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Surprises 2009: The Mistral - When The Evening Crowns The Day

: The Mistral
Album: When The Evening Crowns The Day (second album)
Genre: Atmospheric Melodic Death Metal
Country: Germany

The band „The Mistral” was formed in 1997 and completed various appearances in the space.. of Emden and environment. From this time the CDs „Embraced by dark Emotions” and „Storm Quiers” were produced in the sound studio “Audiocheck”, and offered in the Emden area.
Through various cast changes the band was, however forced to that, main to work up available, and compose new songs. In the summer 2004 was at last the new cast so far, to produce a Demo CD with 5 selected songs.

Stylistic can the music direction be classified as „Melodic-Death-Metal”, however through the different Influences and the music taste of the individual band members every song ..keeps his own touch.
10 years theatrical experience, which were collected in Germany-far appearances, unite to an explosive mixture. Hard guitars, which are carried of atmospheric Keyboardparts. Dark sounds, in-usual melodies and fat Grooves are here at the agenda.

Somehow, I didn't expect too much from this band, so when the first time I played the music of The Mistral, I just had it like background while doing other things and thinking... well.. another band of melodic death metal with some keyboards, like many others in the last times...
Little by little my head started banging and in the second song Careless, I had to stop what I was doing cause my mind was already flowing with the music. Then I payed whole attention to The Mistral and I realized the great band it was sounding through speakers. The Mistral plays a kind of ambient melodeath with some groovy moments and catchy melodies. Ok, it's not so original, death metal fans and even melodic death metal ones would say that it's too melodic, even others can say that there is nothing so special, but somehow I was captivated from the first moment by their atmospheric way of melodeath.
They surprised me doing melodic death metal, and this is not so usual last years.


1. When the Evening crowns the Day / 04:50
2. Careless / 04:23
3. Reset my Mind / 04:42
4. Last Thoughts / 04:31
5. The Carnage / 03:40
6. Pain + Misery / 05:02
7. Neglected / 04:04
8. Contemplation Inwards / 05:01
9. Banished / 05:47

Total playing time 42:00


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