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Surprises 2009: Elenium - Eccentric Soul's Anatomy

Band: Elenium
Album: Eccentric Soul's Anatomy (first album)
Genre: Symphonic Death Metal
Country: Poland

Elenium's music is the mixation of various styles. Not only connected with metal music but the most important elements of their work are guitar constructions connected with keyboard background. In fact, the strongest side of Elenium is their opennes to the variety of sounds, what fruits surprising solutions of their work.

Elenium, not the band from Finland but from Poland, started already 10 years ago as a project of Martyr (guitar, vox) and Kacper (keys) releasing their first demo "Martyria" in 2001. After many line-up changes, they just released their first album, and only Martyr remained since they formed the band. I must admit that this album was stucked here for a long time while I was listening most of the other music stuff I had. Probably it's because first minutes of "Eccentric Soul's Anatomy" are difficult to class, or maybe cause I had found some interesting things that would demand my whole attention for later. Few time ago I played again this album and I got quite surprised about the mix. It's not that they are creating a whole new style through mixing different genres... but they have very different songs, in some you can recognize an average technical death metal, others have a kind of psychedelic touch, others jazzistic piano background, others are proper heirs from the Therion' some years ago sound, with catchy operatical choruses and fine rythm changes. My conclusion is that it is a varied yet imprecise and irregular work. Anyway, it was great to listen to fresh new and awesome ideas though they were a bit messy at first sight.
I will wait with high hopes their next album.


1. Aeoneurosis / 02:11
2. Contemplation / 04:17
3. Martyria / 04:17
4. Internal Whiteness / 05:30
5. Towards Dismal Ecstasy / 04:42
6. Anxietranquillity.Error /06:49
7. Mediterranean Past / 05:20
8. Psychotic Entrails / 06:48
9. Via Puritiva / 05:53
10. Impeccable Rain / 02:01

Total playing time 47:48


The link provided serves just as promotional source. The aim is letting know rookie, new or unknown bands with few resources that try to expand their music. Buy the originals if you like them! Help good bands to grow!

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Marcin dijo...

It's nice that You write few words about the music of Elenium. But You are a fuckin' thief due to publication of illegal mp3. You stole band and label's ownership. FUCK YOU.

Mythrone / band friend/

Enlil dijo...

First of all, I guess you should read again the last 2 lines. Sometimes it is difficult, I know, but try to reach there.
Second, I dont upload anything, try to go to the dumah-grind.blogspot.com and mediaboom.ru and tell them that FUCK U, Child. Go to the thousands of pages that are uploading daily albums without explaining why they do and copypaste this. This is just a little section of my blog and I usually dont write any link to download, just when I think it is useful for rookie bands to get known.
Third, you seem to live on another world, I can imagine that you are going web by web telling this stupid thing about international webthieves in the 2010 year. You must know that I encourage to everyone that listen to the band to buy it. Do you know if I have the album to call me thieve? Jerk!
Fourth: do you think you are the only one with a band? LOL I would feel great and proud that other blogs from other countries (as it happened with a russian webpage) noticed my work and spread it so others could check it and listen to it. And in the world of today, I think it's the great thing of globalisation: the chance that someone far is able to listen to music that you make and might like and wait for it.
Fifth: learn to read, and go back to the last 2 lines.

Enlil dijo...

By the way, I could understand your words just if you are member of a label, the TRUE THIEVES that take most of the money of bands. Hopefully new technologies and new times will make them to change the great business they were doing for years taking advantage from bands.

Enlil dijo...

Hahaa seems that I wasnt that far, you are not from a band, you are part of the music business leaches. I was thinking about this poor guy from a band, but coming from a promoters company I understand much better your comment.
Good that you left your signature about Mythrone promotions, and as I see you promoted Kathaarsys on your country, you should talk with J.L. Montans and ask him about the totally free-downloading last album they made, Intuition, and about their sales in the "real" format after experimenting that. They had not just more sellings than ever but they got also more copies sold about their 3 previous ones in the last months and they are quite happy that with the free-download Intuition they are known even further they have already reached and they are right now the most international galician band, my region. I bet they will do the same free-downloading with the next albums, and this is just where things will be going in the next years. If you defend the opositte argument, you are just an ignorant or you are just earning money with that, as many of the REAL robbers in the music industry in the last years.

I guess Elenium would be pleased that they might be known outside their country and even got some copies sold thanks to pages that uploaded their FIRST album like mediaboom.ru and dumah-grind.blogspot.com, the page where I took the link.
Finally I would like to reply that fuck you with warm greetings now that I know who YOU are, and hoping the industry is finally changing in this new millenium, otherwise prepare to collapse as many of you deserve taking so much money from the music business from the past.

Enlil dijo...

Here you have some more address to spam:

Dumahgrind These 2 last ones are the ones that uploaded the file you found the link in this page, that I could never knew this band if they didnt upload it.
Metalhead and proud
I'm waiting for your spamming in these webs.

Enlil dijo...

Ah just to add: if one band doesnt want me to copy the link of their first album from another blog that uploaded it, let me know and I will erase the post.
I guess this is not the best for a rookie band, I always thought that better to be known by 100 and that 20 of those 100 have the original than being known by 15 that 10 have the original, but this is a question for the band that I will respect, of course.
Others from companies and business around music... get lost!

Grilo Do Demo dijo...