lunes, noviembre 19, 2007

Life updatings

Well, I have been doing posts for some time but I realized I didn't talk too much about what I was doing recently. Ok, something fast :)
Since my coming back to university I logged into the help for new Erasmus. Before I was the one helped, and now I wished to be the one who helps.... now that I know the problems of being in a foreign country and without knowing the language. Thanks to in Estonia people know how to speak english really well I didn't have so much communication problems there, but here in Spain the level is quite low :( , so I would tell people who are wishing to come for Erasmus to Spain.. try to learn at least a little bit before... it will help a lot :(
So at the beginning of september I was told I had to pick up one polish girl (from Wroclaw). Afterwards I helped her with finding flat... and few more..
Activities here are almost not existent, my labour was finished with this. No international dinners, no trips of several days with everyone as in Tallinn. I am quite dissappointed with the organisation of the Universidade de Vigo for Erasmus. Come on! Estonia is so small comparing to Spain and even smaller than Galicia and they have such a great organisation and great people there attending us! Always ready for making some party, trip, visit, any kind of activity...
Here I don't know even other volunteers, only through some party that "my polish girl" :P hehe Karolina and her friends are doing. I just know her, her flatmates and few other internationals. Vigo's university still has to learn a lot from other universities like those in Tallinn (TTU or Tallinn University).
Well anyway, I have to say that is really nice and interesting to meet again international people and even start to talk in english again (yeh Julia! it's like lots of good memories are somehow coming back...).

Karolina and me

Well, and all this time what I have been doing?... easy.. school-home, home-school, weekend going out... maybe not... maybe yes... some concert that I will put nextly... and .. nothing more!
I will have some exams in December, so I guess this is the right time to start seriously with studying...
One more thing, I wish all the luck to Julia (thanks for the comment in the post of my hometown :P), because she will come to study to Marbella, at the south of Spain in few time. If you have some free time, don't hesitate in visiting me.. if not.. maybe I encourage to visit you, always that you have some free time with your new job. All the best ;)

Now I just put some pics of some times I went out these previous days

In a very good company :P

Cristian and me... not drunk! well.. just a bit :D

Again in a really good company :D

Oh... how I like to appear like the bad guy in the photos! hahahah
See you nextly.

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