miércoles, diciembre 26, 2007

Studying, partying, eating and now.. finally... resting

I dont know, but these days I feel sad.
On 24th December I woke up with a sms. It was from Ilona, and suddenly, I started to remember good times, Tallinn, what I was doing just these days 1 year ago... I got really emotional :)
I couldnt stand that, and I switched off my mobile until yesterday night.
These days have been tiring, with exams, then party in weekend and enough food.. united with those good rememberances... I dont know, but I prefered to close the mobile for some time and the msn either. I stayed at home all the time without almost moving one finger since monday. And I even dont feel like moving. Even not for talking. So this is the new I wanted to say: I wont be in the msn for some days, since my leaving to my hometown, and also that I dont feel too talkative right now :(
In other news, thanks to putoloco for the comment. Since my coming back to Spain there are not many comments, though visits are often :) But dont worry, I guess why it is like that, spanish people are lazy to comment since I write in english, and they were the main ones who always commented something. So I am re-thinking about making some future posts in spanish or galician too.
Anyway, thanks for the, already, more than 3000 visits in few months.
So just that, I will be absent in internet for some days.
I wish you happy days and a better next year.

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Anónimo dijo...

oh, gracias por la mención.
empujado por la fiebre blogera y en parte animado por tu blog, me he decidido a crear yo el mio.
pasate si quieres.
este va a ser en castellano, pues los temas que trato en myspace, tipo Aleister Crowley o los Illuminati y cosas de esas que aqui no conoce ni dios, lo dejo para el myspace, pero la verdad, yo no domino el inglés tanto como pareces dominarlo tu, y tengo que echar mano de traductores y ya cansa un poco, asi que he creado este para mis propias paranoias personales y a ver que pasa.
venga. un saludo y feliz año.