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Surprises 2009: Elenium - Eccentric Soul's Anatomy

Band: Elenium
Album: Eccentric Soul's Anatomy (first album)
Genre: Symphonic Death Metal
Country: Poland

Elenium's music is the mixation of various styles. Not only connected with metal music but the most important elements of their work are guitar constructions connected with keyboard background. In fact, the strongest side of Elenium is their opennes to the variety of sounds, what fruits surprising solutions of their work.

Elenium, not the band from Finland but from Poland, started already 10 years ago as a project of Martyr (guitar, vox) and Kacper (keys) releasing their first demo "Martyria" in 2001. After many line-up changes, they just released their first album, and only Martyr remained since they formed the band. I must admit that this album was stucked here for a long time while I was listening most of the other music stuff I had. Probably it's because first minutes of "Eccentric Soul's Anatomy" are difficult to class, or maybe cause I had found some interesting things that would demand my whole attention for later. Few time ago I played again this album and I got quite surprised about the mix. It's not that they are creating a whole new style through mixing different genres... but they have very different songs, in some you can recognize an average technical death metal, others have a kind of psychedelic touch, others jazzistic piano background, others are proper heirs from the Therion' some years ago sound, with catchy operatical choruses and fine rythm changes. My conclusion is that it is a varied yet imprecise and irregular work. Anyway, it was great to listen to fresh new and awesome ideas though they were a bit messy at first sight.
I will wait with high hopes their next album.


1. Aeoneurosis / 02:11
2. Contemplation / 04:17
3. Martyria / 04:17
4. Internal Whiteness / 05:30
5. Towards Dismal Ecstasy / 04:42
6. Anxietranquillity.Error /06:49
7. Mediterranean Past / 05:20
8. Psychotic Entrails / 06:48
9. Via Puritiva / 05:53
10. Impeccable Rain / 02:01

Total playing time 47:48


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Surprises 2009: Black Sun Aeon - Darkness Walks Beside Me

: Black Sun Aeon
Album: Darkness Walks Beside Me (first album)
Genre: Melodic Doom-Death-Gothic Metal
Country: Finland

Black Sun Aeon was born in the beginning of 2008 to reflect more darker personal side of the founder and sole member Tuomas Saukkonen (Before The Dawn, Dawn Of Solace, The Final Harvest).
Even after 2 written and produced album in 2008 (Before The Dawn "Soundscape Of Silence", The Final Harvest "The End") there was something stirring beneath the surface and from that abyss rised the BLACK SUN AEON debut album "DARKNESS WALKS BESIDE ME".
Beside the solo nature of the band a session live line-up is already gathered amongst the few and honoured that are giving their voice to the album as guest vocalists:
- Tomi Koivusaari / Amorphis
- Ville Sorvali / Moonsorrow
- Mynni Luukkainen / Sotajumala
- Mikko Heikkilä / Sinamore

I can't explain to myself what happens in Finland. There is such a big amount of bands, and so good bands, side-projects, great and creative minds with just 5 million people living there...
Black Sun Aeon is one of those projects that comes from the dark side of Tuomas Saukkonen. They play a deep and emotional death-doom that can recall to his other band Before the Dawn. The first we can notice is the Great production. Last years one release from a Suomi band automatically means perfect sound. I have heard even some demo of rookie bands that could sound even better than CDs released by any other band with a contract in a decent records company.
In the vein of the "finnish feeling", music and melodies are mainly melancholic and guitars sound deep and powerful. The mid-tempo is dominating the album, and keyboards are joining just in an atmospheric way, creating a perfect ambient for lonely moments in the dark of the night. As you can notice by the name of the songs, the album is divided in parts of a whole one concept of melancholy and inner darkness.
The last song, 'Chapter IX: A Song for the One Who Passed Away 4.9.2008' is dedicated to a friend of Saukkonen's who passed away.


1. Chapter 1: A Song for the Introduction / 01:24
2. Chapter 2: A Song for My Wrath / 04:56
3. Chapter 3: A Song for My Demise / 05:58
4. Chapter 4: A Song for My Sorrow / 06:01
5. Chapter 5: A Song for My Weakness / 04:47
6. Chapter 6: A Song for This Winter / 05:39
7. Chapter 7: A Song for My Illness / 04:46
8. Chapter 8: A Song for My Funeral / 06:17
9. Chapter 9: A Song for the One Who Passed Away 4.9.2008 / 04:13

Total playing time 44:01


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viernes, febrero 19, 2010

Surprises 2009: Elegy - A Voice Will Call

Band: Elegy
Album: A Voice Will Call (first album)
Genre: Melodic Death-Power Metal
Country: Germany

First named Elegy, and afterwards re-named as Riddare Av Koden, this band from South Africa (!!) plays melodic death metal that sometimes could be confused with power metal if there wasn't any vocals. So, what we have here is a young band with several influences from the scandinavian way of melodeath, sometimes more gothenburg, many other times like finnish melodeath with that kind of melancholic feeling. Vocal work is fine, there are almost no clean vocals, which is strange nowadays in new bands playing melodeath, as well as the fact of not having keyboards. Guitar players are also good, it's clear they are young but talented, the only bad thing I could say it's about the sound that could be better. Even you can notice that there are some songs that seem to be recorded in different studios!
These guys have listened a lot to old Children of Bodom, In Flames, Kalmah, Ensiferum, Eternal Tears of Sorrow and so on and they show it without prejudices but also creating an own way of making songs.
Interesting debut album.



