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Funny Video + Cover Song 18

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Months ago I found this video that seemed to be quite popular through internet. There were many versions later, and even one fan page was created afterwards with gadjets and publicity about the character. Right now there are HUNDREDS of versions in the web! Anyway, here you have first the original one, and then different funny mixes.
Know the ...
Techno Viking!!!

(I'd like to know what liquid is inside that bottle)

Original video

The Techno Viking phenomenon

Techno Viking Thriller

Mortal Techno Viking

Cover song I've chosen this time is the 2007 famous song "Apologize" from the US band One Republic. The hip hop singer Timbaland remixed the song later and the result is the one that everyone knows... a really nice song under my point of view.
Timbaland feat. One Republic - Apologize

I recently discovered this band called All Ends. They are from Sweden and do a kind of metal-rock style. I was surprised when I had a look at their other video of "Walk Away".
First, guitars are totally Stromblad-In Flames particular sound.
And second, the 2 singers that that band has... beautiful singers but I really dont get the musical meaning of having 2 singers that have the same tone of voice.
It sounds for me like just marketing based in the "female singer (x2) fan effect".
All Ends - Apologize

I have later read that Jesper Stromblad helped and supported the band... hummm not surprising... and that days ago one of the singers had quit, so the band recruited the powerpop singer Jonna Sailon (...)

Funny to see the "music I like" in her facebook profile.

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