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Concerts of the past II - Corvus Corax

It was Wedneday, strange day for one concert. Corvus Corax the german band of medieval folk came to Vigo with almost zero promotion. I knew about the concert just few days before!
Well... so there we arrived, previously convincing some friends that that show would be worth to see :P and the price was really ok (6 €) ...and ...the place was so so small! I couldn't believe that one band of 8 members could fit int that place.
It was said that they were about to cancel the concert due to the small of the scenary.... (I guess they are used to make their show in really big scenaries, even they recorded with a symphonic orchestra in a theater once!)
So there we arrived and the first band we saw was The Moon and the Nightspirit. I really liked the album of that band, even more than Corvus Corax. It's quite relaxing, atmospheric and medieval folk. I remember I played it in the presentation of Estonia when my trip to Turkey, and it was a good choice under my point of view.
So they were 4, I thought maybe they would be more people, but I realized that one kettledrum, one guy that played several wind and percussion instruments, the singer girl who played the violin, male singer who played acoustic guitar were enough (these both singers the ones who appear in the CD, they hired 2 more for playing the rest of instruments).
The concert was ok, the atmosphear of calm and medieval dream melodies was really good, but I missed something more interaction with the public. They were too static all the time, and at the end it was becoming a bit boring.
It happened something strange this time, I liked The Moon and the Nightspirit when I am at home listening to Rëgo Rejtem more than in live. And totally the opposite with Corvus Corax. At home one full album is heavy for me, but in live it was really funny and light.

Beer break after The Moon and the Nightspirit

So, they came, no micros, no electronic stuff at all, only drums, kettledrums (sorry if I dont know the names in english of some instruments), and several medieval-minstrel instruments, being the most important one the bagpipe.
And it was so great show, they made it so funny! at the beginning the few people, maybe 60 or 70 people were just watching (after the appereance of The Moon and the Nightspirit, maybe someone already almost sleeping and dreaming with some fairytales :)) but after, Corvus Corax encourage people to participate and sing and sing and sing. These germans did the best, I am sure, being so so close ones from others and without any micro, and in one lost place of Spain where only few ones were attending to their concert (in the middle of the week sure it didn't help), and most of them sure they didn't know too much about the band before...
It was a good show and enough long. If they were other band, looking few people and a small place, maybe they would end the show sooner... (uh? Catamenia??)
Corvus Corax 10/10
Proffessionals and funny show!

One of them jumped into the public in the show, I didn't realize I had the zoom at maximum, so this pic seems to be really close. I like the face of the girl like saying "oh my god! he is here!!" :D

Tall guys!!!

Corvus Corax - In Taberna (Live Vigo) (Here you can listen me screaming at the end... Humppaaaaaaaaa XDD)

Corvus Corax - Bibit Aleum (Live Vigo)

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