miércoles, octubre 22, 2008

Blind Guardian in the sountrack of the pc game Sacred 2

Though I dont use to play anymore to pc games I felt a bit yearning or having good memories about them when I saw Blind Guardian doing the soundtrack for Sacred 2. They did a brand new song, and it's a cool video for the presentation of the game. It was made with the technique of motion capture, so in the clip we can see a digitalized Blind Guardian, with Hansi, Andre and the others in 3D in a "monstruous" concert XD... but better having a look than explaining:
BLIND GUARDIAN - Sacred 2 Fallen Angel trailer!

By the way, I recalled today so much the 2 games I used to play: Warcraft I, II and III and Diablo I and II, that I went to see if they are making a new Diablo (I was told Diablo II was a total success)... and yes! Diablo III is on the way... after hmm 10 years? they are still working in it... and it seems absolutly amazing, maybe my second youth to play again? XDD
Diablo III

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