miércoles, enero 21, 2009

Funny video + Cover Song 14

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Tom & Jerry cover Finntroll

Värttinä is Finland's most successful contemporary folk music group. Fronted by three female singers and supported by six acoustic musicans, composes most of their music and lyrics based on traditional Karelian and other Finno-ugric styles but with modern and thoroughly distinctive and orginal arrangements. They were formed in 1983!!! and passed through different line-ups in all their history.
A must know if you like folk music!
Värttinä - Käppee

I have talked about Boney Nem in one of the first posts of this section, they are a funny russian band which started like Thrash-Death and they developed into a Industrial Death Metal style. They have lots of cover songs, and I think this one of the Värttinä's Käppee totally rocks!
Boney Nem - Käppee

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