jueves, enero 29, 2009

Enuma Elis - Sabrewulf

My own cover song of the Sabrewulf theme in the Killer Instinct videogame. Sound is not totally ok, I think, but I tried in a fast symphonic black metal kind of style.

miércoles, enero 28, 2009

Funny video + cover song 15

Back to all the FV + CS compilation

Learn how to dance, dance good!!

The first song is the Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter soundtrack!! XDD

Ram Jam
is a 70's american rock band and creators of the famous song "Black Betty" (1977). Bill Bartlett, guitarist leader of Ram Jam took a song from the blues-folk composer Leadbelly (1885-1949) called Black Betty wich was just 1 min. long and arranged and remade it making the popular song we all know.
Ram Jam - Black Betty

Spiderbait is an Australian rock band who have had two top ten albums and another three albums reach the Australian top 40. Their song "Buy Me a Pony" was #1 on the Triple J Hottest 100 for 1996, and the group enjoyed success with their 2004 #1 Australian hit cover of "Black Betty". They started in 1992 and the last release is a greatest hits compilation in 2005 after 6 albums.
Spiderbait - Black Betty

Unha das principales razóns polas que escollín este black betty foron ambos videos (a versión de Spiderbait tamén me gusta bastante :P) pero o video de Ram Jam... qué despliegue! eu paseime a maior parte do tempo ríndome entre o baixista-que paaaaxa, o outro do fondo á izquierda espernexando que parece que pillaron a un puesto de ácido na calle para facer bulto (aihg que anos 70... ollo que por veces parece que se vai caer de verdad XDD) e o cantante tal cual Giles en Bad Taste con pelos largos XDD.
Logo ta o trasfondo, unha casa na que os dueños parecen estar á dereita cos brazos cruzados "a ver cándo acaban estes hippies co video este no noso jardín" e cerca tamén as harleys coas "nenas" que bailan cando lles vén en gana XD
Aparte ¿non parece coma si grabaran 1 minuto e repetiran as imáxenes unha e outra vez? XD

Logo está a cousa de... a ver qué grupo de rock se atreve ahora a sacar un single con casi 2 minutos de solos!!!!

domingo, enero 25, 2009

The Simpsons in real life

After watching this I couldn't avoid making a break and posting this video! XD

jueves, enero 22, 2009

Outro descanso no blog

Bueno, hasta febreiro voume tomar "un descanso no blog" para facer as miñas cousas, que teñen que ver máis ca nada cos seguintes gráficos :)
I will take a breath of 10 days in the blog, due to next exams.
See u soon ;)

miércoles, enero 21, 2009

Funny video + Cover Song 14

Back to all the FV + CS compilation

Tom & Jerry cover Finntroll

Värttinä is Finland's most successful contemporary folk music group. Fronted by three female singers and supported by six acoustic musicans, composes most of their music and lyrics based on traditional Karelian and other Finno-ugric styles but with modern and thoroughly distinctive and orginal arrangements. They were formed in 1983!!! and passed through different line-ups in all their history.
A must know if you like folk music!
Värttinä - Käppee

I have talked about Boney Nem in one of the first posts of this section, they are a funny russian band which started like Thrash-Death and they developed into a Industrial Death Metal style. They have lots of cover songs, and I think this one of the Värttinä's Käppee totally rocks!
Boney Nem - Käppee