1. Elegy / 05:18
2. Priory / 04:37
3. Esoteric Visions / 03:20
4. The Black Rider / 05:33
5. Time Distilled / 02:52
6. Forsake Not / 03:22
7. Impure / 03:42
8. Ad Nauseum / 04:36
9. Sacred / 04:23
10. A Voice Will Call / 05:01

Total playing time 42:44


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Como houbo algunha xente que me preguntou pola foto que teño en facebook, aquí deixo o link, que por un tempo estivo morto ou non sei, pero eu non daba entrado.
No estilo de cando fixeran o de simpsonízate, McDonalds é outra vez o autor da aplicación para facerte a túa propia fotomontaxe.
Nin vín a peli esta, pero fíxome certa gracia o de poñerse na piel dun destes bichos XD

miércoles, febrero 17, 2010

Surprises 2009: The Mistral - When The Evening Crowns The Day

: The Mistral
Album: When The Evening Crowns The Day (second album)
Genre: Atmospheric Melodic Death Metal
Country: Germany

The band „The Mistral” was formed in 1997 and completed various appearances in the space.. of Emden and environment. From this time the CDs „Embraced by dark Emotions” and „Storm Quiers” were produced in the sound studio “Audiocheck”, and offered in the Emden area.
Through various cast changes the band was, however forced to that, main to work up available, and compose new songs. In the summer 2004 was at last the new cast so far, to produce a Demo CD with 5 selected songs.

Stylistic can the music direction be classified as „Melodic-Death-Metal”, however through the different Influences and the music taste of the individual band members every song ..keeps his own touch.
10 years theatrical experience, which were collected in Germany-far appearances, unite to an explosive mixture. Hard guitars, which are carried of atmospheric Keyboardparts. Dark sounds, in-usual melodies and fat Grooves are here at the agenda.

Somehow, I didn't expect too much from this band, so when the first time I played the music of The Mistral, I just had it like background while doing other things and thinking... well.. another band of melodic death metal with some keyboards, like many others in the last times...
Little by little my head started banging and in the second song Careless, I had to stop what I was doing cause my mind was already flowing with the music. Then I payed whole attention to The Mistral and I realized the great band it was sounding through speakers. The Mistral plays a kind of ambient melodeath with some groovy moments and catchy melodies. Ok, it's not so original, death metal fans and even melodic death metal ones would say that it's too melodic, even others can say that there is nothing so special, but somehow I was captivated from the first moment by their atmospheric way of melodeath.
They surprised me doing melodic death metal, and this is not so usual last years.


1. When the Evening crowns the Day / 04:50
2. Careless / 04:23
3. Reset my Mind / 04:42
4. Last Thoughts / 04:31
5. The Carnage / 03:40
6. Pain + Misery / 05:02
7. Neglected / 04:04
8. Contemplation Inwards / 05:01
9. Banished / 05:47

Total playing time 42:00


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Surprises 2009: Crimfall - As The Path Unfolds...

Band: Crimfall
Album: ...As The Path Unfolds (first album)
Genre: Symphonic Power-Viking-Folk
Country: Finland

After the demo recording in 2008 "Burning Winds", Crimfall was inmediately recruited by Napalm Records for their first album, "As The Path Unfolds...", which was released one year after. The band was formed by Jakke Viitala, composer of all the music, and later he decided to bring 2 different kind of singers to finish the line-up: Helena Haaparanta (ex-Tacere) and Mikko Häkkinen (also singer of Twilight Ophera).
The music of Crimfall is an original mix of many different styles. You can find from those folkish moments closer to Moonsorrow or Finntroll (they had also the Finntroll & Moonsorrow bass player Henri "Trollhorn" Sorvali as a session musician), and others closer to power metal, but always with those orchestral arrangements behind that gives an overall impresssion of epic soundtrack. The variety is also palpable in the rich kind of melodies, from northern folk to oriental, where Helena proves to be one great singer at the same level of Floor Jansen or Simone Simons, and those atmospheric interludes joining epic folk metal are amazing.


