miércoles, noviembre 26, 2008

Funny video + cover song 11

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For this 11th time of this part of this blog I will keep close to the borderline of the freakiest one XD
The funny vid I've chosen is an unbeliavable video that seems was running in the freakest forums in internet. I had never seen this one before last week and it's just great. It belongs to the movie City Hunter (1993) and there is a flash where Jackie Chan takes the personality of some characters of Street Fighter (yes, the videogame)!!
Amazing? Wooho Have a look!!

Dedicado esta vez a putoloco :D
Shakira - Hips don't lie
I think there is no need to put here the original video, all we are tired or probably just watch once and dont want to watch again XD
Shakira-Danzig cover song. Great those gooooooooo yeeeeehhh in the middle of the song XDD

XD desta vez voute polo menos, sorprender, aquí está a versión da versión!! Shakira double - Glenn Danzig/Elvis Presley double... together yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehh pero cunha peculiaridade, trasladamonos 20 anos ó futuro! E vemos a Glenn con menos pelo pero sabendo cantar coma ninguén yeeeeeeeeh e saberemos que o movimiento de caderas de Shakira seguirá intacto co paso dos anos á par que as suas boas maneiras ó cantar ;)
XD Realmente un video bizarro XDDD
So.. thanks to technology we can move 20 years to the future and see how Glenn Danzig is in good shape and still singing powerful those yeeeeeeeeeh XD He became a big Elvis Presley fan, by the way, and Shakira keeps on moving hips like no one, and having the same characteristic voice as before, seems years are not passing for her ;) Bizarre, but real as real life XD