martes, abril 07, 2009

Korpiklaneando por Santiaguiño

Last weekend I was in the city of Santiago going out with friends. Santiago is a famous place for having one of the most famous cathedrals for cristianity, and it is usual to see in the streets of the old town lots of foreigners visiting and pillgrims.
Well, this time we didnt make a cultural visit, we just went to make a picnic in the forest and later to eat those famous tapas :P:P:P and going out at night.
Pics can tell better than me XD

Run to the hills, run for your lives

After the meeting in the forest with our own pagan souls, trees, and mother nature... a rest at home and tapas

Estonian mafia guys ;)

I need food! I need tapas!!

I need mobiles!!

Good Morniiiiiing!!!

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Marta dijo...

Jeje genial el post y las fotos buenísimas!
Me alegro mucho de que lo pasaras bien. Nosotros al final no fuimos a Melide, sino que salimos por Coruña, cambio de planes a última hora!
Un saluditoo