martes, enero 20, 2009

Heathen Pride Fest 2009: the end of the mistery

Heathen Pride Fest is no more a real event. The owner of the myspace of the Pagan Metal festival told in January there would be an official webpage with more information, but finally it wasn't created and even the myspace of Heathen Pride was erased with no more news.
There were lots of rumours running since the first time I've heard about this show. And most of them quite certain about the celebration of such a show here in the north of Spain:
First, it was too ambitious: 10.000 tickets - Camping- 60 bands of first and second division - Several shows like battles' recreation, dance and fire, bagpipers' street show...
When we are actually no more than 40 or 50 people in folk metal band concerts like the last of Skyclad or Negura Bunget.. I cannot imagine where to find 10.000 people. Such festival is NOT POSSIBLE IN SPAIN (less even here in Galicia) because we have zero metal tradition and less than zero pagan metal tradition in music. We just can see the poor level of festivals we have and they are always bringing bands who had their top in the 80's or new power metal ones.
Second, the way of financing the event wasn't very clear since the beginning, and I have even read that the head of this festival wanted to pay the bands once they had played and they finished with the profits. Amazing.
Third, we have had several problems in this "democratic country" called Spain, thanks to stupid antifascist fanatics, who seem are looking to any suspicious event for a prove of fascism to tear down and boycott. Our culture and tradition in the last years in this country maybe doesnt help to make that number of radical left wing airheads to be less. It happened with the boycott and threats to Ancient Rites last year in all the tour around Spain.. tried in Vigo with Marduk and sure they would go against a pagan festival.

I have to say the idea was great, but thought for a while... it's impossible it could be celebrated in here. It's said the man (someone with the nick Düir), is a scatterbrained guy of 20 years old, didn't think too much about the idea and consequences of such a thing, besides he tried to extend and let to know an idea that wasnt developed at all telling he had hired already many groups and the event would be real. It's quite obvious he should talk less and calculate everything before spreading unknown news.
I was happy meanwhile reading about Heathen Pride, but after talking with some friends and thinking a bit.. we all knew it was a cloud but still kept a small hope.
Right now it's official:
Heathen Pride Open Air 2009 is a fraud.