miércoles, marzo 26, 2008


Just with my coming back, I found a little mail-surprise (yeh! no internet for 1 week XDD)
Eray and Kaisa are getting married on 16th of May. It will be a small wedding with just relatives, and after they will organize a bigger party with friends at the end of June.
I fear that Istambul is too far from here :( and I fear I cannot join them... though it would be so great to find again tutors and erasmus and of course seeing again the nicest erasmus couple I met... :(
I dont know yet if I would have job... dont know if I will have money.. dont know where I will be exactly in those days... :(
Anyway, great new!! and hope to you, Eray and Kaisa, my best desires for your future... and maybe not this one... but some day in the future I could reach to Istambul or you to Galicia ;)
My sincere warm greets and congratulations!

What eramus has joined... nobody separate it ;) (or however it is said in english XDD)