lunes, enero 19, 2009

Surprises 2008: F5 - The Reckoning

I will start my tour around the albums which surprised me in the past year 2008 with F5.
F5 is a US band formed in 2003 of heavy-thrash metal and in the line-up we can find 2 ex-megadeth members like the bassist David Ellefson and the drummer Jimmy DeGrasso.
Their first album, "A drug for all seasons" was unknown for me, so I knew about this band with "The Reckoning". And it is a quite good one, I dont use to listen good heavy metal albums lastly and it was refreshing.
I really couldnt stop playing the song "cause for concern" XD, my favourite of this The Reckoning

1.No Excuse04:04
2.I Am The Taker04:31
3.The Reckoning03:24
4.Rank And File03:08
5.Love Is Dead03:51
6.Through Hell03:05
7.Wake Up03:38
8.Cause For Concern03:08
9.My End03:26
11.Final Hour04:21

Dale Steele-Vocals
Steve Conley-Guitars
John Davis-Guitars
Jimmy DeGrasso-Drums
David Ellefson-Bass

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3 comentarios:

McMetal dijo...

non estan mal, non

para un grupo con un nombre horrible, jejejejeje

Enlil dijo...

Jeje a min F5 tampouco me gusta demasiado como nombre, pero para horrible o vídeo da canción do youtube... e esas explosións? un concerto no que hai 30 personas? Ademáis non é a mellor canción do disco...

Mafaldinha dijo...

Também não consigo parar de ouvir a Cause For Concern! gosto bastante desta banda, foi uma surpresa muito boa :)