martes, marzo 03, 2009

Ill & preparing trip

Last days I'm becoming more ill, and today I really had to stay in bed and probably tomorrow as well. Nothing serious but some virus (more people were telling me they are or were ill last weekend) or got cold. I'm just feeling dizzy and coughing from time to time.
Last weekend was an unproductive one. I went to my hometown and did nothing but watching movies, and I'm recently working more in my movies' blog in spanish than in here. I feel tired to talk with people and just want to stay in bed so you will know few about me in the next 2 weeks, I will go on with blog stuff of course but forget about social webs or msn chats.
I'm also attending to a wedding next saturday in Sevilla, the very south. It will be 1 week trip so I'm returning on wednesday evening, I suppose. Don't worry about pics with smart dressing, I will place some here :P I know, unbeliavable sight hehe... so tomorrow I will have a shaving, my beard is quite a viking chaotic one, and I'm not allowed to go like that XD
There are 2 more posts that I will place here before my leaving, tomorrow and thursday at 00:00 so enjoy them, and see u later ;)