martes, marzo 09, 2010

Surprises 2009: Whyzdom - From The Brink Of Infinity

Band: Whyzdom
Album: From The Brink Of Infinity (first album)
Genre: Symphonic Power Metal
Country: France

Think of a huge orchestra and a massive symphonic choir intertwined with powerful riffs and enchanting melodies from a clear and passionate feminine voice, and you'll get an idea of what Whyzdom have managed to create. Their classical influences ranging from the romantic to the contemporary period, as well as the appealing melodies that drive the songs, make their sound utterly unmistakeable in an ever growing scene.

The project was founded by the guitarist and orchestrator Vynce Leff in early 2007, already well known in the progressive sphere having produced several successful albums for the British label Cyclops Records. It is fronted by Telya Melane, a singer and actress, fond of metal, classical music and theatre. The other members Regis Morin, Tristan Demurger, Nicolas Chaumeaux and Marc Ruhlmann joined soon after and a first EP "Daughter Of The Night" was recorded less than 6 months from the band's inception. It got instant acclaim from reviewers and music fans around the world, as well as several awards and plaudits (Best French Band 2008 -, Best EP -, etc).

I wouldn't save too many Power-Heavy Metal releases in 2009. It might sound strange coming from me but maybe just the old but still in shape Saxon and UDO are the 2 best albums in relation with Heavy Metal under my point of view. In Power Metal I have found more lack of originality than ever (or maybe I told the same the previous year?). Probably Cain's Offering, though their music is not something you have never heard before, and of course Powerwolf, with great humour and catchy rythms, few more to be sincere.
With a big potential, I should say that Whyzdom, female fronted band of symphonic power (yes I know, again a girl singing in a band of the same genre of many others...) got to catch my interest. Quite perfect production for a rookie band with many influences, starting from the typicals Nightwish-Epica-Within Temptation (I must say that she sings quite similar to Sharon) but you can find here some Therionesque moments, and even some growling. All in a classical and boombastic environment that sometimes made me to recall a kind of powermetal version of their compatriots Penumbra. Composing and a bit complex song estructures are over the average others of the same genre. If you like all those bands I ment and if you need some fresh air from the already too stuffy Edenbridges, Visions of Atlantis, Sirenias... Whyzdom might be worth checking for you. Not outstanding. but enjoyable songs.

1. The Witness / 07:05
2. The Train / 06:00
3. Everlasting Child / 06:39
4. The Power And The Glory / 05:36
5. Freedom / 02:43
6. Escaping the Ghosts of Reality / 07:08
7. Atlantis / 06:51
8. The Old Man In The Park / 06:13
9. The Seeds of Chaos / 03:57
10. Daughter Of The Night Prelude - A Glimpse Of Eternity / 02:50
11. Daughter Of The Night / 07:07
10. The Seeds of Chaos / 03:57
11. The Old Man In The Park / 06:13
12. On The Wings Of Time / 06:51

Total playing time 01:09:00


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