domingo, noviembre 30, 2008

Satyricon - Black Crow On A Tombstone video...

...or how to spoil a good song with a bad video...
from the last album "The Age of Nero"
It was my favourite song of the album.. but after the video... ouffff:S:S:S I dont know what to think... am I the only one who thinks Satyr looks really ridiculous with that pose and faces of "bad child"?

miércoles, noviembre 26, 2008

Funny video + cover song 11

Back to all the compilation of FV+CS

For this 11th time of this part of this blog I will keep close to the borderline of the freakiest one XD
The funny vid I've chosen is an unbeliavable video that seems was running in the freakest forums in internet. I had never seen this one before last week and it's just great. It belongs to the movie City Hunter (1993) and there is a flash where Jackie Chan takes the personality of some characters of Street Fighter (yes, the videogame)!!
Amazing? Wooho Have a look!!

Dedicado esta vez a putoloco :D
Shakira - Hips don't lie
I think there is no need to put here the original video, all we are tired or probably just watch once and dont want to watch again XD
Shakira-Danzig cover song. Great those gooooooooo yeeeeehhh in the middle of the song XDD

XD desta vez voute polo menos, sorprender, aquí está a versión da versión!! Shakira double - Glenn Danzig/Elvis Presley double... together yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehh pero cunha peculiaridade, trasladamonos 20 anos ó futuro! E vemos a Glenn con menos pelo pero sabendo cantar coma ninguén yeeeeeeeeh e saberemos que o movimiento de caderas de Shakira seguirá intacto co paso dos anos á par que as suas boas maneiras ó cantar ;)
XD Realmente un video bizarro XDDD
So.. thanks to technology we can move 20 years to the future and see how Glenn Danzig is in good shape and still singing powerful those yeeeeeeeeeh XD He became a big Elvis Presley fan, by the way, and Shakira keeps on moving hips like no one, and having the same characteristic voice as before, seems years are not passing for her ;) Bizarre, but real as real life XD

martes, noviembre 25, 2008

Fallen Sentinel + Dawn Of Tears (Live Cambados 2008-11-22)

Bands: Fallen Sentinel (Vigo) + Dawn Of Tears (Madrid)
Place: Cambados
Price: 6 €

Last saturday I had another concert in a place near Vigo called Cambados. A nice small town with beautiful sight to the Atlantic ocean.
Not too many attending, it was one of the concerts I was with less public around, but there was a great ambient.
The first band playing was Dawn of Tears, a band of melodic black-death metal from Madrid. They did a long trip of more than 5 or 6 hours and the guitar player told us it was the first concert in a lot of time. In fact they just got a new bass-player and drummer, made some few rehearsals with them and came here.
They did a good show full of energy and though playing to few people they did their best.
Some sampling keyboards and feminine voices and nice guitar changes and melodies. Sound was ok though we couldnt listen too well drums.
Singer could be a mix between Dani Filth and Thebon (Keep of Kalessin).
They showed they are a great band and far from the typical "spanish sound" we are used to listen in many rock and metal bands from this country.
If you like melodic black or melodic death with keyboards and good melodies check them: you can download their album "Descent" (2007) from their website or here

After them, one of the biggest bands from Galicia, maybe you saw me commenting about them before, Fallen Sentinel came.
Few things to say about them, just they play a kind of progressive gothic blackened metal, with complicated riffs and beautiful atmospheres. Great show and good sound (though I arrived home with a whistle in my left ear due I was very near of one big speaker at first XD)
Public was unusually active and screamed and cheered up more than many others I have been with much more people here in Spain.
It was as well a kind of "family concert" since we knew between all of us and had a nice time post-concert chatting and so on.

Palomo fantasmagórico :P

Funny moment when 2 of the players came to play in the middle of us XD

Headbanging!!! oufh next day my neck was hurting and I had serious problems to comb my hair XD

Lucky guy :P with the keyboard girls of Fallen Sentinel

lunes, noviembre 24, 2008

New upcoming movies

Outlander: aliens versus vikings

Who said there is a lack of inspiration of scrip-writers in Hollywood? XD
With a story own of the 80's decade fantasy movies here it comes Outlander, from the producers of "The Lord Of The Rings" and with Jim Caveizel, Sophia Myles, Ron Perlman, Jack Huston and John Hurt.
Coming in few weeks.

domingo, noviembre 23, 2008

Turre's Band - Live Porriño 2008-11-21

Last friday I joined to another concert (yep seems every week a new one :P but from now I have to study and will join less parties :S)
This time I joined my friend and his gf to a concert of a band where my friend's brother plays as drummer. They are called Turre's Band, I dont know what it means, but seems a funny name. The style is not metal or even rock, it's a kind of funny ska-cover songs just with trumpets and other wind instruments that I dont know names even in spanish XD and drums and timbals.
Lots of people in that town near Vigo called Porriño for a small band like this one, and very funny ambient, songs and band, which didnt stop making us laugh and jump :P
More people and more active than in the rock-metal concerts I use to attend.
Funny time!! :)
Some pics and videos:

jueves, noviembre 20, 2008

Firewind + Vicious Rumors + Kiuas (Live in Vigo 2008-11-16)

Bands: Firewind (Greece) + Vicious Rumors (USA) + Kiuas (Finland)
Place: Sala A (Vigo) - Spain
Price: 23€ (26€ entrance)

We came there just in time when the soundtrack of Conan was playing like introduction to Kiuas.
Kiuas is a finnish band that plays a kind of mix between Sonata Arctica with melodeath touches. Just with 3 albums they became known (Reformation from 2006 is great!) and developed an original sound that nowadays few bands can reach.
The concert started with "The Decaying Doctrine" and really strongly. Sound was one of the best I've ever heard in that place (where usually I go out with a terrible whistle in my ears when concerts).

Ilja, in the vocals showed a very good voice and great singin' style. His stumbles with micro made us to think he drunk maybe some "estrellas", but he never sang out of tune and his attitude is strong over the scenary. The rest of the band were just great, "a capella" time of some of them included!

So, great sound, and great concert of Kiuas, under my point of view. Pity they just played around 30 or 40 minutes and with no bises :(

Kiuas - The Decaying Doctrine

The next band coming after a short stop were the USA Power Thrash Metallers, Vicious Rumors. Quite an old band, in fact they were formed in 1980!
And if I have to be sincere, I didnt listen anything from them in the last 10 or 15 years :D
The previous afternoon I thought about recalling old times and put something from them, but I forgot.. so I left it to the concert evening :)
Anyway, they werent one of my favourites... I think they are a quite normal band and not something really awesome...

They started with a lot of energy but sound didnt join. First 2 songs we could just hear drums and bass... but later... ouh no :S the amazing sound technician again....
As he realized there were 2 guitars lower than the rest of instruments... in the 3rd song he decided to make us suffer rising the volume of both... so... sound seemed to be clear but too loud.. and in one of the last songs I just didnt know what I was listening but boooooooooooommmm.

Anyway public seemed quite happy with this band, though I found it as many USA 80's power metal bands... funny and interesting at the beginning, and rather boring at the end.
I couldnt remind almost any riff but the 2 I already knew...
Though it doesnt mean that was so boring concert, the band showed a great experience over the scenary and they are great musicians, so for the ones that like to see nice guitar solos it wasnt that bad. Moreover, the singer, who could be almost my father was full of energy in all the concert and could sing really high and I think not making so much effort as I would guess :O

So, Vicious Rumors in general.. nice to see once, but no more.
No bises for them either.
We found a chinese girl behind us and decide to take a pic.. but she was hidding behind my friend awww :D

One of the best moments of their show:
Vicious Rumors - Soldiers Of The Night

Waiting moments before Firewind....

... and then they came...
Though Firewind is a good european band of Power Metal, I think they are not so big as to be the main protagonist of a tour like this. Some people think Vicious Rumors should lead a tour like that.
Well, I was happy that Firewind played more because I know them better than VR...
Anyway, they started with the first song of their last album Premonition: "Into The Fire", a perfect first song for a concert, I would say. After that "Head Up High" and made a look into the past but always with the last album present. So the setlist was mostly based in Premonition.
I have a problem with this band... I like a lot 2 albums of them but not the rest (almost at all) So when they played from Burning Bridges and Premonition I was yeeeeeeeaaaaaaah but from Allegiance and other past stuff.. ouffhhhh

I didnt like also that they skipped 2 of my favourite songs of them "I am the anger" and "Brother's Keeper" :((( This last one, probably the best they have ever done.

The singer didnt look like the typical "heavy metal singer". He looked more like a pop-rock singer-star. Not almost a trying of headbanging.. most of the times he just showed "rock-star" movements and tried to cheer up people, who were a bit more silent after Vicious Rumors. Anyway, I think he did great and with experience, his voice was perfect.
Between some people we recalled when watching him and his movements to another singer taken a lot of years ago from a kind of "spanish idol contest".... who also looks very similar to another friend of us... but I will ask him to make a "reasonable similarities" first, I fear he wouldnt like (he is a bit bad-tempered hihi)

Bob Katsionis, the keyboard-guitar player, a great instrumentist. I was shocked when I saw so many bands he has had before!!!: Bob Katsionis (the band), Nightfall (Grc), Imaginery, Zion (Grc), Overlord's Perpetual, Star Queen, Skyward (Grc), Karmic Link (Guest), Septicflesh, Fatal Morgana, Mirage (Grc), Encomium (Grc), Casus Belli (Grc), Francesco Fareri, Mike Dimareli Artical, Ioannis Anastassakis, Minuetum

The sound was still too loud since VR, and it gave me a bit of headache at the end of the concert, but it was ok after some beer :P

It was quite funny the detail when the singer was introducing every member of the band and afterwards he run away (?) and the guitarist Gus G. took the micro and said... as singer I'm glad to introduce you... Apollooooooo! and Apollo appeared running from the same place he went out just 5 seconds ago XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

So, nice concert, but not worth of 23-26 € .... too expensive for crisis time.. and they are not so big bands at the moment.
Public answered like many other times in this land... apathetic in general, and I even thought there would be less than what I saw...

I need a better cam, my friend's one record much better sound than mine, so when he join me to some concert, I prefer he records videos meanwhile I can take pics :S
Firewind - Into The Fire

Some pics with people from Kiuas and the singer of VR, seems that Gus G. and others from Firewind are too stars to go out and take a pic and talk with fans, they were closed in the backstage quite a lot of time, we just saw the tall drummer Mark Cross there.