viernes, diciembre 14, 2007

Christmas time.. already...

Do you like Christmas time?
Every year I like it less and less. Here in Spain it seems that this time is coming everytime earlier than the previous year.. with all those lights and with the "commercial spirit" of these days each time stronger and stronger.
Even when families here are quite until the top with payments of flats and banks are rubbing their hands since time ago with all the mortgages and debts (they won in Spain 20% more in 2007 comparing with 2006), the big firms are projecting that you have to spend and spend...
I have one friend that works in one of these big firms and she is telling me that people are buying impulsively since time ago lots and lots of presents, and not very cheap ones... (Play Station 3, Wii), and they are paying this with 3 or 6 months credits!!
I have also one friend that is working in a bank, and she is telling me that they have one special department for people who are making 3 or 6 months credits with Christmas presents (so they are really a lot).
It would be nicer that people forget for some time all the bombardment for buying anb buying, but it's also true that social pressure and commercial pressure in these times is too strong.
Hehe, it's quite clear that I dont appreciatte too much this Christmas time, and not only because of my previous words... but, that this is becoming with years more and more "some commercial days", it's quite clear, but I suppose this is something palpable in everything nowadays...
Anyway, I give you 2 christmas presents :)

One for all:

One for the metalheads ;P

Merry Christmas
Feliz Navidad
Bo Nadal

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I hate christmas time and all his paraphernalia