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Surprises 2009: Crimfall - As The Path Unfolds...

Band: Crimfall
Album: ...As The Path Unfolds (first album)
Genre: Symphonic Power-Viking-Folk
Country: Finland

After the demo recording in 2008 "Burning Winds", Crimfall was inmediately recruited by Napalm Records for their first album, "As The Path Unfolds...", which was released one year after. The band was formed by Jakke Viitala, composer of all the music, and later he decided to bring 2 different kind of singers to finish the line-up: Helena Haaparanta (ex-Tacere) and Mikko Häkkinen (also singer of Twilight Ophera).
The music of Crimfall is an original mix of many different styles. You can find from those folkish moments closer to Moonsorrow or Finntroll (they had also the Finntroll & Moonsorrow bass player Henri "Trollhorn" Sorvali as a session musician), and others closer to power metal, but always with those orchestral arrangements behind that gives an overall impresssion of epic soundtrack. The variety is also palpable in the rich kind of melodies, from northern folk to oriental, where Helena proves to be one great singer at the same level of Floor Jansen or Simone Simons, and those atmospheric interludes joining epic folk metal are amazing.

1. Neothera Awakening / 02:55
2. The Crown of Treason / 05:01
3. Wildfire Season / 05:24
4. Where Waning Winds Lead / 04:27
5. Sun Orphaned / 02:04
6. Ascension Pyre / 04:06
7. Shadow Hearth / 04:55
8. Non Serviam / 05:01
9. Aubade / 03:41
10. Hundred Shores Distant / 05:58
11. Novembré / 03:15

Total playing time 46:47

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