viernes, noviembre 23, 2007

Concerts of the past (part I - Halloween)

In Halloween I went to one concert here in Vigo. They were playing Fallen Sentinel, the best band nowadays in Galicia, and one of the most outstanding in the last years in Spain, under my point of view (always talking about Underground), and Skydancer, another band from Vigo.
When I came there I found lots of children dressed in Gothic - Terror style, suitable for Halloween. Moreover the ticket would be cheaper if you were dressed... I just forgot my paints in the face and my skirt at home :D
So all those children-teenagers (12-15 years old) were the main supporters of the first band, Skydancer. I had heard about that band, but i didnt expect so many young fans :S
So my curiosity for their show was growing.. what kind of style can attract young fans in Spain? and maybe gothic young fans... still unbeliveable for me at that time... Spain? child metal fans? hm this is not Finland...
The name of the band was also interesting.. the same name as one of the old albums of Dark Tranquillity.. hmm good smell..
Then they started..
Ok... then I understood why they had so many young fans.. they were doing like the typical spanish rock (Extremoduro, Sober, and other... bands.. :S) but with a touch of more heavy metal. The music itself.. wasn't bad.. but I didnt like the singer. It reminded me a lot to all those bands, his voice was like a junkie with a bad sleep, like that band so known few years ago (hopefully only in Spain) called Extremoduro. Sorry for the spanish people who like that band... but I just hate them XDDD
Between... why do spanish bands choose a english name if they sign in spanish??
So, Skydancer did a not bad concert, their young fans enjoyed quite a lot. I just stayed there waiting for the next ones.
Fallen Sentinel came few moments after and the atmosphere changed considerabily. The children left (maybe too much noise? maybe too technical music? maybe not typical spanish and original enough?) and they did maybe one of the best concerts I have seen of them. Palomo (singer/bassist) told "the words" after a beautiful and atmospheric intro... "Here comes the darkness" and the assault of progressive melodic gothic black metal started with one of the new songs of their next (cuando viene??)album. I think those new songs sound even better than the previous one "Eternity and Before".
I enjoyed the concert as one of those children with Skydancer :D
I am sorry that I didnt upload the videos I recorded, they are too dark.
Great Halloween evening :)


Fallen Sentinel

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