martes, enero 20, 2009

Heathen Pride Fest 2009: the end of the mistery

Heathen Pride Fest is no more a real event. The owner of the myspace of the Pagan Metal festival told in January there would be an official webpage with more information, but finally it wasn't created and even the myspace of Heathen Pride was erased with no more news.
There were lots of rumours running since the first time I've heard about this show. And most of them quite certain about the celebration of such a show here in the north of Spain:
First, it was too ambitious: 10.000 tickets - Camping- 60 bands of first and second division - Several shows like battles' recreation, dance and fire, bagpipers' street show...
When we are actually no more than 40 or 50 people in folk metal band concerts like the last of Skyclad or Negura Bunget.. I cannot imagine where to find 10.000 people. Such festival is NOT POSSIBLE IN SPAIN (less even here in Galicia) because we have zero metal tradition and less than zero pagan metal tradition in music. We just can see the poor level of festivals we have and they are always bringing bands who had their top in the 80's or new power metal ones.
Second, the way of financing the event wasn't very clear since the beginning, and I have even read that the head of this festival wanted to pay the bands once they had played and they finished with the profits. Amazing.
Third, we have had several problems in this "democratic country" called Spain, thanks to stupid antifascist fanatics, who seem are looking to any suspicious event for a prove of fascism to tear down and boycott. Our culture and tradition in the last years in this country maybe doesnt help to make that number of radical left wing airheads to be less. It happened with the boycott and threats to Ancient Rites last year in all the tour around Spain.. tried in Vigo with Marduk and sure they would go against a pagan festival.

I have to say the idea was great, but thought for a while... it's impossible it could be celebrated in here. It's said the man (someone with the nick Düir), is a scatterbrained guy of 20 years old, didn't think too much about the idea and consequences of such a thing, besides he tried to extend and let to know an idea that wasnt developed at all telling he had hired already many groups and the event would be real. It's quite obvious he should talk less and calculate everything before spreading unknown news.
I was happy meanwhile reading about Heathen Pride, but after talking with some friends and thinking a bit.. we all knew it was a cloud but still kept a small hope.
Right now it's official:
Heathen Pride Open Air 2009 is a fraud.

lunes, enero 19, 2009

Surprises 2008: F5 - The Reckoning

I will start my tour around the albums which surprised me in the past year 2008 with F5.
F5 is a US band formed in 2003 of heavy-thrash metal and in the line-up we can find 2 ex-megadeth members like the bassist David Ellefson and the drummer Jimmy DeGrasso.
Their first album, "A drug for all seasons" was unknown for me, so I knew about this band with "The Reckoning". And it is a quite good one, I dont use to listen good heavy metal albums lastly and it was refreshing.
I really couldnt stop playing the song "cause for concern" XD, my favourite of this The Reckoning

1.No Excuse04:04
2.I Am The Taker04:31
3.The Reckoning03:24
4.Rank And File03:08
5.Love Is Dead03:51
6.Through Hell03:05
7.Wake Up03:38
8.Cause For Concern03:08
9.My End03:26
11.Final Hour04:21

Dale Steele-Vocals
Steve Conley-Guitars
John Davis-Guitars
Jimmy DeGrasso-Drums
David Ellefson-Bass

Rapidshare F5 - The Reckoning

sábado, enero 17, 2009

Albor Bizarro

Fai cousa de un par de meses decidín cambiar o blog de cine que tiña e empezar a traducilo, non a gallego, senón a castellano. Pareceume que a retranca se perde moito ó falar injlés, e levábame o doble de tempo, así que me dispuxen a traducir e introducir más humor nas críticas. As pelis son as mesmas que hasta ahora, e seguirán publicándose casi diariamente hasta chegar ás xa trinta e pico que levaba (teño os posts listos e publicaranse diariamente eles soliños). Pouco a pouco ireino mellorando tamén :P ainda que a forma de comentar xa está definida e será a mesma para todas as pelis.

Albor Bizarro

viernes, enero 16, 2009

Tartu on fire!

Horns up!! XDD

(Así xa estamos coordinados putoloco XD)

martes, enero 13, 2009

Rock similarities 2

Mario Plank (Visions of Atlantis singer) - Carlos Latre

Alex Staropoli - Quique San Francisco

Dio - Willow

Angus Young - Mick Jagger - El feo de los Calatrava

Alexi Laiho - Avril Lavigne

lunes, enero 12, 2009

jueves, enero 01, 2009

Nunca te acostarás (...) sen saber algo novo -sobre Finlandia-

Vaia, non sabía eu que fora o único que pensara igual :) ademáis hai estudios que o certifican. Interesante.
Always learning something new (or sometimes not so new) about certified studies: