martes, noviembre 25, 2008

Fallen Sentinel + Dawn Of Tears (Live Cambados 2008-11-22)

Bands: Fallen Sentinel (Vigo) + Dawn Of Tears (Madrid)
Place: Cambados
Price: 6 €

Last saturday I had another concert in a place near Vigo called Cambados. A nice small town with beautiful sight to the Atlantic ocean.
Not too many attending, it was one of the concerts I was with less public around, but there was a great ambient.
The first band playing was Dawn of Tears, a band of melodic black-death metal from Madrid. They did a long trip of more than 5 or 6 hours and the guitar player told us it was the first concert in a lot of time. In fact they just got a new bass-player and drummer, made some few rehearsals with them and came here.
They did a good show full of energy and though playing to few people they did their best.
Some sampling keyboards and feminine voices and nice guitar changes and melodies. Sound was ok though we couldnt listen too well drums.
Singer could be a mix between Dani Filth and Thebon (Keep of Kalessin).
They showed they are a great band and far from the typical "spanish sound" we are used to listen in many rock and metal bands from this country.
If you like melodic black or melodic death with keyboards and good melodies check them: you can download their album "Descent" (2007) from their website or here

After them, one of the biggest bands from Galicia, maybe you saw me commenting about them before, Fallen Sentinel came.
Few things to say about them, just they play a kind of progressive gothic blackened metal, with complicated riffs and beautiful atmospheres. Great show and good sound (though I arrived home with a whistle in my left ear due I was very near of one big speaker at first XD)
Public was unusually active and screamed and cheered up more than many others I have been with much more people here in Spain.
It was as well a kind of "family concert" since we knew between all of us and had a nice time post-concert chatting and so on.

Palomo fantasmagórico :P

Funny moment when 2 of the players came to play in the middle of us XD

Headbanging!!! oufh next day my neck was hurting and I had serious problems to comb my hair XD

Lucky guy :P with the keyboard girls of Fallen Sentinel

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