sábado, abril 26, 2008

Time for personal updatings

It's time I tell some new about my life.
Well these last days I've had some things, bad and good..
Last weekend, when I was in Porto, my dog Muna left this world. All in our home were and are quite sad about it. I still look if I am stepping on something when I reach home and the house looked very silent this week. But I guess 17 years old were a lot, and its little body couldn't stand anymore. Since some months ago she had a tumour and it can be the reason of the death :(
She will be always young in my mind anyway

In other news, I became selected to do a personal interview for a summer job in a bank.
After doing one test of 4 hours last month they phoned me to do that interview, and I did it last wednesday. They told me they would call me for a last interview, and if all is ok, I can work on summer. That means, finally some money and work experience, but a busy summertime, no trips and no activities between the week. Anyway this is not sure, it's just a possibility, they just made a pre-selection of some few.
Lastly I am having a lot of school work, so you will probably NEVER see me in msn. That means, the only chance to contact me is by mail or comments here.
When I mean never it means never until I finish all my stuff. Maybe in 2 weeks you will see me, but for few time, because later I will start to study for the exams, and maybe to be present in the formation program of the company if they decide to take me. Of course I will go on doing some new posts here everytime I can. I already have some in mind, and it's easier to talk here that everyone can see it than explaining one by one in msn or similars, I think.