1. Neothera Awakening / 02:55
2. The Crown of Treason / 05:01
3. Wildfire Season / 05:24
4. Where Waning Winds Lead / 04:27
5. Sun Orphaned / 02:04
6. Ascension Pyre / 04:06
7. Shadow Hearth / 04:55
8. Non Serviam / 05:01
9. Aubade / 03:41
10. Hundred Shores Distant / 05:58
11. Novembré / 03:15

Total playing time 46:47

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... and the fans started the search for the ring

Dende o estreno de The Lord of The Rings, parece que a xa de por sí lexións de fans que tiña Tolkien se incrementou exponencialmente co traballo de Peter Jackson. Tal é o punto de fanatismo que un grupo de seguidores "cérrimos" se están a dedicar nos últimos tempos a imitar a forma de rodar e contar de Jackson con outras historias derivadas do imaxinario de Tolkien. Eso sí, cun presuposto bastante máis axustado que o do australiano. Pero o que está claro é o arte e ganas que lle poñen.

The Hunt for Gollum

Titulo original: The Lord of the Rings: The Hunt for Gollum
Año: 2009
Género: Aventura/Fantasía
Duración: 38 min.
Idioma: Ingles
Subtitulos en Español integrados.
País: UK
Productora: Rickety Shack Films
Director: Chris Bouchard
Guión: Chris Bouchard
Reparto: Adrian Webster, Pat O'Connor, Arin Alldridge, Gareth Brough, Rita Ramnani, Greg Draven, Jason Perino, Max Bracey, Christopher Dingli

Trata de la busqueda de Gollum por parte de Aragorn, años despues de los relatos de ‘El Hobbit’, y antes de los acontecimientos descritos en ‘La Comunidad del Anillo’, para recabar mas informacion sobre El Anillo único. Pelicula independiente hecha por fans y que se situa justo antes de "La comunidad del anillo", con un presupuesto de 3.000 libras. Al igual que "Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning", es una pelicula sin fines comerciales y que se distribuye a traves de Internet de forma gratuita.

Calidad: DVDRIP
Formato: RAR (339 mb)

Subtítulos: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XR2JEOFZ


Born Of Hope

Título Original: Born Of Hope [2009]
Director: Kate Madison
Guión: Alex K. Aldridge
País: Reino Unido
Género: Aventura/Fantasía
Duración: 01:08 Hr aprox.
Idioma: Ingles C/Sub. Español
Productora: Actors at Work Productions
Distribución: DailyMotion
Presupuesto: menos de £ 24.000
Reparto: Christopher Dane, Beth Aynsley, Beth Aynsley, Danny George, Iain Marshall, Andrew McDonald, Howard Corlett

Sinopsis: El film está inspirado en un parejo de párrafos escritos por Tolkien en los apéndices de Lord Of The Rings, donde se nos cuenta un poco sobre la vida de Arathorn y Gilraen, y de cómo se conocieron por primera vez durante una etapa trabajoso en la historia de los Dúnedain, situando el film antes de la guerra del anillo.

Tamaño: 269 MB aprox.
Formato: Rmvb



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El Imperio Contraataca en Santiago de Compostela

Do blog do Pepetrola collín este post que me pareceu do máis hilarante que vín últimamente.
Copio-pego o que se pretende facer:

En qué consiste:

El 21 de mayo de 2010 es el 30 aniversario del estreno de El Imperio Contraataca. Para celebrarlo, queremos reunir en Santiago de Compostela el mayor número posible de fans de Star Wars, vestidos con uniformes, armaduras o trajes de personajes da Saga. Tendrán preferencia los personajes del Imperio Galáctico (los malos) porque al fin y al cabo en El Imperio Contraataca ganaron ellos ;)

Estamos preparando un gran desfile de soldados imperiales en la zona histórica de Santiago de Compostela. Este desfile terminará en la Plaza de la Quintana (junto a unha de las más hermosas catedrales de toda la Galaxia), donde todos los soldados imperiales estarán de pie en posición de firmes mientras un grupo de gaiteiros interpreta la Marcha Imperial y Darth Vader pasa revista a las tropas.

Queremos ver esta asombrosa imagen en todos los medios de comunicación y llenar Internet de fotografías y vídeos de este evento. Santiago de Compostela es una hermosa ciudad, declarada Patrimonio Cultural da Humanidad por la UNESCO. En 2010 celebraremos el Xacobeo, y miles de peregrinos harán el Camino de Santiago para llegar aqui.

Santiago de Compostela es el escenario perfecto para este evento!!


No link tamén tedes instruccións para facervos o voso propio traxe estelar. Chegarase a facer? Eu personalmente teño as miñas dudas...

