domingo, noviembre 23, 2008

Turre's Band - Live Porriño 2008-11-21

Last friday I joined to another concert (yep seems every week a new one :P but from now I have to study and will join less parties :S)
This time I joined my friend and his gf to a concert of a band where my friend's brother plays as drummer. They are called Turre's Band, I dont know what it means, but seems a funny name. The style is not metal or even rock, it's a kind of funny ska-cover songs just with trumpets and other wind instruments that I dont know names even in spanish XD and drums and timbals.
Lots of people in that town near Vigo called Porriño for a small band like this one, and very funny ambient, songs and band, which didnt stop making us laugh and jump :P
More people and more active than in the rock-metal concerts I use to attend.
Funny time!! :)
Some pics and videos:

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