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Enuma Elis band

Name: Enuma Elis
Genre: Dark Progressive Tracker (Electronic) Metal
Origin: Alfoz (Lugo) SPAIN & Vigo (Pontevedra) SPAIN
Formed in: 1999
Current label: no label
Current members: Enlil (DFV) - All instruments
Language: Galician

Enuma Elis history starts in 1999 in Galicia (Spain) when DFV aka Enlil almost by chance took a PC program for making music. The name of this application was Impulse Tracker 2.14. This tracker is based in mods and feeded by the already obsolete MS-Dos operative system.
Boredom first and trying to improve oneself later, Enlil started to fight with that program to get the best from it. After experimenting and getting more involved, first songs came, most of them erased just for considering them as mere rehearsals and tests.
First song came in october'99 named "I" for 2 simple reasons: this is the number 1 in roman system and also the first person in english. Quite "rookie" song, it was in fact the first song ever made.
After some time, the first demo-album came, selftitled. "Enuma Elis" the demo is a conceptual album about "Mind and dark thoughts" of few more than 1 hour of lenght.
2005 is the year of the next one, "Albor Bizarro". This CD is previous of "Enuma Elis" but some songs were made up. The official release should be 2001. The main theme is the "Cycle of life" and songs have more variety in relation to genre, from atmospheric black to traditional melodic death to gothic to industrial metal. Different kind of samples are being used in many one of songs, unlike posterior material. It is included here that first song "I" which have a definitely worst sound than the others, but it's just rare a piece of past odd to listen. Like anecdote, the song "I" was made with just one sample of electric guitar palm mute, because the electric guitar sample was corrupted, so it had all the chord samples but just one note of palm mute.

Both "Enuma Elis" and "Albor Bizarro" could be mere rehearsals trying to find the path to choose and the definitive style. That's why they are maybe not so developed and polished, also taking in consideration that those were the years of learning how to manage the program and the years of learning how to manage with composing and finding a proper style.

In 2006 "Obscura Epica" is made, and probably the most polished until the date. Sound is still a bit crap as far as it sounds to computer, mostly electric guitars, but songs are better structured and thought. Base is still Impulse Tracker 2.14 due to lazyness to work and learn other new music-maker programs. Main theme for "Obscura Epica" is "The night" and it's a mix of melancholy and epic sound through fast and calm passages, usually full of melody.
A new release called "Delirium Tremens" was never fully made, it should be an EP with old songs from the period of 1999-2001, 3 new ones, 2 new versions of old ones and 1 cover song.
5 years after, I have finished on September 2011 a new demo called "Sons & Demos," you can download it here.

Main influences of Enuma Elis: every kind of european metal, from melodic to extreme stuff, new age, 80's pop-rock and epic soundtracks.

Here I give the links to download these demo-albums for free. I dont make music for wining money XD just for myself, and I decided now to place them online.
You have my permission to take them.
Would be great to know about opinions, I know most must be bad ones, but anyway.. would be nice to listen some feedback. Thanks.
PS: if you try to download and it doesnt work, let me know, it's the first time I use MediaFire for sharing files and I might need to change some setting. Hope it works anyway.

Enuma Elis - (2001) Albor Bizarro

01 - Latexos - (5:40)
02 - Ollos Que Ven Escuridade - (4;15)
03 - Albor - (3:49)
04 - Melancólico - (2:34)
05 - Execrado - (3:30)
06 - Pezas - (2:23)
07 - Tedeum - (5:20)
08 - Pó - (0:53)
09 - A Cinza Sobre A Terra - (5:06)
10 - O Escravo Do Santo Pecado - (3:24)

Bonus Track
11 - I - (7:22)

Total time - 44:16

Enuma Elis - (2003) Enuma Elis

01 - Firmamento I - (1:20)
02 - A Porta - (3:35)
03 - O Mistificador - (4:59)
04 - Inquedanzas No Tempo - (1:37)
05 - Hedra Sobre Esperanza - (7:24)
06 - Incurius - (4:23)
07 - O Pasado Vivirá (5:19)
08 - Eu Son A Ira E A Dor I - (5:26)
09 - Eu Son A Ira E A Dor II - (2:59)
10 - Océano De Sombras - (7:05)
11 - Ascese - (1:14)
12 - Paradoxo I - (3:18)
13 - Paradoxo II - (5:29)
14 - Paradoxo III - (0:48)
15 - Firmamento II - (1:28)

Bonus Tracks
16 - Persian Starfall 2.0 (Scirocco cover) - (3:43)
17 - Her Dark Songs Of Sorrow (Aegis cover) - (3:34)
18 - Walking Down Through... (Corpse cover) - (3:24)

Total time - 67:18

Enuma Elis - (2006) Obscura Epica

01 - Contradicción Celestial (Firmamento III) - (1:33)
02 - Eclipse De Mente - (5:06)
03 - Entre Lusco E Fusco - (3:08)
04 - Son A Tormenta Do Verán E As Ás Do Inverno - (9:46)
05 - Morte De Outubro, Savia De Abril - (6:21)
06 - Ríos De Leite De Lúa - (4:15)
07 - Crepúsculo - (6:17)
08 - Turdio Anhelo - (1:54)
09 - Emerxe, Luceiro Da Alba - (9:40)

Bonus Track
10 - Sabrewulf (Killer Instinct Soundtrack cover)- (1:01)

Total time - 49:07

Enuma Elis - Sons & Demos (2011)

Thanks for your attention :D