lunes, septiembre 24, 2007

After Forever - Live in Vigo

On this wednesday 19th September we had the luck of having a great band in our place Vigo in Sala Ah!. After Forever, the band of gothic metal from Holland came here and of course we went to see them in spite of paying an expensive ticket. 20€ for only one band is not so cheap... but we don't have so many chances to be present in concerts of good international bands as this one, and I would pay even a bit more if it was necessary.
The show was good, they played really good, and Floor Jansen showed the great voice she has in live. All was almost perfect... less the person behind those machines called himself "sound technician". I was told that in the last concert in that place one of the worst things was him. I don't know if he is the same as the one that time... but someone should explain him that if something has low sound that shouldn't be arranged rising all the sound of the rest of instruments.
The first 3 or 4 songs were really ok... but suddenly all started to saturate. And this until the end. The consecuence is the whistle in my ears days after. I recalled when someone told me.. sound technicians in Spain are so so bad... and yeh,I haven't had that problem with the concerts in Estonia!
Anyway, After Forever did the best, and if wasn't because of that it would be a f***ng great show.
Good (and surprising) cover song of For Whom The Bell tolls!
The other bad thing was the public, too few and too static. We were almost the only ones who screamed, made headbanging and went a bit crazy. Most of the others almost were just looking...

With ex-member and current member of the band from Vigo, Fallen Sentinel

And some videos I uploaded to the Youtube:
After Forever - For Whom The Bell Tolls

After Forever - Estranged

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Lars dijo...

Hey Diego,

nice to see that u have still fun and ROCK a lot !!!
Gozar de tu vida porque es corto ;)
best greets