viernes, noviembre 30, 2007

Some news

Just saying that in the next days you will find me very rarely in the msn. I think if you checked it, last days I was very few, and few time, and impossible in the weekends.
The beginning of the exams won't allow me to stay there for talking, but I will go on putting sometimes new posts here. If you want to tell me something you can leave it here :)

Solo decir que nos próximos dias raramente me encontraredes no msn. Se vos fixastes, nos últimos dias estiven moi pouco, e cando estiven, foi pouco tempo. Ademais, imposible nos fines de semana (pon xa wireless!).
O comenzo dos exames non me permitirá estar ahi para falar, pero seguirei de vez en cando poñendo novos posts neste blog. Se queredes decirme algo, podedes deixalo por aqui :)

I just find this pic right now in my pc. I forgot I had it.
I remember when I was at the Rotting Christ concert, and I was looking Sakis.. and asking myself.. hey.. that guy.. he recalls me to somebody.. yeh! it was me + 15 years more + greek nose :D
What do you think? Am I right? (someone told me it was my imagination :D)

Behemoth and Kataklysm in Vigo, at sala Ah! on 10th February!!! ouhhhh yeh!!
The best polish death metal and the best canadian death metal bands nowadays together.. and here! I can't wait!!

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