sábado, octubre 25, 2008

Fratello Metallo

Priest Cesare Bonizzi, known as Fratello Metallo (Metal Brother in italian) is a 62 year old religious man, before missionary in Ivory Coast, he sings with his band from Milano heavy metal!
He says he became a total fan of Metal music since 15 years ago when he attended to a concert of Metallica. He was so amazed by that music that he founded his own metal band: Fratello Metallo and became a really known person between metalheads in Italy.

Seems he doesnt like to talk about religion or to preach in the music he does, so lyrics are oriented to social issues and problems like alcohol, drugs, sex...
Cesare and his rock-metal band have already participated in important music festivals in Italy and now they are preparing the upcoming tour around the world!

I saw some videos of the priest in concerts or festivals blessing fans of metal and the music.

At Gods of Metal 2006

Eu, logo de oír o disco, podería calificalo como unha mezcla entre Lujuria e Romina e Albano (sin Romina) XDD
Somehow when I saw him, I recalled the doomers Candlemass with Messiah Marcolin:

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