Hala! ahora sólo falta que chegue o Papa e listo, festa montada XD

martes, febrero 09, 2010

Surprises 2009: Kalisia - Cybion

Band: Kalisia
Album: Cybion (first album)
Genre: Progressive Melodeath
Country: France

CYBION is an anticipation concept-album. It is only composed of one epic piece. We strongly insist on this point: its structures and audio tracks are here to provide reference points to the listener, but CYBION must be considered as a one and only piece. It may only make sense in its entirety, exactly like a movie. Music and lyrics are very closely connected, developing atmospheres trying to provoke various emotions to the listener (oppression, happiness...), proposing (and not imposing) him a succession of pictures and feelings corresponding as closely as possible to the development of the story (but everyone is free to interpret it in a different way… as each person feels music in a different way). A million miles away from the idea of an easy-listening or disposable music, like those records you listen to once or twice before they get lost and dusty on a shelf (if they were even bought...), this piece can be difficult to understand at first, but will reveal itself time after time to those who’ll strive to listen carefully, and will always surprise them, even after dozens of listening.

A universal language
In order to provide more credibility, weight but also more poetry to the language imposed by the League, another genuine language called Kal was created for this record. Far from being just a simple translation of French or English with different words, this articulated language possesses its own grammar, semantic and etymology, and its calligraphy is also unique. Kal results from the study of different living, dead or imaginary languages such as Sanskrit, Latin, English, Arabic, Greek, German, Japanese, and even Quenya and Tengwar. It required, its creator Brett Caldas-Lima acknowledges, "a totally stupid amount of working hours in regard to the few times it is used".

Epic. It's all I could say about this project worked for years (their previous demo was released 15 years ago!). I dont mind so much about concept albums or about lyrics, so I will go straight to what interest me the most: the music. Cybion was thought to be just like one song divided in several parts, each one thought to mark a different feeling in the listener. The result is a really varied album where we can find many genres, from power metal, to death metal, to industrial, some jazz/classical interludes, some opera choirs.. all surrounding the main one: progressive metal with a harsh touch. It could be just another one of those progressive melodeath releases of another band copying Opeth/Dream Theater, but this album is enough original, with good riffs and melodies and you can feel there was so much effort and work in it.


1. Introduction / Domination / 01:49
2. Reception / Translation / 02:00
3. Union / Construction / 03:24
4. Declaration / Revolution / 02:41
5. Division / Integration / 03:52
6. Fusion / Rebellion / 05:41
7. Violation / Condemnation / 03:34
8. Education / Deification / 05:04
9. Isolation / Liberation / 03:39
10. Destination / Alteration / 03:06
11. Damnation / Seclusion / 05:09
12. Illusion / Desperation / 02:06
13. Resolution / Protection / 04:08
14. Reconstruction / Intrusion / 02:03
15. Confrontation / Communication / 03:23
16. Activation / Production / 02:54
17. Confusion / Resurrection / 03:09
18. Realisation / Penetration / 03:52
19. Disconnection / Comprehension / 05:29
20. Salvation / Connection / 03:02

Total playing time 01:10:05

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Surprises 2009: Karlahan - A Portrait of Life

Band: Karlahan
Album: A Portrait of Life (first album)
Genre: Sympho-Folk Melodic Death Metal
Country: Spain

Karlahan started in 2006, with a different drummer (Victor Marín) and a synth player (Ivó Castells). In 2008, Aleix Valverde took over the role as drummer and Ivo also left in 2008 due to the increasing complexity of the orchestrations.
Karlahan released a short demo called "Twilight" in 2007 with just two songs. After this release, they started playing gigs in Barcelona and surroundings and they even played at the Helion Festival in Munich, Germany. It wasn't until the 1rst of October of 2009 that they released their first album under the name of "A Portrait of Life". It was totally self-produced, and it recieved very good critics by the international audience.

In the last 20? years I could rarely say that I have found a nice surprise in relation with spanish music. This time, the band from Barcelona, Karlahan, have gained my favour with a not so common metal style in this land. They are playing a kind of Sympho-Folk Melodeath in the vein of Equilibrium. I'm sure with a better production and more support, they can make a great next album. The main bad point I find is in this "A Portrait of Life" is the lenght: 29 minutes included an intro of 3... the album finishes too fast.
Let's hope things can start changing in Spain because many of the spanish bands that are (and always were) known between metal public dont deserve that status at all under my point of view.
An interesting band to follow.


1. A Portrait of Life / 03:28
2. Remnant / 05:38
3. The Harvest / 04:35
4. Involution / 06:49
5. Twilight / 04:53
6. Reverie / 04:51

Total playing time - 29:24

The link provided serves just as promotional source. The aim is letting know rookie, new or unknown bands with few resources that try to expand their music. Buy the originals if you like them! Help good bands to grow!

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The Initiation - Colombian Style (Asses of the Caribbean)

I just found this video few days ago in a blog of bizarre stuff/terror movies. After watching I can say that nor my friends nor me are the same as before XD
Never thought I would watch such thing in a documentary, pay special attention to the last 2 minutes and the happy guy Martín.