. No es por ser puñetera, realmente soy así de odiosa y me gusta tener la última palabra.


Enlil dijo...

Rapidamente corrijo :$:$
Es lo que tiene ver la televisión menos de 1 hora al dia :DDD
Realmente pensaba que lo de cuatre venia por cuatro, y es que le venía al pelo XDDD

Anónimo dijo...

eehhhmmm..... este post, ....va en serio ???

Enlil dijo...

jajajaj es lo que sucede cuando a tu alrededor la gente empieza a hablar toda sobre el mismo tema, que siento ganas de evacuar por algun lado, incluso siendo sobre esa tontería de festival.
Pero el fondo de este post es algo que no está relacionado en sí con Eurovisión o el Chiki Chiki, el auténtico fondo es cómo la gente puede ser tan ... eso como para que "compre" e incluso guste de cualquier cosa que se le meta por los ojos. Lo que empezó siendo una parodia graciosa, para mi gusto, acabó derivando en un producto de marketing al que aún queda más por explotar (leí por algun lado que las ganancias estimadas del "producto Chikilicuatre" eran de 3 millones de €).
Lo de que los niños conozcan y gusten de ese esperpento de cosa me parece digno de un país ... voy a decir friki, pero me estan saliendo otras palabras que mejor callo XDD
Un pais falto de cultura musical y de ningun criterio.
Por otra parte, Eurovisión es una completa chorrada a la que nadie debería prestar atención, debería ser abolido hace muuuuuchos años.

Anónimo dijo...

" es lo que sucede cuando a tu alrededor la gente empieza a hablar toda sobre el mismo tema"

Yo pensaría claramente en cambiar radicalmente mi circulo de amistades.

Enlil dijo...

jajaj home non hai que ser tan drástico, é un tema que ainda que non queiras está no ambiente, e sempre hai alguén en calquera grupo de personas que dice "vistes o tipo ese que canta cunha guitarra de plástico?" ou "vistes quén vai ir a Eurovision por España?".
Logo aparte de eso, é algo que é absolutamente inevitable de ver, e eso é algo que no fondo me fastidia, porque mira que vexo pouco a televisión, pero non me salvei de oír un trozo de canción do Chiki Chiki alomenos unha vez ó día desde fai un tempo. Sexa internet, anuncios, cando vou a tomar algo á cafetería, cando pasa un coche pola calle, cando entro nun pub, cando saio da habitación e a tv está por ahí encendida e anuncian os dichosos politonos.. etc etc. O bombardeo de propaganda é tan continuo nestas épocas que vivimos que a xente realmente pensa que compra e gusta de cousas realmente porque creen que teñen "a sua propia capacidade de decisión".
En realidade, e será que estou estudiando eso e fíxome máis, a mellor estrategia de marca que unha compañía pode ter é a que consigue que o consumidor pense que se sinte diferente, e único e ten criterio propio á hora de decidir qué é o mellor. O condicionamento subconsciente é algo difícil de conseguir con poucos medios, pero unha campaña de bombardeo continuo vexo que o consigue fácilmente.
Qué chapa! non? XD
Bueno, a min paréceme do pouco interesante que se estudia en todos os 5 anos coñazo (e inservibles en moitas materias) desa licenciatura.